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Character Build : The Child of the Mojave (FNV)

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  • January 16, 2018

    Welcome to my try of making a build focused in living of the nature and the trash found in all the Mojave Wasteland and beyond ( DLC areas and possible quest mods ). The idea is to be self-sufficient and adaptable. The build at the stage you're reading this will be in progress. Without more wait, here is my build:

    The Child of the Mojave

    Backstory : 


    That shot was worse that expected, as if only having bad memory isn't enoght. Seems that most of your life is a mistery...you can recall very specific memories here and there, like that time when your father teach you how to hunt, how to use your first weapon, or that time when curiosity get the best of you and broke an old motorcycle to repair another an actually it works!


    During most of your life, even if you don't remember quite well, you travel in looking of what normal people call "trash" , where they see a useless piece of metal, you see either a good decoration, an oportunity for a good trade or that missing component to repair your belongings. Cause of that you're quite strong and agile, and your philosophy of living of the land as make you stronger to the enviroment.



    Strength of 8 - Carrying your things, the carcass of a Yao Guai and lots of useful trash requieres muscle.

    Perception of 4 - For a hunter and a scavenger, you have bad eyesight

    Endurance of 9 - The Wasteland is a cruel, harsh place and to survive you need to be as hard as you can.

    Charisma of 1 - The art of being charismatic or social scapes your comprehension.

    Intelligence of 4 - That shot not only took away your memories, but also some of your intellect.

    Agility of 7 - How do you survive in a deathclaw's nest? Running in the opposite direction.

    Luck of 7 - Guess you must be lucky to survive a shot in the head.

    Recommended Traits :

    Hoarder ( OWB ) : Carrying low weight makes you feel strange...weaker, but seems that you can carry a little bit more.

    Wild Wasteland : After that shot, you see strange things happening, but it's just in your mind, right?...



    If you hate the trait limit, look at the Unlimited Traits Remade mod. Also there is the More Perks mod, with a grand variety of perks and traits.

    Skills :

    **Survival : Those lessons of hunting and your experience of living of the land will serve you well.

    **Repair : Your liking of fixing, break and rebuild things as been with you since you can remember.

    Barter : In time to time, you'll need to trade for valuables, fortunally you know how to make good prices.

    Sneak : You're an expert in the art of dissapear from sight.


    ** Those are my recommendations for mandatory skills to tag, but obviously you can tag what you want.


    Equipment :

    Long Range Weaponry:


    The Hunting Rifle and Paciencia ( GRA ) are good sniping weapons due to low spread, good range and critical damage, the only downside is the weight and uncommon ammo that uses ( .308 , you can carry 18 bullets per pound without Pack Rat in hardcore mode ).

    Anti-Material Rifle

    The Anti-Material Rifle ( GRA ) and their vanilla counterpart, are probably THE BEST weapons for sniping, that if you can live with the 20 pounds of the weapon, the use of one of the most expensive and rare ammo types ( .50 MG , you can carry 4 bullets per pound without Pack Rat in hardcore mode ) and the fact that if you don't have Gun Runners Arsenal DLC you can't mod it.

    Close Combat : 

    Dinner Bell

    Dinner Bell has a good spread and range to be a shotgun, a significally low weight and the ammo isn't that rare, but you can only carri 13 units per pound, on the other side the theme and way to obtain the gun fits excellent with the build.

    Chance's Knife

    Chance's Knife is a weapon that may be with you even in late game due to it's high speed and critical chance multiplier, also it can be adquired at level one if you can avoid the Cazadores.


    Blood Nap

    Blood-Nap is likely the better version of Chance's Knife in terms of raw damage and damage per second, also the +10 to sneak bonus is actually counted in matter of perk avaliability when level up.



    Recommended Perks ( Vanilla and DLC ) :


    Home on the Range ( HH ) & Roughin' It ( LR )  : Houses are overrated. Enhanced with the Portable Campfire and Portable Campsite - Recipes mods.

    Jury Rigging: In your curiosity of break and reassemble weapons, you realize that you can take parts of one similar weapon for repair another.

    Long Haul & Pack Rat & Strong Back & Burden to Bear ( LR ) : There must be some way of carrying more junk...

    Hand Loader & Junk Rounds ( DM ) & Mad Bomber ( GRA ): Making your own ( and in some cases, better ) ammo and/or explosives is crucial to survive. Mods like Ammo Ingredients as Loot and Missing Ammo Recipes can enhance this. For Junk Runds you can try Dead Money - Junk Rounds Redux mod or Yukichicai Gameplay Tweaks that inclues the previous mod and more.

    Hunter & Entomologist & Purifier & Tribal Wisdom ( HH ) & Them's Good Eatin' ( OWB ) : Why have fear of the wasteland creatures when you can make them fear you?

    Animal Friend : They'll not only fear your presence, they'll fight for you if that means you'll spare them.

    Scrounger & Fortune Finder & Certified Tech ( LR ) : Always there is something of value hidden for the common eye, but not for you.

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    February 21, 2018

    It is a nice skeleton build Poke. With some pictures of the character it would look much better. I also reccomend putting those perks into a picture. If you need any help with that, I can come up with something. Also, if this is a work in progress like you said, I highly reccomend posting it in the Workshop first.