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Character Build: The Brotherhood Idealist (FNV)

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    January 17, 2016

    Hey everyone!  I'm pretty new here and I'm not quite sure how to make a "proper" build. So I will just be talking about a character that I made. Hope you enjoy! (Also, I am bad at spelling, so sorry in advance.)


    Born two members of the brotherhood of steel, one Paladin, one scribe. The Idealist was raised in Shady Sands in the N.C.R, his parents having left the brotherhood due to disagreements with father Elijah. He was raised to believe that the brotherhood, though flawed, was the best hope for humanity. This mixed with his schooling by N.C.R officials made him believe that the west coast would be much better off if the N.C.R and B.O.S would put aside there differences. After coming of age, he left to seek out the Mojave chapter, hoping to reverse some of the bad blood caused by the massacre at Helios one. Thinking that the best way to get the lay of land would be to simply travel around, and to accomplish this  and earn a bit of caps on the side, decided to pick up a courier job at Primm. And this is where YOUR story begins.

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L and Traits:

    The B.O.S Idealist is going to start with 4 Strength, 5 Perception, 9 Endurance, 4 Charisma, 8 Intelligence, 4 Agility, and 5 Luck. While your agility is assigned as 4, your stat will actually be five as one of your traits will small frame. Mid game and with your gear and intense training, you will have "6" Strength, 5 Perception, 9 Endurance, 5 Charisma, 8 Intelligence, "4" Agility, And 6 Luck. (Italics mean that the stat is achieved through gear.) At the end of the game and with all gear and perks, You will have 9 Strength, 6 Perception, 10 Endurance, "6" Charisma, 9 Intelligence, "5" Agility, and 8 Luck. Strength will be upped by two with your T45d Power armor, and your Charisma will be upped by 1 with your T45 helmet. And your agility will always be reduced by two because of your armor. You will be putting intense training into Agility and Luck. (One point each.) You will also be receiving plus two to Strength from the spine perk from old world blues. And will be putting the special gain from Lonesome road into Luck. The traits will be Small Frame and Built to destroy. 


    T45d Power armor, Fully modded Tri beam laser rifle (GRA), Pulse gun, YCS 186, and the Tesla Beaton Prototype.


    Energy weapons, lockpick, Speech.

    Roleplay and faction choices:

    You will want to collect all of the cool technology as possible, you will be more progressive and kind in your dealings through the wasteland. You like the brotherhood and will join them, but you will be less zealous confrontational, you will join the N.C.R and negotiate a truce between them and the brotherhood. If you use companions, you would be good with Rex, as he is a "technological marvel." Veronica, as she's a fellow brotherhood member. And Arcade, as he is a well meaning doctor and fits in with the technological theme. 

    Thanks for reading! I hope that this wasn't TOO bad. Have fun playing and I hope to see you all again soon, I know this is a east coast brotherhood thing, but what the hell, Ad Victoriam!

    (Note, I previously posted this about 15 minutes before this one, but I accidentally didn't post it here in the character building section, oops!)

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    February 17, 2016
    Great! You should add more to the backstory and add some pictures
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    March 11, 2017

    Tips: this is good. But add pictures. Organize it so its a bit easier to read. nd add like some quests to do