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Ideal In Game Faction that you would create

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    June 13, 2015 9:22 AM EDT

    What kind of faction would you like to create in skyrim that has not been created by a Bethesda Game Designer?

    It can be anywhere on Nirn. I heard of a build that is associated with a faction from Elsewyr named the Shadowpaws. Hardcore Kahjiit Assassins so they say.

    So if you have thought of a faction that could have existed in the elder scrolls universe you got to include the following:-

    Name of the Faction

    Where it was formed? (Continent, Province, City/Town/Village or Wilderness)

    When it was formed? (Era, Century, Year)

    What kind of faction is it? (e.g. brotherhood, organization, company; include races)

    Et'Ada Worships (Aedra, Daedra) if they do

    Philosophical Beliefs (e.g. Oppose Racism)

    How do they operate? (long/short term goals, motives, purpose etc)

    Enemies (e.g. factions, individuals, Et'Ada, Et'Ada created humanoids e.g. werewolves, vampires, afflicted)

    Allies (e.g. factions, individuals, Et'Ada)

    Calling Card (Symbol, Signature)

    Leader of the faction

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    June 13, 2015 5:06 PM EDT

    Name of the Faction: The Serpent's Maw

    Where it was formed? (Continent, Province, City/Town/Village or Wilderness): Akavir, but reestablished in the wilds of the Reach

    When it was formed? (Era, Century, Year): Been established sinced the 3rd Era, but reformed in 4E

    What kind of faction is it? (e.g. brotherhood, organization, company): Brotherhood

    Et'Ada Worships (Aedra, Daedra) if they do: None, but give respect to the Great Serpent (Tsaesci god)

    Philosophical Beliefs (e.g. Oppose Racism): Their beliefs are merely for their own gain, with each member craving power and wealth. They care not for politics, only for absorbing power and controlling others

    How do they operate? (goals, motives etc): With stealth, sabotage and blackmail, occasionally brute force

    Enemies (e.g. factions, individuals, Et'Ada, Et'Ada created humanoids e.g. werewolves, vampires, afflicted): Anyone who stands in their way

    Allies (e.g. factions, individuals, Et'Ada): Allied somewhat with the Dark Brotherhood

    Calling Card (Symbol, Signature): Snake skull

    Leader of the faction: A cruel Tsaesci mistress by the name of Rhan'vet

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    June 13, 2015 6:30 PM EDT

    On the enemies Deadra are Et'Ada. Et'Ada are unworld beings. Like Aedra are the Ancestors of Mortalkind and Daedra are not. Them both are Et'Ada. As in a race of godly entities.

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    June 13, 2015 6:52 PM EDT

    amazing faction ideas by far.

    keep on thinking

    and can Asodur Foremaw explain the Shadowpaws because their gonna need deeper information than the description "Hardcore kahjiit assassins". I hope some people might be curious about that.

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    June 13, 2015 7:08 PM EDT


  • June 13, 2015 7:17 PM EDT

    Name of the Faction: House Luachra

    Where it was formed? High Rock, near the borders of Skyrim

    When was it formed? Largely unknown. Though many in the House say it was formed by some of Reman's own men. So some time in the 1st era if that's to be believed.

    What kind of faction is it? A vampiric-like coven. Most members are not actually vampires, only the higher-ups (similar to the Companions). The higher-ups include the one leader (explained below), the Peers of Cyrodiil and, below them, the Dragon-Knights.

    Et'Ada Worship: They worship Reman Cyrodiil (Not revere, literally worship) and Peryite.

    Philosophical Beliefs: Peryite is the reason for their vampirism. Peryite is the taskmaster. Members of the House see vampirism as a great task to overcome, one that can faced for a very, very long lifetime. Also many believe the Peers to be men who actually stood by Reman Cyrodiil's side. They're vampires so it's possible.

    Enemies: The Dominion largely because it is a danger. The Tsaesci for effectively ending the Reman's line. The Morag Tong for their hand in the assassination. Despite having so many fairly powerful enemies, they're pretty comfortable being inactive. They're very patient. Veeeery patient. As in making the Altmeri Dominion look like an impulsive seven-year old on Christmas Eve. Oh, and most major religious groups hate them due to rumors of vampirism.

    Allies: They hold a good amount of power in their cut of High Rock. Other than that, no one in particular.

    Calling Card: Sigil is a Red Dragon, representing Reman Cyrodiil's ascension.

    Leader of the Faction: Known as the Fear Darrig, the Red Man. Members of the House see him as the incarnation of Reman Cyrodiil. But not known as in an incarnation that came later, but more like Reman ascended but he's still kind of inhabiting the world. It's an odd philosophy.

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    June 13, 2015 7:42 PM EDT

    How do they operate?

  • June 13, 2015 9:04 PM EDT

    How do they operate? They're operate similar to many Breton houses. Try to attain political power through differing methods, such as assassination, marriage, etc. The Dragon-Knights are sent out to acquire artifacts that could be beneficial to the House or kill someone or something that greatly threatens the house. It is for this reason they are also known as the Task-Takers. There are public figures who hold some degree of influence in the house, but the Peers act as the puppetmasters behind the scenes. The Fear Darrig's job is largely unknown, it is believed he is at the head of the Peers while others believe him to be in some sort of coma.

    *If anyone is curious where I got some of the terms from: Luachra comes Alp-Luachra, which is an Irish fae that steals the "food" someone has eaten (they don't eat the food itself, they eat the energy it gives). Fear Darrig or Far Dearg is another fae, a jokester one that wears a red coat and hat. The term does actually mean Red Man.*

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    June 13, 2015 9:36 PM EDT

    Name of the Faction: The Mythslayers

    Formed and founding: Skyrim, after the dragons returned and was vanquished by the Dragonborn

    Worships: No one, for they consider worshiping daedras or aedras a weakness in the mind.For them It makes a mortal weak for it would make a man be dependent on the god they worship not the skills they possess.

    Philosophical beliefs:No divine or daedra is good or bad, they just have different beliefs even though some of them are more power hungry than the others.No man is good or evil, they only become one of those traits depending on what there cause is and how people see them.

    How They operate: They don't rely on stealth, for them stealth is a beggar's or dirty man's way.Potion making is essential but only mythslayers can drink their potions for mere mortals cannot take the potency of the potion.whoever betrays one mythslayer will be exiled and will be considered betrayal of brothers and sisters in the faction.

    Allies: They do not consider anyone as their allies, they tend to work alone.

    Enemies: Anyone who has slain a mythslayer is considered an enemy of the faction

    How They are summoned: They are hired through couriers, messengers or innkeepers

    Members of the Faction: Vampires of any race, Werewolves of any race, Freaks, mutants, undead and any person who are willing to change their ways

  • Tom
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    June 13, 2015 10:09 PM EDT

    I like this, but why make them evil by slaughtering other sects?

  • Tom
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    June 13, 2015 10:30 PM EDT

    Name: The Tongues

    Where: Skyrim, The Throat of the World

    When: After 201st year of the Fourth Era

    What kind: Brotherhood and school

    Et'Ada Worship: Not a religious organization, but it is a revivalist movement and elder Tongues worship the gods of their forefathers; Shor, Kyne, Stuhn, Tsun, Dibella, Mara, Jhunal, and most importantly Ysmir, Dragon of the North whom is reborn in the Last Dovahkiin.

    Philosophical Beliefs; Jurgen Windcaller was a deluded fool, and the Greybeards have kept the Nords birthright to themselves for millennia. The return of Alduin and threats from the likes of Elves prove not only Nords, but Men need to be mighty once again. When the Dominion comes, their knees will buckle from our battle cries.

    How: The Last Dragonborn has begun teaching any honorable man or woman of true heart the sacred words of the Dragons, as Kyne did when Men were young and lacked a Voice. Like the days of King Wulfharth, Ysmir has returned to lead Man to victory and power in its hour of need.

    Enemies: The Greybeards, anyone who doesn't want Men to realize they have a Voice.

    Calling Card: None. A Tongue's whisper can shatter walls, and their Shout can bring down mountains mountains. You will hear them.

    Leader: Ysmir, Dragon of the North. Dovahkiin. The Last Dragonborn.

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    June 14, 2015 12:08 PM EDT

    Name Of Faction             Luna Wolves

    Where                                Hircine’s Hunting grounds

    When                                Hircine’s own Daedric realm. Date of actual creation unknown

    What kind of Faction      Spirit wolf pack serving Hircine for eternity.

    Worships                          Hircine


    Fanatical lust for the hunt and for the chase. During a blood moon all spirit wolves join the Great Hunt regardless of its current location. Each spirit wolf is utterly devoted to Hircine and of their pack members however when it comes to a Great Hunt then all pack ties are broken. Only the strongest and fastest will be able to force their way to the front of the chase in the hope of killing their target. Whatever that target may be.

    Philosophical Beliefs.      Life or death is irrelevant. All there is, is the hunt itself.

    How do they operate?

    Each pack is governed by four wolves. An Alpha male/Alpha female and two Beta wolves. Male/Female. Each evening they hunt as a pack for food. During the day/night various scouting parties led by the Beta’s protect their borders from neighboring wolf packs and enemies. Occasionally Hircine himself will call upon a select few to carry out tasks. Such tasks might be to protect/find totems, or even hunt specific spirit animals in his name

    Each evening under the rising of the moon the pack leaders (Alpha’s) form their group for the night’s hunt of deer in the Hunting Grounds. (Or other lone wolfs from enemy packs of wolves)


    Other wolf packs. (Several such packs exist) Were bears. Those foolish enough to befall Hircine’s wrath (or plain unlucky to get caught in the path)


    Other members of the pack unless there is a Great Hunt. (See Worship Hircine)

    Calling Card

    Bloody half eaten carcass along with thousands of bloodied paw prints

    Leader of the faction    

    Razorback. (Alpha Male)

    How to join.

    Become a Werewolf. You then have two options.

    Option 1  Die. (Full membership to the pack).

    Option 2  In the evening during a full moon, half eat a wolf heart then burn the remainder in a pyre. Meditate next to it while breathing in the fumes. (Temporary admission into the Hunting Grounds until dawn)

    How to become Alpha male/Female

    Simply survive and outpace your fellow wolves. Forming strong bonds with select members to help remove/kill/devour opposing family members to your claim of power. Competing tasks for Hircine will grant boons which will no doubt aid you as would also completing the final kill during a Great Hunt.

  • Tom
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    June 14, 2015 7:57 PM EDT

    Murdering people for following a different religion isn't bad?

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    June 14, 2015 8:21 PM EDT
    You misunderstand. Daedra are a type of Et'Ada, so putting them both down as enemies is pointless.
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    June 14, 2015 9:02 PM EDT

    To me, it's barbaric even in the TES universe.

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    June 21, 2015 11:38 AM EDT

    Yes. I understand completely.

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    June 21, 2015 12:37 PM EDT

    Name: The Lost Tribe

    Where it was formed: Cyrodiil

    When it was formed: Merethic Era

    What kind of faction: isolated organized society of Wood Elves and Orcs

    Et'Ada Worships: Hircine, Malacath, Azura, Kynareth

    Philosophical Beliefs: The Tribe believe in the aspects of the wilderness and behave like an average civilization

    How do they operate: They are an organized society so they operate with good communication. The Chieftain only makes difficult executive decisions for the Tribe but he must consult with the Shaman (Medicine Man/Healer), Warlord (Military Advisor/Head of the Tribal Guard) and Techolyte (Blacksmith/Enchanter). They have no goals but they behave like any other civilization.

    Enemies: Molag Bal, Mehrunes Dagon

    Allies: Malacath, Hircine

    Calling Card: Male Deer Skull with feathers along the bottom edges

    Leader: The Chieftain (Name Unknown)

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    September 10, 2015 5:00 PM EDT

    Your faction ideas are very deep in thought and greatly brilliant.

    Please don't hesitate to share your ideas.

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    October 15, 2016 5:27 AM EDT

    Name: New Tamriel Accords

    Where it was formed: Cyrodiil

    When it was formed: After the signage of the White-Gold Concordat

    What kind of faction: A political protocol

    Et'Ada Worships: Non-Commital relationship with the Nine Divines

    Philosophical Beliefs: They believe in unity, cooperation and egalitarianism.

    How do they operate: They support egalitarianism as they treat other races with respect. They operate within the empire as they always come to civil compromises in political, economic and social systems.

    Enemies: Mehrunes Dagon, Molag Bal, The Thalmor

    Allies: Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, Daedric Templars

    Calling Card: Ying Yang symbol in a circle with jagged spikes on the edges

    Leader: Ambassador Qa'fazir (Daedric Templar Master)

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    October 15, 2016 6:29 AM EDT

    Name: The Society of Midnight

    Where: Cyrodiil, however, the Society could exist anywhere on Mundus, and that's what they want you to believe!

    When it was formed: During the Dagon invasion

    What kind of faction: a ninja clan

    Et'Ada worships: Nocturnal, Sithis

    Enemies: The greedy and the crooked who choose to take advantage of their position over others for their own gains; they also do not like competition

    Philosphical Beliefs: The Society believes themselves to be on a mission from the Nine to secretly wipe out those who use their position or money to simply take advantage of others.  The Society never appears to directly confront - they operate via stealth and secrecy, usually opting to rob those who improperly use position or money as mentioned in the previous sentence - to the Society, death is the final choice - they always look for a way to put their target into a position that could be worse than death (stealing everything he or she owns is a great way to level the playing field!)

    How do they operate:

    First, they need to either witness someone improperly using position or money for their own gains or pleasure, or they need to find out about it (gossip in towns, for example.)  Their meeting places tend to change, to prevent their being found out.

    Then they send one or two of their ninjas (usually women) to simply observe the mark, learning all they can about the mark's habits (when they leave the house, and for how long, for example.)

    Finally, they send as many as three or four of their ninjas to clean out everything of value at the mark's place of residence or business.

    Also, the Society is not above using attractive ladies to keep a male mark in one placescr while his house or business is cleaned out, or using them to get the male mark to disrobe and then be robbed once he is naked; similar to the thieves' M.O. from The Siren's Deception in TES: Oblivion.

    Allies: Thieves' Guild, town guards (actually, the Society and the town guards have the same goals, just a different M.O.)

    Enemies: Dark Brotherhood (killing a mark is a no-no to the Society, unless there is no other choice)

    Calling Card: A jet black scrap of material

    Leader: Kasumi (a Breton ninja)

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    October 15, 2016 7:39 AM EDT

    Name of the Faction: Parlament of Skalds

    Where it was formed: Skyrim.  The Parlament of Skalds traces its lineage all the way back to the ancient Tounges. When Jurgen the Calm founded the Way of the Voice those that followed him and the way of pacifism became the Greybeards but those that refused to abandon their warrior ways became Skalds. They swore to use the voice in more mundane ways but maintained the heroic and questing traditions.

    When it was formed: In ancient times but was refounded at Skalds Retreat in Riften. it was eventually dissolved but was refounded again years later in the early 3rd Era by Tiber Septim himself in Markarth Side, based in the Halls of the Voice.

    What kind of faction is it: Brother\Sisterhood of warrior bards and mystics.

    Et'Ada Worships: The Nordic Hearth gods of Kyne, Mara and Dibella as well as the Dragonborn God who will usher in the next age. They also have a special veneration of Jhunal, god of runes who they recognize as the first Skald. They see a resemblance in the Nords abandonment of Jhunal as similar to the Greybeards abandonment of the ancient Tounges.

    Philosophical Beliefs: See above ^

    How do they operate: The Skalds wander throughout all of Skyrim performing their acts as well as seeking out great deeds and heroic quests to perform and accepting payment in kind. They will then sing songs and tell tales of their actions as well as the actions of their forefathers. They will also perform recreations of ancient battles and mythic events that happened when the gods still walked nirn like Convention or Battle of Red Mountain, with each Skald taking a different role of god or hero. These performances are treated as holy acts by Nords and every man, be they Jarl or High King will listen and watch without interruption. Skalds will usually only return to the Halls of the Voices near Markarth in order to train or rest.

    Enemies: Greybeards. Although not treated like enemies as such, there is a great deal of resentment between the two groups. Solitude Bard College. The Skalds see the Bard College as foreign and sacrilegious. Meetings between the two groups often boil over into violence.  

    Allies: The Companions. The Parlament of Skalds recognise The Companions as another group of heroic warriors that attempt to keep the old traditions alive.

    Calling Card: No universal symbol but many Skalds carry the emblem of the Owl.

    Head of the faction: Current leader of the Parlament of Skalds is Ogmund of The Reach also known as Ogmund Skald-King.

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    October 17, 2016 1:15 PM EDT
    • Name of the Faction: Gah-Julan Tong or Julan Tong (literally Guild of Great Benefit)

      Where it was formed: The Gah-Julan Tong was originally formed in the City of Winterhold but the main power base has since moved to the Gray Quarter district of Windhelm.

      When it was formed: The Tong was founded in Winterhold at the height of its power in the early 3rd Era. At the time under Jarl Gersen Winterhold was one of the most prosperous cities in Skyrim, even rivaling Solatude. Many merchants and traders made their home in the city and because of the College of Winterhold and the Ysmir Collective much of the business in the area was magical and alchemical in nature. This combined with the holds location resulted in a large pocket of Dunmer living in the city many of whom were traders and businessmen with connections to Great House Hlaalu and the Cammona Tong Merchants Guild which for the first time had just began trading outside of it's native Morrowind. After the Great Collapse most of the Dunmer relocated to Windhelm, this is because of the decline of opportunities in the Hold as well as the growing hate of magic-practicing Dunmer.

      What kind of faction is it: The Gah-Julan Tong is a Dunmer guild of merchants, businessmen and community leaders. It is also a secret society of thieves, kidnappers, extortionists and hitmen.

      Et'Ada Worships: The Gah-Julan Tong uphold the traditional worship of the Triune Boethiah, Mephala and Azura. With special emphasis on Boethiah's aspect of Dunmer supremacy, revolution and prosperity at all cost. Since the Tong is mostly made up of immigrants and expats it is a lot more traditional in nature to make up for their separation from the homeland.

      Philosophical Beliefs: On the surface the Gah-Julan Tong is a guild dedicated to integrating Dunmer into Nordic society while also upholding their own culture and protecting their people from xenophobia. It maintains that its sole aim is to bring prosperity to the Dunmer people in Skyrim. However under the surface the Julan Tong holds Dunmer supremacy above all else and it aims to bring power to the Velothi anyway it can.

      How do they operate: Officially the Julan Tong are collection of businessmen and well-respected community leaders who help support the local Dunmer populous by providing them jobs and money in order to get them back on their feet after immigrating. They are also the main bridge between the local Dunmer and the ruling class so they can help by advocating solutions for any problems. The Tong is also a secret society based out of the New Gnisis Corner Club. 

      The Tong is also a secret society based out of the New Gnisis Corner Club. They recruit disenfranchised Dunmer immigrants who have suffered from xenophobia at the hands of the Nords. If the Dunmer refuse to join then the Tong force them via debts they incur by accepting money or jobs. The new recruit will then partake in an initiation ceremony that takes place at the Sacellum of Boethiah. The Julan Tong is involved with many rackets including: 

      Extortion: The Tong force businesses to pay for protection. Many Dunmer owned businesses pay willingly so that they will be protected from local Nords. 

      Skooma Dealing: The Tong is one of the largest Skooma importers of the region. 

      Kidnapping: The Tong will often kidnap victims in order to sell them into the slave trade in Morrowind. Often these victims are Khajiit caravan merchants, tribal Orcs and Argonians living in the Assemblage. Human victims are few but occasional.

      Murder: The Tong are not scared of killing people who they perceive as getting in the way of Dunmer prosperity. However too much death is seen as bad for business so other solutions are usually employed first.

      Enemies: Officially the Gah-Julan Tong has a rivalry with the East Empire Trading company who they see as taking away jobs from Dunmer. Much of this contention comes from the rights between the Windhelm-Solstheim trade routes. Unofficially the Tong sees the Thieves Guild as enemies and try and keep them out of their territory. Like most Dunmer the Tong see Dark Brotherhood as a sacrilegious cult and the Brotherhood see the Tong as trying to muscle in on their business. Hold Guard are of course seen as the enemy but usually kept at bay using bribes. 

      Allies: Although much diminished House Hlaalu has strong connections with the Tong after many fleeing Morrowind in the wake of Red Year. Buisness between the two is done on a regular basis. Great Houses Dres and Telvanni are regular customers of slaves. Great House Sadras also sponsors the guild so that it may provide any information they have on the political state of Skyrim. If at any point Skyrim is deemed a threat to Morrowind the Gah-Julan Tong are instructed to mount an insurgency to counteract it.

      Calling Card: The sigil of the Gah-Julan Tong is a banner bearing a stylized picture of a Chaurus. The Tong claim it represents the successful settlement of Skyrim although most Nords view the Charus as a dangerous invading species. 

      Head of the faction: The current Ashkhan is Belyn Hlaalu.


      Ambarys Rendar - Gulakhan of the Gah-Julan Tong

      Revyn Sadri- Fence

      Athal Sarys - Produces propaganda pamphlets including the Dunmer of Skyrim manifesto. Often messages will be coded in daedric. 

      Niluva Hlaalu - Stationed in Riften officially on buinsess but actualy to spy on the Theives Guild. 


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    November 20, 2016 7:21 AM EST

    I wanted to make a bit of lore to back up the voidwalker mod.

    Name of the Faction: Church of the Outsider

    Where it was formed: Elsewyr, Deep in the Tenmar Forest

    When it was formed? (Era, Century, Year): Sometime during the Mythic Era

    What kind of faction is it: A spiritual group of Khajiit outcasts

    Et'Ada Worships: The Outsider (Major Patron), Trinimac, Talos

    Philosophical Beliefs: They believe that revolution and chaos is the result of oppressing anyone because of what they are. They believe that unity and respect is the key to the salvation of Tamriel. They believe that the Outsider (the illegitimate offspring of Mehrunes Dagon and Talos, who is entertained by conflicts on Nirn) is a neutral Et'Ada, unclassified as Anuic or Padomaic and the savior of the oppressed. They are pretty much spiritual egalitarian humanitarians that respect anyone regardless of occupation, race and faith. They believe bigots deserve death.

    How do they operate: To their Et'ada patron, they are the natural conduit that binds Oblivion to Nirn. They scavenge for human skulls and collect them to bestow symbols to make them into runic items to give to their prospects.

    Prospects are the independent agents of the Church of the Outsider who have the Mark and the zeal to protect the oppressed. They have the freedom to go on their own quests for their own personal gains but they must be willing to help the vulnerable and the oppressed. Evil Prospects see it as a burden but Good prospects see it as a way to get closer to their tamriellity.

    Enemies: Molag Bal, Mehrunes Dagon, The Thalmor, Independent Bigots

    Allies: The Outsider, Talos, Trinimac

    Calling Card: Mark of the Outsider

    Leader of the faction: High Priest Omdargo


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    January 25, 2017 5:31 PM EST
    Name: Eldhari (plural and singular)
    Where: An ancient Dwarven Ruin, deep within the Reach. However that is just there stronghold, many Eldhari wander Tamriel.
    When: The Eldhari were formed during the Oblivion Crisis, due to them banding together to defend the innocent from Dagons forces.
    What kind of faction: the Eldhari are a brotherhood/sisterhood of monster hunters.
    Et'Ada worship: Eldhari can have their own beliefs, for their duty is to slay devilish creatures.
    Enemies: All creatures that hurt the innocent, including that of men, mer or bestfolk.
    Philosophical Beliefs: Eldhari believe that Tamriel is infested with a chaotic corruption that is slowly destroying it. This corruption lies deep within monsters of all kinds and its an Eldhari's job to stop this corruption.
    Allies: The Companions and Fighters Guild have often worked alongside the Eldhari, and during the Great War, the Blades sort shelter with the Eldhari.
    Calling Card: a blade planted into a trolls skull.
    Leader: there is no defined leader but the eldest of the Eldhari often makes the hard decisions. The eldest Eldhari of this generation is Skald Wolfsbane, a survivor of the Blades Fall, and the greatest of the Eldhari.
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    March 14, 2017 9:23 AM EDT

    I am in love with the Altmer race but I hate the Thalmor. That is why I decided to create a faction dedicated to destroying the Thalmor but saving the Aldmeri Dominion.


    Name: Alinor's Liberational Army (ALA)


    Place of Origin: Southpoint, Valenwood


    Time of Formation: 12th of Last Seed 4E 122


    What kind of Faction: Terrorist group in the Dominion, banned as a guild in the Empire but not illegal


    Et' Ada Worship: Each race in the group worships their own gods


    Philosophical Beliefs: They are dedicated to overthowing the Thalmor from the throne of the Aldmeri Dominion and to creating peace with the Empire to bring stability back to Tamriel.


    MO: They are a big organization that have their bases all across Tamriel. Their main base of operations is set in Solstheim. They are divided into nine groups, each group set in one province, and those groups are further divided into several cells set in each major city of a province. To avoid being destroyed if one cell or group is compromised, the groups are isolated from one another and don't even know about the others existence, except for a single handpicked member of each group that together form the ALA high council.


    Enemies and Allies: They fight against the Thalmor and all those that aid them. They are allies of the Thieves Guild and the Mages guild.


    Symbol: Each group has it's own insignia


    Leader: The entire organization is ruled by the High Council while individual groups have their own elected leaders.