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Dragon Age 2 Build: The Force Healer

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  • October 12, 2015

    Hawke was a good man...A little rough around the edges, but who isn't. Heroes can rarely live up to everyone's expectations. But Hawke was close, he was a real Hero unlike the rest of us. He could deal with anything and somehow come out smelling like roses, not literally of course, mostly he smelled like blood and smoke. Anyway back on track, he could deal with anything, a Qunari Invasion, of course he'd try and find every possible way to appease everyone but he'd deal with it. A corrupted Templar or Blood Mage, no problem, as long as he couldn't talk them out of something. That was the real Hawke, always trying to find a peaceful solution...But you aren't interested in Hawke the person are you Seeker, no you want  Hawke the Fighter, well then let me tell you about Hawke the Fighter.

    Class: Mage

    Yes, Hawke the apostate, Hawke the Mage. Call him what you will but he is a Mage, a damn powerful one to, blasts from his staff would fly past in combat and..I don't really know how to describe how much power would be released.

    Specializations: Spirit Healer (7), Force Mage (14)

    Hawke was no Blood Mage, even if some people *Cough* Templars *Cough* will tell you otherwise. He explained it to me one day but it just sounded like magical nonsense. Apparently he uses spirits to heal us, well people I guess but mostly just us. He was damned good at it too, I don't think any of us would have lasting injuries because of him. When in his 'Healer Mode' as I like to call it, he would sacrifice his offensive power to focus on protection and healing. Doesn't seem like an evil Blood Mage to me Seeker, how about you?

    As for this Force Mage thing he was...Well it was just weird, let me tell you dealing with his spells while in combat with him was just disorienting. One minute I'd be letting Bianca rip into an enemy, and the next he's halfway across a room, unable to move faster than a snail. I reckon he did it just to win our competitions, but he was always so adamant about just trying to protect us... God damn noble idiot.

    While most of Hawke's Spell were defensive in nature, he did have a couple of offensive spells, I mean how else is he supposed to fight with Bianca and me, with his fists? Please Hawke was a pansy when it came to fist fights. His main powers were healing as I told you earlier, he could heal all of us without much effort. 

    When he was mad, and I mean really mad, Hawke could unleash a tide of fire and frost on his enemies that just destroyed them. Spell after Spell would smash into anyone who opposed him. Honestly it was a little scary to see Hawke mad, I saw it maybe 3 times and that was about 3 times too many. If you ever meet him Seeker, just pray you don't anger him that much. 

    I'm sure you've heard tales of the dashing Dwarf who lead Hawke through thick and thin on all of their adventures..Alright fine, so Hawke was the leader but I was always with him, except when I wasn't but other then that all the time. Let's just get to me telling you who journeyed with Hawke.

    Fenris: This guy, whoa was he strong. He'd lift a thug up and just throw him across the room, never really understood why he worked with Hawke, Fenris hated Mages, a lot. Anyway Fenris was a skilled warrior, I'll give him that. Armed with a Massive Sword he'd charge through enemy lines before slicing, dicing and smashing any enemy he could find. And if you were a Mage trying to fight him...well good luck with that.

    Perk Fenris with a heavy focus on Two-Handed, Vanguard and Tevinter Fugitive.

    Merrill: Daisy was a Dalish Elf  we met up on some mountain (it's a long story involving Dragons, Witches and Undead), she and Hawke were always close, probably because of the whole magic thingy. Anyway she was an interesting person to fight with, always using nature and rocks to beat the crap out of people (it's more dangerous than you think Seeker) not to mention all the Lightning.

    Merrill mainly uses Primal, Spirit and Dalish Pariah based spells.

    Varric (That's me): And now we get to the greatest of Hawke's Companions. One of the most powerful archers in all the lands, an incredible merchant and of course an unflinching drinker. Right, toning down that a little. Anyway I was Hawke's oldest companion (Except that Templar brother of his and that Guard-Captain, but they aren't important right now) and fought at range with him, we were never far in battle.

    Varric will primarily use the Bianca, Specialist and Marksman Talents to fight enemies

    Armour: Robes of the Champion (+50 Mana, +145 Attack) with Rune of Valiance and Rune of Spirit Protection

    Helmet: Hood of the Champion  (+20 Mana, +58 Attack, +2 Mana Regeneration) with Rune of Fire Warding

    Gloves: Gloves of the Champion (+1 Magic, +12 Mana, +35 Attack) 

    Boots: Boots of the Champion (+18 Mana, +52 Attack, +2 Mana Regeneration) with Rune of Protection

    Set Bonus: +3 Magic and +5% Defense

    Weapon:  Torch of Falon'Din (+16% Fire Damage, +6 Fire Damage) with Primeval Lyrium Rune and Rune of Destruction)

    I guess this is the last bit I need to talk about Seeker, Hawke's fighting style and how we took down enemies as a team... I'll miss our little talks, you know especially the ones that involve you kidnapping me and dragging me through half a castle, they're my favorites.

    Fenris usually opened up battles by charging straight into a mass of enemies and trying to finish off as many as possible. He mostly targeted the weaker ones and just ripped through them. His little,what does he call it Mighty Blow was his main attack, smashing his Sword through enemies.

    Use Lyrium Ghost, and Might to power Fenris up before charging in and using Mighty Blow and Scythe to deal massive damage. When fighting bosses use the Cleave ability as well.

    Merrill was an odd one. She'd cast a couple of spells to shield her and surround herself with some nature aura or something, then she'd charge in and fight alongside Fenris. She was pretty much the only Mage I knew that would fight up close and personal like that but hey it worked for her. Oh right and she was great at summoning up these massive storms as well, really dangerous magic that was.

    Use Rock Armour, Wrath of the Elven and Ensnare before charging up close and casting Tempest, then simply use your staff while Wrath of the Elven deals nature damage to nearby enemies.

    Me, well I was a simple fighter. Hang back shoot bolts from Bianca, occasionally raining them down on enemies. Honestly not much to say

    Use the Speed Power along with Bianca's Song before firing off any Arrow Moves you have. Hail of Arrows, Bursting Shot and Rhyming Triplets were my favorites.

    Hawke was the interesting one. I think I've told you a fair bit about him now so I won't go too far into it. He'd either run into battle as a Healer (With his blue, glowy aura around him) or simply charge in. He'd hang back with me while blasting enemies with his staff, healing us or unleashing massive Fire Spells on enemies. 

    Either use Healing Aura and hang back, casting Heal, Group Heal and Revival to keep your party healthy, while also using Telekinetic Burst, Pull of the Abyss, Gravitic Ring and Mind Blast to alter enemy placement.

    Or simply use any spell you can to deal damage (Cannot use Spirit Healer Powers)

    And that's that. I hope you all enjoyed my Force Healer Build. I finished Dragon Age 2 recently and had a lot of fun with this build. The Force Mage Specialization was particularly fun. So give it a like, comment and all that and check out some of my other General Gaming Builds, right here in this group.

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    October 12, 2015
    This was written in an interesting style, as of Varric wrote it, nice. To quote the man "You don't mind if I steal that, do you?" And to answer your question on fenris working for Hawke (not sure in or out of character) he worked for Hawke as a way to pay off hawke's help, and because he became a good friend/lover/or had a grudging respect for him. The fact that s/he was a mage was no problem cause s/he proved to be not weak of mind.
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    October 13, 2015

    I've been thinking of playing DA2 again; I think I started a character awhile ago and haven't gone back XD, anyway I might give this a play at some point.

  • October 13, 2015

    Thanks for that Bryn...Three Dog, no screw it I'm calling you Bryn  

    If you can't tell when we've talked about it, Varric is my favorite character and it felt extremely fitting to have him narrate the build. I might use it again sometime but I do know my next build will be in a very different style (Hint: It's Hawke)

    I do know why Fenris would help out Hawke, I was nearly about to romance him before I accidentally ended up with Merrill. 

  • October 13, 2015

    I think I'm hooked on DA:2, it's just the right length to make a number of build quickly, so I have a goal to aim for (plus combat is by far the most fluid of the three games). Anyway thanks for the like and comment Golden.

    I swear I feel like a new builder with this...I've had more fun writing this then I have for any of my Skyrim Builds of late.

  • October 13, 2015

    So you too feel like a new builder? I have absolutely no idea how I should write that DA:O build

    Anyways, great build, DB. I usually play similar build, but more focused on the Force Mage and Elemental tree, no points in Spirit Healer. I would say that Force Mage is one of the best specialization in the series.

  • October 13, 2015
    It's interesting but when literally nobody can die ( let alone stay dead) because you're running a Spirit Healer it's just ridiculous...honestly I'm playing a second character now and I was weirded out when my characters were losing health. I really am enjoying this, it feels like my first Skyrim Build all over again (I'm even getting excited about 4 likes). Have fun with your Origins Build Karver and thanks for the like and comment.
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    October 13, 2015

    I went back and booted up that character I mentioned only to notice something terrible, the voices are out of sync. Also has anyone else noticed that Bethany has the hands of an old man?

  • October 13, 2015
    I haven't spent much time looking at Bethany's hands yet tbh. First thing I'll do tonight :P though this is my first time playing with her and she's going to die soon anyway...I like her but Darrior Hawke needs his entire family dead for plot (except God damn Gamlen...can you kill Gamlen?) I've been having sound bugs as well. Mostly to do with the sound freezing complete during conversations (a good old opening of the Xbox Guide fixes it up though).
  • October 13, 2015

    I never had problem with voices on PC.

    And no, Goldie, I haven´t noticed her weird hands. When I´m looking at Bethany, her hands are the last thing that attracts my sight...