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Event Build: Wynonna Earp (FO4)

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  • November 11, 2017


    Wynonna Earp


    Heir of the great Wyatt Earp, Wynonna had a childhood troubled by demons. Believing the Earp line was cursed to be haunted by the outlaws that Wyatt Earp put down decades ago. Her paranio accumulated during an incident that resulted in her accidently shooting her own father, her older sister missing, pressumed dead, and Wynonna ending up in a psychiatric facility. Once cleared from the facility she spent the rest of her childhood in and out of foster homes and juvenile prison, learning not to talk about the attack, the curse or her demons, but resented everyone for condeming her as crazy.

    Upon becomming of age, Wynonna was finally able to escape the small town of Purgatory and seemingly left her demons behind, to pursue a new life. She eventually settled down in Sanctuary Hills, away from the judgement of the peers of her old life. But when the bombs dropped and she escaped into Vault 111, what she awoke to was a hauntingly familar scene. Her husband killed, and son missing. Upon venturing out of the vault into the new hellscape, familar creatures flicker in the corner of her eyes. Shambling, mindless humanoids, and giant horned demons once again plague her. But this time everyone else can see them too.


    Key: B = Bobblehead. S = You're Special

    S P E C I A L

    3   2+B+S  1    1   2+B   10    9


    A high luck gunslinger, this build is all about those sweet, sweet critical hits. Wynonna was never a trained marksman, in fact a few test shots with her ancestral gun, Peacemaker, proved that hitting targets wasn't a strong point of hers, hence the low perception. But thrown into a combat situation, and Peacemaker almost seems to gain a mind of its own, and would always hit it's mark square in the forehead. This supernatural ability is best represented with critical hits. If you can target it in vats, you can hit it with a critical shot, no matter the odds. This means having the ability to pull off 1% chance headshots over impressive distances. The high luck and agility will provide ample action points and criticals to deal with all manner of fiends. Strength and Intelligence are taken just to the point to reach the crafting perks. Gun Nut is quite important since 44. mods aren't easy to find, and investing in Blacksmith makes up for the low endurance, and allows the outfit choice to be partially determined by the aesthetic of Wynonna. This build can comfortably be stopped around level 30, but if you're in it for the long run, pushing for those level 50 perk ranks gives you more critical hits than you will know what to do with.



    Keystone Perks: Four Leaf Clover, Grim Reapers Sprint. These two perks are the core mechanics of the build. Vats hits generate crits -> crits get kills in vats -> kills restore action points -> More vats use. Other perks support this cycle by increasing damage, the utility of crits and action points. These two are the priority when available.

     Damage Perks: Better Criticals, Gunslinger, Bloody Mess, Gun Fu

     Combat Support Perks: Critical Banker, Quick Hands, Action Boy

     Crafting and Support Perks: Armorer, Gun Nut, Locksmith, Idiot Savant


    Mid Game Perks (Level 33):

    For the first half of the build (Or all of it if you opt to stop around here), ignore Gun-Fu. Idiot Savant is optional depending on your personal preference of leveling speed, if you're used to mid to high intelligence builds, you might find it a bit slow without this perk. With that in mind, you should find yourself with up to the second to last rank in most of the perks mentioned, the only ones not taken at this point are gated by level. With Kellog's pistol this will provide action points galore, and a steady supply of crits. While there is no way to make the mouth of hell open up under the feet of your vanquished enemies, pulling them down into hellfire, we can make them explode into bloody bits on death. Not quite the same, but the extra damage of Bloody Mess doesn't hurt either.


    End Game (Level 51):

    Grab the final ranks in all of the early game perks. A few of these might seem a bit useless, for example with Nuka World the final Quick Hands rank only gives you +10 action points. However to reach the best critical perks, this build takes it all the way to level 50 anyway, and you might as well spend those perks on something. Even taking all the final ranks of the perks mentioned will leave you with some leftover. Some good options for these extra perks include Toughness, Cap Collecter, Fortune Finder and Scrounger. You could even push luck up to 10 with an investment or the bobblehead to grab Ricochet for the extra survivability. But now is the time for the real star of the show, Gun-Fu. With the final rank granting Guaranteed Criticals against the fourth target and beyond, this build really kicks it up a notch, allowing you to rain down almost endless criticals against your enemies. With the final perks in Grim Reapers Sprint and Action Girl, Action point's should prove to be plentiful, which means Kellog's Pistol can be swapped out for a Western Revolver if you desire and have Nuka World.




    Early Game: Light 10mm Pistol

    This will keep you alive for a while, and the light modification will let you get off a crazy amount of shots in vats before depleting your AP. I ditched this around level 20 when vendors started reliably stocking 44. ammo.

    Mid game: Kellog's Pistol

    Whip of that bull barrel the moment you get it. It simply adds weight, which increases the AP cost, for a benefit we don't use, hip firing. Plus it looks the part and the Standard Barrel requires no perks to craft. As you progress and grab ranks in Gun Nut, upgrade the receiver.

    End Game: Western Revolver (Nuka World)

     With the final perk ranks, you may feel comfortable enough to ditch the AP bonus of Kellog's pistol for the extra damage these pack. Plus it looks the part.




    Early Game: Road Leathers, Militia Hat, Leather/Metal Armour Pieces.

    Late Game (Access to Ballistic Weave): Ballistic Weave Greaser Jacket, Leather/Metal Leg armour, Cowboy hat (Nuka World)

    The above suggestions are based on vanilla. This section can vary wildly depending on what mods you use. For example I use Armoursmith extended which can allow for much more variety in how you mix and match your gear, and also increase your survivability due to the extra protections you can layer on. My end game gear was a Greaser Jacket with a mixture of leather and metal leg and arm armour, plus the cowboy hat. Despite the chest slot being open, I left it as is for the aesthetic.



    The Seven:

    While many monsters now stalk The Commonwealth, seven faces in particular haunt Wynonna, seven of Wyatt's Revenants. These faces are familiar, part of the haunting memories she supressed during her time in the psychiatric facility. These were the seven that were present when her childhood home was attacked, the incident that put her in state care. Swearing vengeance, Wynonna tracks The Seven down.

    Demo, at Hardware Town. An Outlaw originally killed by Wyatt Earp has set up shop again, luring unsuspecting travelers to rob them.

    Slough, Quincy Quarries. Another thief and pickpocket killed by Wyatt Earp, that took part in the attack. Wynonna has tracked him down to another raider gang who have set up in a quarry.

    Fens Phantom, Fens Street Sewer. In Wyatt Earp’s day, Killer Miller was an assassin for hire. Coming back as a phantom he appeared to have expanded his interests before the war. Whether or not the Glowing Feral Ghoul at the end of the sewers was ever really him is irrelevant to Wynonna. If you're familar with the show, you may want to run this without using your Pipboy for light.

    The Dunwich Borers. Before the war one of the demons turned to summoning in an attempt to break the curse. Wynonna vows to clear out the damned place out to ensure he did not escape.

    Father Gabe, Union Hope Cathedral. Barber turned Confessor, he often received confessions from guilty men. When Wyatt Earp forced him to testify, he was found dead the day before the trial. In his cursed after-life he then went to take on the role of Judge and Executioner.

    Lorenzo Cabot, Parsons State Insane Asylum. Before the war Wynonna had visions of a family sustained by their father’s blood, certain the father is another of the resurrected outlaws that attacked her home. Wynonna was reminded of one ungodly creature in particular. During a harsh winter when food was scarce, and unfortunate visitor to the Tate household found themselves in the pot. Even when summer came round and food was plentiful again, the beast had obtained a taste for human flesh, and continued to kill for food until Wyatt Earp put it down. Wynonna knows this is the same family, with the cannabilism being taken a step further, using the father's body to obtain immortality, and cheating the curse of their reincarnations.

    Pickman, Pickman’s Gallery. In Wyatt’s day, Jack of Knives was a serial killer, who never studied as a doctor but gained surgical knowledge from cutting up his victims, investigating what made them tick by extracting their organs. While the artistic tendency is new to his M.O. Wynonna immediately recognises the final revenant responsible for the attack by his calling card.


    Pickman's Callign Card


    Black Badge:

    With her family torn away from her, Wynonna swears revenge, not expecting to find them alive. This brings her across the Brotherhood of Steel. Offering her a chance to hunt down the variety of demons that plague her, and a chance to find her family, Wynonna reluctantly join them. With similar goals, Wynonna grudgingly teams up with them, despite their extremist approach and her personal dislike for authority. Danse is assigned as her supervisor, and despite his hardarse approach, she begins to appreciate his company. 

    Brotherhood of Steel until Blind Betrayal, find and spare Danse but don’t turn the quest in.

     Demon Hunting:

    The Brotherhood provides ample opportunties for Wynonna to make the demons pay for her lost childhood.

    Talk to Knight Rhys for Cleansing the Commonwealth quests.

    Quick Draw:

    Think you’re a fast shot? Prove it by being quicker than these Brotherhood Scribes with a deathwish knack for running headfirst into enemies.

    Talk to Proctor Quinlan for the Learning Curve quests, or Lancer Captain Kells after completing Duty or Dishonor for Leading by Example quests.


    Going Underground:

    When push comes to shove, Wynonna chooses Danse over the Brotherhood, and turns to the Railroad for help against the Instituite.

     Destroy the Instituite with help from the Railroad.


    Bounty Hunting:

    With the Seven dead, and the Instituite destroyed, an Earp will wear the lawman's badge again. There are rumors of influential Raider gangs setting up in a destroyed themepark that need investigating.

    This leads us to Nuka World for the bonus end game gear for Wynonna, not required for the first half of the build.

    Closing notes:

    Thanks for reading. and thanks to everyone who dropped by the workshop. This was actually the first build I've run with criticals being the center of combat, rather than just some bonus damage I'd use to get out of sticky situations, and it really was a blast. Armed with the knowledge that criticals guarantee you a hit amps up the strategic use of vats quite a bit. 

    Playtest difficulty: Modded Survival

    Credit to Mehplop's Gunslinger build for inspiration for a high luck/low perception Gunslinger build.

  • November 11, 2017

    This looks really good, man. It is well formatted and well written. Great job, man.

  • November 11, 2017

    Yes, really good job. I like the concept of high luck and I like the simplicity of the presentation. 

  • Member
    November 11, 2017

    Nice job Asher. There's a lot of nuance to this build that I like. The plot twist of finishing with the RR / sticking with Danse, keeping consistent with the weapon, and going all in aon AGI and LUCK...really cool. Love the overall vibe and options you give for vanilla vs. MOD. 

    Well done!

  • November 11, 2017

    Thanks everyone!

  • November 24, 2017

    Love this character's backstory ("But this time everyone else can see them too"--is an especially masterful touch)!

    This build, by the way, is currently being featured on the TV Twitter page ;D

  • November 25, 2017

    ShinJin said:

    Love this character's backstory ("But this time everyone else can see them too"--is an especially masterful touch)!

    This build, by the way, is currently being featured on the TV Twitter page ;D

    Woo! Thanks ShinJin