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Faction Profile: The Scrapers

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    October 2, 2016

    Note: The following Faction Profile is a WIP, and will eventually evolve into a cross-group showcase that featured both this profile, a character profile, a character build, and possibly some livestreams. Make sure to ask any questions you may have about this faction, and I'll be sure to get back to you ASAP with an answer. That being said, let's talk about...


    The Scrapers:

    Walking through the Wasteland there are a lot of things one may commonly see. The bones of someone unfortunate enough to have been outside of a vault when the bombs fell, the ruins of a small camp where someone may have once spent the night, a group of feral dogs fighting over the scraps of a dead brahmin, these are all things that most people would pass over without a second glance. However, that second glance may reveal a lot more about the world.

    Look again at the old bones resting in a bathtub. You may see the scorched outline of a body on a nearby bed. You may see that the dust on the floor was recently disturbed. You may see the still-warm remnants of reheated Blanco Mac & Cheese.

    Look again at the crude tent that collapsed in the rain. You may see that the embers in the fire are still warm. You may see the fresh tarberries on the ground that are only half-eaten. You many see a few 9mm rounds that were hastily left behind.

    Look again at the dogs fighting over the dead brahmin. You may see the small bullet hole in the brahmin’s forehead. You may see that a near perfect cut of meat had been removed from its side. You may see that the carcass hasn’t begun to rot just yet.


    Not Quite A Faction:

    The Scrapers live in the shadow of a second glance. Usually alone and always on the move, they do their best to make sure that their presence is never immediately felt. They are more akin to lone wanderers than an actual faction, as they rarely ever interact with one another outside of their central hub (which they call “The Scrapyard”). It is very uncommon to see a Scraper traveling with a companion, but there are essentially four “types” of Scrapers: Wanderers, Hunters, Mechanics, and Scouts.

    The Wanderers make up the majority of the Scrapers numbers, and always travel alone. They carry crude weapons and wear any armor that they can find. They focus on surviving by themselves and just getting by, and are rarely ever violent. The weapons they carry are used almost exclusively for survival and self defense. When not scavenging for supplies, they live in very crude camps that can easily be taken down in case a quick escape is needed.

    The Hunters are the second-largest group of Scrapers. They travel with well-trained dogs (and sometimes other animals) who help them hunt and track animals. They can be differentiated from normal Scrapers by their more advanced weaponry, their leather armor, and their more solid camps. The Hunters tend to have a few scattered camps that they rotate between when hunting various animals.

    The Mechanics are far more hard to come by, as they tend to be more reclusive and stagnant. They tend to make their homes in old bunkers and try to fortify one or two locations rather than move from place to place on a daily basis. They prefer energy and plasma weapons more than ballistic weapons, they wear metal armor or armor salvaged from old robots, and sometimes they even travel with their own robot companion for protection and item-storage.

    The Scouts are the rarest of all Scrapers, as they travel in pairs. One will almost always be carrying a high-powered rifle and a flare gun, and the other will usually carry either a shotgun or pistol. They wear dark colored clothing and build their camps in high places, likely to warn other Scrapers of nearby threats. These Scrapers also tend to carry a decent amount of Berry Mentats with them for nighttime use.


    The Scrapyard:

    The Scrapers, unlike almost every other faction, rarely interact with one another when they aren’t in their main trade hub. This area, which they call “The Scrapyard” is actually an old airport hangar that they’ve turned into a very well-fortified market for their faction’s use.

    Looking at the outside of the hangar would turn away any band of raiders. A handful of scouting positions dot either side of the Scrapyard, each one sporting its own defense turret. In addition to that, the Hunters have managed to catch and cage three Yao Guai and a Deathclaw which all appear to be fitted with explosive collars*. The inside of the hangar looks almost like a shopping mall. Small stalls have been fashioned along the sides of the hangar, and Scrapers from all over the wastes bring their finds there to sell and trade to other Scrapers.

    The Scrapers are very selective in who has access to their hangar. They rarely allow outsiders inside, and those who are allowed inside are stripped of all weapons upon entry. They are also not permitted to bring in any radio devices in order to prevent any sort of interference with their own radio signals.

    *-unfortunately, many Scrapers were harmed in order to make this a reality. 

  • October 3, 2016

    This is a cool start. I really love the idea of "Not Quite A Faction" and just a bunch of survivors who share similar ideals and occupations. Also, that old airport hanger sounds so cool! I'm really tempted to just build a huge hanger and fill it with rudimentary constructions and such. 

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    October 3, 2016

    I think it's a cool idea too. Essentially it's just a bunch of people who all want to be left alone (for the most part), so they all mind their own business and still try to look out for the rest. 

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    October 11, 2016

    What an interesting concept. Have you thought about if they sometimes organize a selling caravan or something like that to trade all the scrap they find or if all the outside trading is done by each individual Scrapper?

     I'd be interested to learn the origins of this group, and if there ever was or is some kind of central management and hierarchy inside their ranks or if they have always been just a bunch of people who got together and figured it out it was an excellent idea to profit upon the wastes of the Wasteland.

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    October 11, 2016

    I'll be going into their past in future posts, but thank you for your interest!!

  • October 13, 2016
    Forgive me, but shouldn't it be 'Scrappers' not 'Scrapers'? I believe the latter would mean a bunch of people scraping stuff, which would be entertaining, but their sanity would have to be called into question at some point... Yeah, sorry I couldn't say anything more productive, FO4 isn't really my thing, but after ter my 2 hour grammar lesson today tht's all ths in my head right now.
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    October 13, 2016

    Nope, it's meant to be "Scrapers." The name is well-tailored to them, but you'll see why in a later post!

  • October 14, 2016
    Well that is intriguing... Now I'm thinking that one of them nicked the other 'p' off their HQ sign, and they decided to roll with it.