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WiP Census and Excise Agent

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    September 14, 2019

    Getting this down so that I hopefully work on it later. As always, comments are appreciated.


    1. 2. 3. 4. The monotony of counting the dirty and sweating citizens of a floundering empire. Rinse and repeat. 1. 2. 3. 4. The numbers go up, I go nowhere. I’m destined to remain broke, alone, powerless. A slave to counting. 1. 2. 3. 4.

    Then one day it all changed. A new assignment. Not the same 1. 2. 3. 4. Head to Skyrim. A dirty, cold, war torn land. More counting but with the threat of death. Not a death by monotony but a death by a sharp axe, by biting cold, by the teeth of a raging bear. This new counting came with the promise of an end to the monotony. “Serve the Empire in Skyrim, and the Empire will reward you.” A promotion with power, with influence, with prestige.

    The assignment seemed simple enough, aside from the threat of painful death by a thousand different means. Count the citizens of the Empire in Skyrim. Ensure proper tax assessment to help pay for this war against the northern insurgents. Ensure the collection of these taxes and the continued flow of Septims through the economy. This war isn’t going to pay for itself.

    But first, head to Markarth. Another Imperial agent could use some assistance in making sure that the Empire properly benefits from a silver mine there. Should be simple, especially with the “might” of the Empire behind you. By the way, you’ll have to sneak across the border to avoid notice and suspicion.

    Yes. Simple. What could go wrong?

    Now I’m sitting here, next to a bunch of rebels I was sent to help crush with the economic might of the Empire.


    Race: Any

    Stone: TBD

    Major Skills:

    Minor Skills:

    Agent playstyle. Avoid combat and direct confrontation whenever possible.

    Blend in. Wear whatever will help you go unnoticed or fit in with those you are attempting to infiltrate. Ring and Necklace to fit playstyle.

    After Unbound, head immediately to Markarth. You were to rendezvous with an Imperial agent there. Complete The Forsworn Conspiracy and No One Escapes Cidhna Mine to uncover what happened to the Imperial agent in Markarth. Kill Mandacath to gain favor with the Silverbloods. Go to Solitude to speak with General Tullius. Progress through the civil war, while also completing your other tasks as a Census and Excise agent. Things to do include: aid Imerial aligned Jarls, help ensure the flow of commerce by taking care of bandits, helping shop owners, investing in shops, etc. Purchase property in holds to act as a Census and Excise office (use mod to equip houscarls with Imperial gear?). Utilize mercenaries whenever possible. Complete the Civil War quest line.

    Infiltrate organizations. Thieves Guild up through Dampened Spirits. Your handlers may also want you to continue on to gather more intel. You may get in a little too deep here and need to be pulled out at some point. Companions through Proving Honor. Dark Brotherhood through The Silence Has Been Broken. Uncover a plot to assinate the Emporer, then report back. You may revist this questline once you realize the Empire will not give you the power and prestige you want. You get your revenge on the Empire. College of Winterhold though TBD. Stormcloaks? May be sent to infiltate them early on, through The Jagged Crown, then deliver the crown to General Tullius.


    I have this playtrough mapped out in my head more thoroughly than above, but I'll have to get the details down later. The actual playthough and build completion will be quite some time from now.