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WiP- Character Build: The Night Reaver

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    September 7, 2017


    [ (WIP)  Character Build: Asede The Night Reaver]




    You once a Cub During the merethic era? where are though in this shadowy dream you thought in your head. Who are these souls that wear weird armor?

    A giant man shrinks to human size and offers you a deal to become an ancient vampire who can destroy anything that stands in your way but with a price course.On your Eighteenth birthday, you will offer your soul to molag Bal the lord of domination and enslavement to mortals the brutal ritual to become a daughter of Coldharbour (oh boy....) she accepted and gained magical powers of weapons unknown to any. on her eighteenth birthday, a man came to her and lead her to the forest and she thought he was suspicious but what she saw that day was the end of her mortal life... it was Molag Bal himself and brutally violated her for five days and six nights until her will was broken she became the very thing she signed up for? A Vampire Lord. she was with a unique gift though from molag himself to weave the powers of the night into deadly weapons. a bow, knife, blade, and battle axe!


    Requirements: [Mora Boon, Slow time, Oblivion Binding]
    Description: [Cast Slow time first, Then Mora Boon The shoot the atronach's that were summoned then pelt the mage's with this powerful combo, Once the Atronach or familiar's are sent back to oblivion you can attack with slow time and if low on health and stamina and if problems happen magicka you can use Mora's Boon from the black book in dragonborn dlc at tel mithrynonce you kill your enemies you can experiment on them about prolonging spell's as due to her role play portion

    this combo acts as a protection to the Vampire against Flame Atronach's and Storm Atronach's and since you will damamge the enemies with arrows overdraw and mystic binding play heavily in this for it is equal to dragonbone bow but since its infinite arrows its much more efficient. remember Night Reavers move more faster and agile than any human]

    [Army of the Undead]
    Requirements: [Ritual stone and Durnehviir and Ahzidals Ring of Necromancy.]
    Description: [This acts as a bomb for all ur undead followers (not that I won't have fun with bombs anywho) it acts as a self-destruct dealing 50 damage of frost shards pierce your enemy to get ahzidals ring of necromancy u must spend three to seven thousand gold so get ready for grinding that gold. once you have the Aetherial Crown activate ritual stone then travel to the atronach stone cause that is your friend at the moment when gettin a free bound bow tome at fort amol the Aetherial crown is a unique circlet that is aetherium and can have two standing stones at once and durneviir can be ur pet dragon and best friend along with an army of undeadif got twin souls u can get  both of them out and about.]

    Other Information

    Race: [Khajiit]

    Stone: [Lover stone to start off then use the aetherial crown for ritual and then activate the atronach stone]

    Stats Distribution: [50] Magicka | [30] Health | [20] Stamina.

    Perk Spread: Archery: All Perks, Conjuration: Necromancy side and twin souls, Novice-Adept, And also mystic-Oblivion Binding, Light Armor: Agile Defender 5/5  Illusion: Novice-Quiet Casting, Restoration: Novice-Expert, Regeneration, Necromage, Ward Absorb,                                         Recovery 2/2, Sneak: Stealth 5/5, Deadly Aim, Muffled Movement, Shadow Warrior.

    Equipment: [There is no enchantments but what you do need is a ring of archery whenever you can and get vampire armor of conjuring and that aetherial crown is your friend for the powers.]



           [Dawnguard-Vampire side. She Feels more easier with a clan of vampires cause she can prove reliable asset and a leader to them. plus its best way to get some gear you need. Once more is that you can get elven arrows and use them for auriels bow if you dont wanna use conjuration she feels more at home wth a group of vampires she can call family.

           Companions for archery training: Aela the huntress will prove to be jus like her cause of her fierce hunting skills thus being born a shield sister to be called family like vampires she thinks of her as a little sister farkas intrigues her the most cause she has a crush on him which shocks her to the bone.

           Dark Brotherhood for armor to start off on. The Dark Brotherhood could use a new leader so kill astrid at the death incarnate quest and take her dagger and kill the traitor even though astrid tried her way it wasnt good enough for the night reaver after all she cares not that much for honor but she doesnt like being double crossed.

           Lost to the Age's- Aetherial Crown. gives insight to an ancient relic that is to be powerful to her liking

    Combat Style: 



    Bosses/Dragons: make sure to have a follower with you to absorb damage on higher difficulty cause you will die less times. Once you find a dragon cast slow time and then shoot the dragon down with arrows until dead it will be hard to shoot but as long as u time it right u can kill it, Also note this once you clear a dungeon leave one person to use vampire seduce and feed cause that is your friend at times of great power.


    Mage's/Atronach's: use the bound bown and invisibility to snipe the mages as best as you can then kill the atronach by banishing it to oblivion with vanuishment power


    Warrior's/Barbarian's: You have the distance game better than all if you can use the ritual stone to get a little army started then durneviir summon and he will summon skeletons to help.


    Training Time's: use conjuration soul trap to get it to 100 then use muffle with it to get illusion to 75 only 75 illusion and 100 conjuration once thats done get equilibrium and get healing spells u got and train restoration that way.


    Exploit's and Glitches: Get 5 amulet of talos and get vampire lord or werewolf and a follower and talk and transform at the same time if you wanna use it this way


           Skills: Bound Bow, Ritual Stone, Summon Durneviir, Grand Healing, Greater Ward, Invisible, Muffle.

    The Roleplay is very simple you will prove to be stronger than any vampire has before your own cause you were once a nice and great kitty but now you are a immortal who is stronger and risen above anything else who is a master of conjuration and restoration and illusion also archery. Once you get the bound bow you can train archery very simple by goin to all dungeon's and such.]

    Closing Notes

           [I am thinking this isn't a complete version please help me out as much as you all can I would appreciate it thank you]

  • September 8, 2017

    I'm going to beat Soly to the punch here and say that you should probably add a section for Combat.. if you look at some of my builds or his builds you'll see what I mean.. how does this character fight specific enemies? How do they fight dragons, Werewolves, Leprechauns, Vampires, Draugr and bandits etc.

    Secondly you don't make ANY mention of the build's skills and perk points. All you list is the attributes. I do recall linking you the build template and it does say you need to have the skills listed on the build somehow.. at the moment besides the equipment and that you're a vampire you've left literally everything up to the player to decide.. and that's not what a build is for. A build is for you to show YOUR character. This is how YOU do it and this is how you expect US to play it. For example, do they use Conjuration if so WHAT do they use? Do they use bound weapons? Atronachs? Necromancy? You say they use archery, do they use crossbows or regular bows or bound bow?

    You should also flesh out the backstory a lot more, give the character more personality. So far all you've given is what I'd like to call a "Tragic Backstory" Which granted is a good start.. but a tragic backstory does not the character make. A backstory lists this is where they came from this is how they got to the point we become them in skyrim etc.

    You should also give specific sections for specific bits of information, example "This character is a Cat, this is what levels the cat has. this is what skills the cat has oh what a skillful cat he is. This is the equipment the cat uses these are the quests the cat goes on and why oh what a badass cat he is" etc.

    Don't be afraid to go a bit more wordy.. When listing quests, don't just think of basic reasons, give roleplay ones as well.. Example "Cat joins thief's guild as cat was a thief cat in wherever it was cat come from. Oh what a mischievious cat he is" I'm being overly simplistic of course, but my general meaning is clear.


    For examples on how a build should be done correctly.. I'd like to point you towards a few builds I think personally looked really good.. Firstly we have one of mine, The Underlord. I've received a lot of praise for it so I'm using it as an example of my own personal style of profile layout. I add a lot of backstory and roleplay reasons, strengths weaknesses etc. I also list what quests to do and why to do them for RP reasons. (I also personally have a text colour scheme for what quests are required and which are optional and what not to do but you can chose to separate those into different sections if you like.

    Next we have the White Walker. Something someone else made, a build i've personally tried out and enjoyed. You can see the build is nice and detailed, it has lots of pictures and things to draw the eye, additional roleplay rules etc.

    And my final example is Tynnven the Knight-Blade. Though I think the build needs a few tweaks (Enchantments mostly) Nevertheless it is a perfectly viable build. It is separated well so you can easily get to what skills are used what reasons are for the skills, a good backstory and quest information.


    I believe your build shows potential, and I hope I don't come across as a dick.. this is the first time I've ever really gone into critiquing a build before, and I hope that my tips are valid :D I'm basing them off of stuff people have suggested to me in the past.

  • September 8, 2017

    Welcome to the Workshop, and the site in general YolFusKrad, always excellent to see someone else starting out a build. I'll apologize that I haven't posted a comment yet, but I haven't been around the last couple of days.

    So I'll just quickly say that I haven't read what Baldur has recommended so I might be repeating some of what he's said, or disagreeing with it. So at the moment I assume your still working on everything, I think I recognize some of the lines from Noodles' build tutorial thing, I haven't actually read it for awhile so I could be wrong there, but if so then I won't comment too much on what you don't have yet, and instead will wait until you start to add it into the build. Actually now I'm not sure because of your last line there. Ah anyway, at the moment I have to say that you still need a proper Equipment section, Gameplay, Combat, Roleplay (I know you've got a bit there, but it's not really informing) and well..most of the build I suppose. 

    So, what I will comment on is your backstory and special moves are rather interesting enough, I think you could go into a little bit more detail on the Special Moves, you know work them into the character a little bit more. Umm, yeah I'm just not sure at the moment whether or not this is anything close to the full build or anything.

    Edit: Oh and, the name should be WiP Character Build: The Night-Reaver.

  • September 8, 2017

    Yup I definitely mentioned a couple of the things you said Dragonborn... one thing more I noticed.. you need to correct your tags.. Don't add the # when you write them just write the tag example "Character Build Necromancer" If the playstyle is a necromancer (This is tags not your title) "Character Build Vampire" "Character Build Villain" "Race:Khajiit" etc.

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    September 10, 2017

    Is this much better Dragonborn?

  • September 10, 2017
    Not by much. I would suggest you read some of the builds I sent you for examples..but that's just my opinion
  • September 10, 2017

    To make a suggestion that's more helpful.. Your text is too bunched together, plus italics tend to be difficult to read for some people. I suggest that you also increase your font size to at least font size 10 as it tends to be easier for a lot of people to read. Furthermore, increase the size of your section titles to 12-14 or so, bold it and italics it so they stand out, so people know at a glance what section they're looking at. More pictures are definitely going to help you out, but less pictures will help too.. as in If you can make an image that shows off all the pieces of equipment at once in one image instead of having all the pictures separate it might help condense that into one picture, and give yourself room for different images and such.

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    September 10, 2017

    im requesting the art group to make a per/equipment spread thank you, baldur


  • September 12, 2017

    Also your tags should be 'Character Build Archer. Character Build Nightblade, Character Build Necromancer, Character Build Villain, Character Build Vampire" you misspelled Villain and your spacing is off..