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Questions System Announcement!

  • April 6, 2018

    Hey there, folks! Just a quick announcement.

    As part of House of Orsimer Glories’ spring cleaning (yes, even Orcs clean), we’ll be doing a major overhaul on how things work here.

    First off, we’ll be disbanding the Expedition Committee. While it was an interesting idea, we found that it wasn't working as effectively as we hoped. Instead, we’ll be switching to something similar to the ‘Ask your lore question’ discussion with a few minor specifics which we will soon address.

    As for those who are still currently doing expeditions, they will have the choice to either continue on or abandon it.

    Specifics for AskYourLoreQuestions dicussion:

    - Each question will be posted as an individual discussion which will be later stored in the Catalogue of Questions for future reference.

    - Before posting a question, be sure to check the Catalogue to make sure your question is not similar to the one already answered.

    - When asking a question, please don’t make it simple. By that I mean questions that can be answered through a single link or questions that have no possible answers.

    - When answering a question, please try to include all the sources to backup your answer. Those sources must be from the game or related to it. R/Teslore articles can be provided only as a theory, not as a credible source.