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Character Build: The Assassins of Skyrim

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    November 1, 2012

    The Assassin Of Skyrim


    Inspired by the recent Assassin’s creed release, AC3 and the surprisingly fitting storylines in skyim,  I had decided break my next upcoming Dark type build to pay homage to these Silent, Focused and Ruthless Killers, the Assassins.  Whist this character is no Al’tair, Ezio or Connor, this Assassin is special in his own way

    I hope you will enjoy this build and as always, be sure to vote if you like it  :)


    About the Build

    As a lvl 50 build, this set up delves into the classic rogue archtype with a little extra ferocity. This is my first build that doesn’t include and Spells or Enchants and involves stealth. As such, the main focus of this build will be Stealthy kills near and Afar, Bleed damage, poisons and potions.

    The Assassins of Skyrim is the epitome of Focused Ruthlessness as he silently disposes of his enemies both from afar and near with ease and face his enemies with tenacity and ferociousness, unique only to the people of skyrim.


    "I have known True Freedom, A world of peace & remarkable spirit... A world which was taken from me" - Connor, AC3



    The order of the Assassin was established to fight oppression and bring Freedom, Justice and Liberty to the people who were suffering from it.

    The Assassins of Skyrim used to live by this ancient creed as well, though many of them have been disbanded. Tainted with the influence of the Dark brotherhood and Thieves guild, the Nordic Assassins of Skyrim have all but disbanded,  joining these popular factions to turn soldiers of fortune or mad psychopaths who only live for the thrill of the kill.

    Born in Rorikstead, into a Nord family of former assassins who still lived by the creed,  you were raised without prior knowledge of your true heritage… only the moral values that guided your life led some inclination of your dormant power and natural abilities you possessed.

    The turning point of your life was when your parents were killed in the civil war by a group of Justiciars and Imperials on the pretext of a Stormcloak raid. Being Nords, they were suspected of Talos worship and immediately killed on the spot, without any trial whatsoever.

    Powerless and Helpless, you had gathered the remaining of your family’s belongings and fled the scene, realising that the best thing to do would be to stay alive and avenge their deaths.

    During your travels in the forests of Skyrim, you have come across a letter belonging to your father’s journal that contained a list of names of former members of the Assassins of Skyrim and the legacy of the Assassins.

    The war against the Empire, the Thalmor, The Forsworn, The Dragons and even Vampires… they all began to sink rapidly, pieces of a puzzle long lost now falling back in place and making sense. Realizing this that is larger than just vengeance for the dead, you decide to seek out these former comrades of your father, to learn their skills and abilities to walk in the shadow and strike with the deep seated vengeance…to give the people of skyrim the fighting chance they deserve to protect and honor their way of life, be them Nord, Reachmen or otherwise… to reform the Assassins into the powerful force that they once were.

    Emerging from the forest, you walk straight into an Imperial ambush laying in wait…. The events that unfold till your eventual meeting with alduin on the chopping block sees you hardening you resolve for avenging you people… and rebuilding the Assassins of Skyrim to re-establish their creed of Justice and Honor

    Personal Note: The Assassins of Skyrim’s fight against the Thalmor, Imperials, The Empire and their White-Gold concordat are but an expression of the fight that goes on within all of us.. to eradicate oppression of any human society be it for race, color, gender, creed or status.

    I hope that with the lore of this build , the skyrim gameplay and the story line of the Original Assassin’s Creed by Ubisoft, the truth of evil can be understood, the evil that continues to plague man.

    The true battle within is not won with Hatred or Dispassion but with Acceptance and Firm Action. Our behaviour in society is an extension of the results of our victory or failures for the battle that occur within.




    The perks of this build was solely focused on enchancing Stealthy Skills, Melee Damage, Poisons and Potions

    Click here for the Perk Calculator version of it:


    With the breakdown below:

    Main Skills: One Handed, Archery, Sneak, Alchemy & Light Armor

    One Handed: Hack & Slash, Dual Weilding, Dual Savegery
    When engaged in open combat, the bleed effect from the War Axe, combined with the extra swing from the off hand dagger ensured your target is stunned and bleeds... not you.


    Archery: Eagle Eye, Steady Hand
    The skills from this tree ensures your discipline kicks in when focusing on targets, landing your target on time, everytime with slow time! (or somewhat thereof!)


    Sneak: Deadly Aim, Assassin's Blade, Muffled Movement
    This tree focuses on the core of the build. Most of the time, your enemies won't even see you and these perks ensure they're dead before they do.


    Alchemy: Physician, Poisoner, Concentrated Poison
    Your main form of heals and Damage over time for your targets.


    Light ArmorUnhindered, Windwalker

    Move as fast as the wind without being tired. The extra Stamin regen from Windwalker is much needed and can prove devestating when combined with lesser power: Bardic Knowledge. Never, ever exhaust from endless sniping or combat.




    Due to the Custom Fit perk, you will be wearing a combination of the highest damage dealing and utility gear you can find in game.  No enchants, no spells. Just plain raw fury!  




    Roleplay & Stats:

    • Role play a Nord  and under The blessings of Talos effect
    • Use the Thief and Warrior Stone for levelling and the Shadow Stone for End Game.
    • As a nord, you can train in the way of the voice, as mentioned by Ulfirc. The Greybeards see you as the dragon born, but little do they know this is a finely developed skill that you have hidden
    • Use Marked for Death shout only.
    • Play a Neutral – Good Character, heavily weighing the consequences of your decision to help someone out. Sometimes, not all that is Evil is Bad and the same can be said for those who are good.
    • 0 Magicka / 5 Health / 5 Stamina for every 10 levels

    In Addition the following, although it may help greatly with what i consider with the immersion of the RP of this character:

    Main questline – Until you reach the city of Whiterun and slay your first dragon

    Greybeards questline – Until you learn your Fus Ro Dah Completely

    Companions Questline Until Few Errands – This is to unlock skyforge steel weapons, Waraxe and Offhand Dagger / Main Hand dagger till blade of Woe.

    Thieves Guild Questline till taking care of business – This is for the Armor and Hood

    Dark Brotherhood questline till the end – No leveled loot means doing it all the way. Need Gloves and Boots from here.

    The Forsworn Conspiracy till the end – Even though the people of the reach are disillusioned into fighting the nords of skyrim, ask yourself, aren’t they oppressed? Perhaps it would be good to give them a fighting chance at least by escaping and let them see for themselves the error of their ways. Also, this would help prevent the corruption in the city of Markath, thus ridding it of an evil not needed.

    Pieces of the Past – Complete this for offhand dagger

    Dawnguard – Complete till level 45. Gain Waraxe from there and Join Dawnhguard.

    Locate Assassins of Old Misc Quest at level 45 – This is for the Ancient Shrouded Boots and Gloves

    Resume Theives Guild Questline till the end – This is to obtain levelled Nightingale Gear and start Summerset Shadows for Linwe’s Hood.

    Civil War:Side witht the Storm cloaks and finish till the end -  The oppressed nords of skyrim seek freedom to protect their lives and their way of life.

    Resume Main Questline – Finish up and Kill Alduin



    Combat Potions and Poisons

    Potions are Your only form of combat heals and restoration  of resources. They can be used in combat, provide no break in gameplay and no interruption whatsoever, while poisons are usually used either before attacking or during attacks.

    Please note that, I have listed the maximum 3 needed ingredients for making them, but you can make do with any 2 as well. Whilst these are stuff that I came up with, please feel free to experiment and explore your own variations for maximum playing pleasure.







    Venomous Strike –
    An enhanced Power Attack that Poisons and bleeds:
    Combat Poisons  + Main Hand Power Attack (War axe) +  Hack and Slash Perk (Passive)  + Fighting Stance Perk(Passive) + Savage Strike Perk (Passive)



    Shadow Dance  - A constant flurry of melee  Attacks with a Chance to Instantly Kill:
    Dual Wield Power Attack (Mehrunes Razor offhand + Waraxe main hand) + Hack and Slash (Passive) + Dual Flurry + Dual Savagery + Special Effect (Mehrunes Razor): 3% chance to instantly Kill



    Viper’s Sting –
    Silently and Lethally Dispatch Your Enemies from the Shadows:
    Combat Poisons + Eagle Eye + Overdraw (Passive) + Steady Hand (Passive) + Critical Shot (Passive) + Deadly Aim



    Shadow Strike
    – Step Out of the Shadows to Assassinate your enemies from Behind
    Blade of Woe + Combat Poisons + Stealth Perk (Passive) + Muffled Movement Perk (Passive) + Assassin’s Blade Perk (Passive)



    Thu’um: Agony
    – Imbue your vengeance into the  thu’um and seek retribution!
    Shout: Marked for Death (1st word stack) + Amulet of Talos + Blessings of Talos



    Call of the Brotherhood (Legendary) – Blessed by Talos, You Thu’um reaches out into Sovengarde calling forth Assassin of Old and Nord Ancestors to help in your time of need:
    Shout: Call of Valor + Summon Spectral Assassin Power






    There are no Followers for those who thread this shadowy and silent path of Justice and Liberty.









  • November 1, 2012
    Good build, only one thing. You say in the lore that former assassins of skyrim had gone off to join the DB and the TG and had become maniacs, but then you say on the armor section that you will use tg-gear and db-gear. Isn't that kinda lore-breaking? Nice with the words of Connor. Playing ac3 right now and is kinda on to the idea of Mohawks in skyrim. :P hmmm... Anyway, good build! :) +1
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    November 1, 2012

    Hey Gustaf,

    So, if you read the lore for this build properly, although it says that though most of them have turned soldier of fortune (reffering to the thieves guilds) and Maniacs who live to hunt/kill, the nord in my build seeks them out regardless of their state to learn their abilities.

    Since the gear i chose kinda resembles Connor's save for the recolor and the studs, it's the closest that can come without modding. Also, the character goes on to build on the talent and shape DB in his image of the Assassins of the old order, which would also explain the outfit selection lore wise.

    Hope this clears things up.

  • November 1, 2012
    Alright, I see. :)
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    November 1, 2012

    Beautiful, just beautiful. I really like how you've crossed Skyrim and AC so smoothly together. Build concept is great as well. +1 mate. 

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    November 1, 2012

    love stealth builds no matter the lore :D

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    November 2, 2012
    Thank you... Am glad you liked it. As much as possible, I had weaved most of what I know of AC into skyrim. When you start down the core quests that make you ask yourself if the path you've chose is really correct, that's when the true beauty of this build hits... It makes one feel that they really make a difference in skyrim. :)
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    November 2, 2012
    Thanks mate :)
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    November 29, 2012

    Is the picture with the guy in the hood and guard armor a modded pic? I like that Hood/armor look but I haven't seen a hood like that except the ones attached to robes.

  • Member
    November 29, 2012

    That is a very good way of explaining it, I was about to ask that myself.