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A Skyrim level 1000 Let's Play?

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    January 23, 2014 9:07 AM EST
    Hi guys,

    For quite some time I am considering doing a Let's Pkay for Skyrim with my level 1000 character.
    I've once started a new save when Legendary Difficulty came out for the purpose of crrating a character to see if I could manage to get to that level.
    I have done no quests yet other than the ones necessary to get him to that level.
    I had plans to continue playing that save but got myself occupied with other things.
    The plan was making him a Pacidin, my term for a character that only kills when there is absolutely no other way to get around that.
    He's basically a mixture between a Paladin and a Pacifist.

    As level 1000 is a high level to reach a character can become quite overpowered so I feel the need to bound and restrict myself to certain rules for the pure purpose to keep things interested.

    And that is where I got stuck. This character feels to me like some kind of superhero which gives me doubts if this will work.

    On YouTube I have uploaded a video to show some 'jumping techniques' of this character.
    I don't know how to link that while beong on my mobile but you can see it by searching using the words: 'Skyrim at level 1000.'

    Do I trigger some interest maybe or even better: if you guys like it, are there any tips you could provide me to make this concept interesting?