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Photos Prompt 2: Opulent Outfits!

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    January 21, 2019 4:39 AM EST

    Welcome to the second Photo Prompt. These are short features we'll be running in the Photos/Videos section as a sort of new form of Events that are designed to be short, sweet and fun. At most, they'll last a week (in a featured capacity) but at any point you can still post a picture inspired by this Prompt (title it and drop it here so it's featured forever), but the idea is to make them fun, easy and engaging.

                Opulent Outfits!            

    So, another super simple theme here, despite my hilarious attempts to create a name that was alliterative, it really has nothing to do with oppulance. The entire theme for this prompt is to find an outfit and snap a picture of your character wearing it, or maybe play out a scene in it. The outfit can be clothing, armour, something in between. It can be hilariously stupid, intimidating, cute, expressive, the in-game equivelent of cosplay, or really whatever you want. There are no other (real) restrictive with the theme, just having fun. Oh and by the way, you can take these in any game from TES to Fallout or even something like Assassin's Creed or Titan Quest...anyone else remember Titan Quest by the way? 

    To fill the prompt, you can actually upload either a picture or a video. For a picture, it can be either a screenshot or a piece of your own artwork (DO NOT UPLOAD SOMEONE ELSE'S CONTENT AS YOUR OWN), and for a video you can upload a clip of whatever you want as long as your character appears wearing a snazzy outfit. For those with mod access (mostly PC) or playing Fallout 76 I heavily recommend looking into poses and having as much fun as possible with this one. Or you know, wade into a dungeon and coat yourself with the blood of your enemies...whatever works for you :D

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            Rules and Tips        

    • Your piece for the prompt should be titled "Opulent Outfits Prompt: [Insert Title]"
    • Your piece can be uploaded as a Photo (either a Screenshot or Art) or a Video.
    • Post your pictures in the 'Share to Main Page' category so they're visible on the main page. Use a unique album for your Prompts (rather than just this prompt). 
    • For your Videos, if you have a longer clip I'd recommend uploading them to YouTube/ rather than uploading them directly to the site. Shouldn't be an issue if you've got a faster internet, or the clip is under around 10 minutes, but for longer clips it tends to be easier to go through YouTube.
    • Upload your videos to the appropriate category (TES in Elder Scrolls, Fallout in Fallout, all other games in General) and I'd recommend creating a Channel for your prompts. 
    • You can upload more than one piece for this prompt.
    • You can use old pictures for this prompt as well, it doesn't have to be something new. 


    Black and Gold by Justiciar Thorien

    Priestess of Herma-MoraAdmiring the View and Scenery Porn by Paws

    A Native Man of Skyrim by Justiciar Thorien

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    January 21, 2019 6:32 AM EST
    Poses too, you say? Nice! I've got just the thing for this :D
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    January 21, 2019 9:25 AM EST
    Hmm, I might try my hand at this