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I'm back

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    November 29, 2013 4:58 AM EST

    Hello out there. How are things going overhere, see that the blog is still alive and kicking. Beside a lot of new faces, I see that there still a lot of familiar ones around. I hope I can be a participant again and I’ll try to contribute my little share, about my modding for instance.  Beside this, I want to apologise to the members of the “Children of the End” for letting them down, because of my absence.

    After a break I’ve start up Skyrim again and made a new char from scratch, though two thing has stayed the same, its a she and she a warrior type. The big difference however is that I’ve heavily modded my game and still trying new things. There are so many different mods out there, from real gems to complete pointless ones. The game experience really has changed for me by doing this, The game has become better, more beautifull, more immersive and gives me more fun. However modding can gives you the greeps sometime when your game starts to CTD, refuse to starts or doing weird things, especially when you’re not so into computer like me. Fortunally the NNM helps a lot and when doing manual modding I kept a meticulous record from what I’ve changed so I can alway roll back. In short, I think my game is so much better now, than the almost vanilla one I’d quit a few months ago.

    See you on the board.

    Nb. I’ve see that you’ve ditched the “Girl Gamers” group. I think it’s a pity, though I can get the considerations, however was it necessary to delete the whole group so all posts get lost iso to lock it so we still could read them?
















    My current char, the Ningheim Lyanna.


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    November 29, 2013 5:10 AM EST
    Nice to hear from you, Aze! :D
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    November 29, 2013 5:40 AM EST

    Welcome back! This blog could use some more Dutch people.