U.O.T.W. Chapter 254 Making the Breast of Things


    Author’s note: The chapter has not been edited except for odd mistakes and errors therefore the content may change at a later date although the plot will remain the same. The content you read now is as I written it in 2014-2015. I hope this fact doesn’t lessen your enjoyment.

    As always, should you see an error or something you feel is off then by all means let me know.

    Sotek Loyal Hound of Hircine


    Travelling along the main roads at a slow but steady pace proved to be a far easier journey than the trio had expected. Rikke had already talked their way past three checkpoints, simply by stating that they were heading to Solitude for supplies. Of course, it was helped significantly by the fact that Rikke was well known and respected. It seemed that the general hasn’t put word of her escape out at all. Aela just acted her usual self, shouting at anyone who acted the fool. Between the two of them they managed to sneak Sotek past the checkpoints right under the nose of the imperial guards.


    It was now well in the afternoon and they were only a few hours away from solitude’s main gate when they came across another check point. Between them, Rikke and Aela took it in turns to ride in the back but at this particular moment in time, Aela had the reins. Rikke’s heart sank as she recognised the General standing there waiting for them.

    “Oh crap; turn around. It’s the General, turn around”.


    “I can’t”. Aela looked around but the road was too narrow. At that moment Sotek stirred. “Oh really? Sotek, lay still”.


    Sotek did as he was told, but he listened intently ready to move at a moment’s notice if he had to. Four soldiers walked to the cart, two on each side as several archers broke cover. The General started walking along the middle of the road, calling out as he approached them.

    “Legate Rikke, Aela, and I presume that Sotek’s under the furs?”


    Rikke stood up then moved to the front of the carriage. As she made her way to the front, half the archers trained their bows at her.

    “General they’re innocent. There was an assassin, his body’s in Solitude”.


    General Tullius grunted back and held the reins of the horse as he spoke.

    “Get off the cart, nice and easy. Aela this side, Rikke the other. Sotek, you can get off the back as well”.


    Aela and Rikke both moved slowly off the cart as they were instructed. Aela took a single step towards the General; instantly the archers flexed the bows in preparation to let loose their arrows.

    “General, there was an assassin! I shot him; he’s in the bushes in Solitude”.


    The General gave her a momentary glance then he headed to the back of the cart.

    “Sotek, this is no time for games. What were you going to do? Ride the cart into Solitude?”


    He waited for a few seconds then walked to the back of it cursing.

    “I don’t have time for this. Archers!” Then he climbed up the back and grabbed the furs. He pulled them back to find no one there, Sotek had vanished. Both Rikke and Aela exchanged confused glances but the General didn’t find it at all funny. “Rikke, where the hell is he?”


    “I… I... I don’t know. He was there”.


    “Well he isn’t here now, is he? So, where is he?” general Tullius said as he looked around the surrounding area.


    A second later Sotek appeared right behind the General with a dagger shoved against the General’s throat.

    “Hi Tullius, were you looking for me? Hissss”.


    “Well, well, now this is interesting. Wouldn’t you say Rikke? Sotek let me go. You’re not stupid, you know can’t get into Solitude by yourselves. You need my help”. As general Tullius spoke, he slyly smiled at Rikke. Everyone could see, despite his situation, the general was calm and assertive.


    The general’s manner left Sotek in no doubt that he wasn’t one to panic or act rash let alone give in but Sotek had been through enough and was way passed caring about annoying things like diplomacy. He fleetingly glanced at the archers and grunted his response.

    “You’re not claiming allegiance general. If you were then you wouldn’t have those archers pointing at us”.


    Tullius started chuckling back.

    “What do you expect them to do? You have a dagger at my throat”.


    Some sixth sense warned Sotek that he was in danger. Whoever it was had masked their scent well but not well enough. Knowing it was doing him no good, Sotek released the dagger, letting it drop to the ground. The General stepped away from him but as soon as the general turned around, Sotek threw his head back, catching a male Argonian Shadowscale in the face. He fell backwards off the cart and landed on his back.


    Sotek turned around to see a second Argonian Shadowscale standing just a foot away. She looked at his eyes and smiled.

    “Impressive, not many get the drop on Shadow Walker”. She then jumped off the cart. “Come Sotek. Sotek? Sotek what? We’ll find out soon enough. Get down”.


    Sotek jumped down squarely landing on Shadow Walkers hand, breaking it. He screamed out from the inflicted pain but all Sotek did was casually look down at him.

    “Oppss, ssorry”. Then he stepped off the crushed hand.


    She looked down at Shadow Walker and curled her lip in annoyance.

    “Oh, shut up, you moron”.


    Sotek started laughing at this and smirked back at his mate.

    “You and Aela know each other?”


    “What?” She glanced over to where Aela was, then shook her head. “No, why?”


    Sotek threw a hostile look straight at her. She noticed it instantly.

    “What? But she’s a Nord? Don’t tell me you have feelings for this creature? Oh my”.


    The next second Sotek threw a punch at her face. She moved her head to the side with lightening reactions and followed up with a punch to Sotek’s stomach. He tensed up immediately; his hard scales and taught stomach absorbed the blow sufficiently for him to ignore it. He struck back, punching her in the side but she moved enough for the blow to miss, however as she retaliated Sotek backhanded her across the face.


    She stepped backwards, not stunned but confusingly for Sotek, she seemed pleasantly surprised.

    “Blood, my blood… I haven’t tasted my blood for years”. She looked over the soldiers standing around them then nodded to herself. “Form a circle. Aela you’ll want to watch thisss”.


    The soldiers formed a circle around her and Sotek then she started circling him slowly.

    “The rules are simple, we fight then you die! I told you the rules are simple!"


    Sotek just groaned.

    “Oh, crap not again! Aela are you sure you two haven’t met before? Some strange twist of fate where you were sisters? Twins even?”


    The Shadow scale stood right in front of him.

    “What are you on about?”


    He just shook his head.



    She smiled wickedly at him then at Aela.

    “Aela, I’m going to break him, he’ss dead. Ssotek are you ready?”


    Sotek glanced over to Aela and grinned.

    “Hey, sshield ssisster! Call it”.


    Aela climbed up on the cart and looked over the crowd with a sadistic smile she yelled back.



    Sotek never drew a weapon. Instead he shouted out a single cry, propelling him forwards like a bold of lightening.



    He grabbed the Shadowscale by the chest piece as he shot across the path. Her weapons fell out of her hands as she received the full force of the shout as she was launched across the ground just to have her back slammed into the pathway.


    She looked up in shock, unable to do anything as a numb sensation filled her body and clogged her mind. She wasn’t even aware of Sotek’s clawed fingertips squeezing her by the throat.


    The general came over to him and, in no uncertain terms, demanded her release.

    “That’s enough! The pair of you. Sasha, you are only here to observe. That’s it”.


    Sotek released her, dropping her head so it hit the ground. As he dusted himself off he approached the general. His anger was now a buzzing curiosity.

    “Sasha? Nope, that means nothing to me except for the table we shared in Winterhold, but that’s it. Observe what exactly?”


    Aela looked at her laying there, it instantly brought back memories of Sotek’s trial. Rikke noticed her far away stare although she had no inclining of why the brief fight would affect her so.


    As for Sotek, he looked at Aela and instantly saw the pain in her eyes, then he turned to the Shadowscale.

    “Oh, for the love of...” He watched the soldiers who now seemed to relax; far more than what he expected to. In fact, by now not one single archer was aiming at them. Slowly each one lowered their bows and swords were sheathed, leaving Sotek in a rather perplexed state of confusion.


    A mage, who was hiding in the side-lines cast a healing spell on Shadow Walker. His hand started mending as the bones bonded and his breathing became easier as his wounds healed over. He started breathing normally as the pain subsided but he just stayed there sitting against the cart wheel. All the while he stared at Sotek with murderous intent.


    Sotek’s question remained unanswered so she stepped forwards, making good of the opportunity to speak; something which she wasn’t prepared to let go to waste.

    “General Tullius sir, what in all of Tamriel is going on? Why the pretence of my arrest? They are innocent. You know this, don’t you! That’s not a question. You really do know”.


    “it doesn’t matter what I know. It’s what can be proved”. He pointed up the road to Solitude. “I guessed you were somehow innocent, but in there, behind those walls is a full detachment of the Penitus Oculatus and they don’t give a rat’s arse if your innocent or not. You’re a threat and they are looking for the slightest reason to take you out”.


    “Oh, thatss terrific!” Sotek stood by the cart staring at the road. “What the hell are they doing here?”


    “They’re here because an Argonian tried to kill the bride, who is a relation to the bloody emperor”. the General sneered. “You brought them here”.


    Sotek grabbed him by the arm.

    “I need to get inside. Now you damn well help or get out of my bloody way”.


    The Argonian girl walked up behind Sotek and gently pulled his arm away, freeing the general.

    “Let us help”.


    Sotek shook his head at her.



    “Why not? you need our help”.


    He grabbed her by the arms, leaned right into her face, then snarled at her.

    “I don’t know you, that’s why. I remember you at the inn in Winterhold. But as to who you are of what you want? If you are here to help then why the fight? No, don’t bloody answer me, I don’t care!”


    Sasha lowered her head when whispered. As she spoke, her voice became louder, relaying the importance and difficulty of their predicament.

    “I wasn’t going to kill you; just test you, that’s all. The general’s not your problem. Your problems in there. They won’t let you get near the capital. The situation is beyond the general’s authority. You need to get that body. Only then can he step in. If you fail, then you are all beyond all help. Do you understand? You must get inside and find that corpse!”


    Sotek shouted back at her as he pointed at the main gate.

    “How in Oblivion do I get inside? How many soldiers are waiting for us?”


    The general smirked back at him sadistically.

    “Fifty, there or less”.


    Sotek’s jaw dropped. He stared back at the general but he was too numb to speak. General Tullius gave a signal, then two soldiers came down the road with a large chest and dumped it on the ground. The general pointed at the gates and spoke.

    “if you fail then I can’t help. However, maybe this will help you sneak inside”.


    Aela eyed them suspiciously then opened the trunk up.

    “Oh wow, garbage”. Inside were all sorts of clothing; shirts, cloaks, trousers, rags, everything.


    Rikke came over to her and picked up an exceptionally large pair of trousers then threw them to Sotek.

    “Here, put these on”.


    He held them up and blankly stared at them.



    “Yes. Your tail should fit down a leg. If they see that then it’s over”.


    Sotek put the trousers on but he didn’t like it one little bit. Aela laughed.

    “Hey, lover boy. Is that a tail in your trousers or are you just pleased to see me?”


     He couldn’t help but smirk at her.

     “Come and find out, Howler”.


     Aela giggled back and flashed her eyes at him.



    The General wasn’t impressed and quickly said so.

    “Hey! Knock it off. Now’s not the time”.


    Sotek snarled back at him.

    “Now ‘is’ the time, unless you’d prefer for us all to kill each other. Do you want first try?” As he took the trousers off, he chuckled as he saw Aela’s face; she had a massive smile.


    “Sorry, catch”. The Huntress threw him a bundle of clothes which he caught, but he wasn’t impressed.


    “A cloak? Oh, for the love of the nines. What about a wolf costume? I got a great wolf costume”.


    Both Rikke and Aela shouted at him.



    The Argonian female walked over to the chest and dug around until she found what she was looking for.

    “Here, this’ll work. I’ve done it before”. She took a cape then approached Sotek. After tearing a second cape into long strips, she started tying some strands to his tail.


    “Hey, get off”. Sotek snapped as he turned to face her.


    “Stop it! This is the only way”. She tied the tip of his tail then pulled it up across his waist tying it around him, then she went to tie the cloak on his neck.


    Sotek snatched it away from her and stepped further back.

    “I’ll do it”.


    Soon he was clad in a rag tag set of clothing, except for his head. Aela walked over to him and giggled.

    “Nope, it’s no good we’ll have to cut his head off. It’s a shame though, I’ll miss your face”.


    Rikke walked over to them and put a large hood over him.

    “Leave him alone; your horrible to him”.


    “Yes, that’s why he loves me. Don’t you?”


    Sotek could only think of a single reply.



    Aela glared at him for a second and slapped him in the chest.

    “Don’t you hiss at me, I’ll bite ya”.


    Sotek was unflustered by her threat. He leaned towards her and threatened her in return.

    “Yess? And I’ll bite you back”.


    He took one look at himself and shook his head.

    “This won’t fool Farkas for more than three seconds. The moment we near the garrison, we’ll be caught. I need more time…” He looked at Aela with a peculiar expression on his face and his tail slowly moved, forming a long singular curve. “We need an ace up our sleeves. Or lack of sleeves”. With a wicked smile, he started rummaging through the trunk once more.


    He soon found a shirt which was old, tatty and worn. He tugged at the bottom of it and smiled as the old cotton broke easily in his hands, allowing him to tear it with hardly any effort. Bizarrely, he pulled out his dagger then proceeded to cut lots of little nicks down the back of it and around the shoulder blades before giving it to Aela.

    “Go over there and put that on. Wear nothing underneath it, it’s important”.


    She looked at it with disgust.

    “You’re taking the bloody micky?”


    “What? No, it’s just a shirt, but I might need you in it. Trust me”.


    “Seriously?” As she spoke she curled up her lip. The shirt looked terrible and she could have sworn that the tramps were better dressed.


    Sotek took her hand in his.

    “Aela, I’m being deadly serious, no messing. I will most definitely need you in that shirt. May Hircine turn me into a pup”.


    She stared at it for a few seconds then went off and put the shirt on as he requested.

    “Ermm why has it got tiny holes all the way down the back?”


    Sotek just shrugged.

    “I don’t know. Some Argonian put them there I suppose”. He poked one of her breasts with his finger then smiled as it wobbled freely from beneath the shirt. “Sorry, just checking”.


    Rikke slapped them both on the backs of their heads.

    “That’s it, we’re going”. She then led them up the road towards Solitude.


    The General shook his head as they went off.

    “They won’t stand a chance”.


    The Argonian girl smiled at him.

    “Oh, I think they do. He’s a clever one… you’ll see; more than you think”.


    They gradually made their way to the gatehouse and passed unopposed. Sotek muttered under his breath as he watched the soldiers take note of them.

    “Lets us in… bet they won’t be so willing to let us out again”.


    As they approached the courtyard, they fell under the watchful gaze of no less than twelve Penitus Oculatus soldiers. As if waiting for a command, the soldiers stood to attention but then waited as they watched the group walk towards the garrison ramp.


    Over the far side of the yard, Sotek saw the bushes the body fell into days before.

    It’s over there!


    At that moment an officer approached them and issued hi sdemands.

    “Halt! State your business!”


    Rikke answered back although they all knew this was as far as they were going to get.

    “Imperial legion”.


    “Oh really?” He then pulled at Sotek’s hood, showing his face and his bone spikes. The next second he pulled at Sotek’s cape. Instantly Sotek’s tail uncoiled and flapped around, protesting from its treatment.


    Aela gulped loudly.

    “Do you think they noticed?”


    Sotek looked around at them all staring back.

    “Ermm no; we got away with that”.


    Six Penitus Oculatus approached them with their swords drawn, causing Sotek to smirk.

    “Then again, maybe they did notice”.


    “Arrest them!” The officer shouted out as the guards closed in.


    Sotek looked across the yard desperately then played his final card.

    “Wait! Wait a second; you need to see something”. Then he stepped in front of Aela and rested his hands on her shoulders. Apologetically he spoke while he lightly shook his head remorsefully. “Aela, I am so, so sorry. Believe me, I really am”.


    She smiled at him and nodded.

    “It’s not your fault! We’ll get out of this”.


    He smiled back at her and nodded.

    “I know!” He suddenly yanked hard on her shirt, ripping it clean off her back. She screamed as her breasts were on show for all to see. In a panic, she instinctively covered her chest with her arms but she failed miserably as she inadvertently pushed them together, thereby attracting more attention to her predicament. The officer and the soldiers all stared at her as she shrieked.


    While they were all distracted, Sotek shoved the officer backwards then broke into a run. He bolted for the bushes then yelled out as he saw other soldiers close in upon him.

    “Wuld Nah!” He shot forwards then dived into the shrubs, completely disappearing from view. Seconds later he shouted out I a loud hissy voice.

    “Oh yesss!! He found him he hass! Come to him you bastard!”


    The officer grabbed Aela’s hands and forced them behind her back as he dragged her screaming, and still topless to where Sotek was. Aela kicked out and struggled with all her strength to break free as she screamed out at him.

    “Let me go, you perverted bastard!”


    The officer grabbed her by the hair with one hand while he forced her arm behind her back to the point where she was almost doubled over. Now he had her restrained and under his control, he marched her towards the bushes where Sotek was hiding.

    “Sotek, you have the count of five to come out. If you do not surrender then I won’t be responsible for what happens out here! Do you understand?”


    Aela screamed out as she tried once more to break free.

    “let me go, you imperial pig!”


    Seconds later, Scarface leapt out from the bushes and pinned the officer to the floor. Scarface flexed his claws across the officer’s neck, holding him to the ground. Aela covered herself up with her arms then approached the officer and kicked him between the legs.

    “You imperial bastard!”


    At that moment the General entered along with two detachments of soldiers. He brazenly walked over to where the commotion was and dismissed the scene altogether. Instead, he addressed Rikke in eh hope that she knew what he needed to know.

    “Where’s the body? Tell me it’s here!”


    Rikke went to the bushes where Sotek went and peeked inside. With a thankful cry she called out to him.

    “Here general! A Shadowscale just like Aela and Sotek said. He’s been dead for a few days”.


    General Tullius pointed at Scarface and relayed hi sorder to Aela, demanding she called him off.

    “get that thing under control. It’s over!”


    Aela went up to Scarface and pulled at his furred neck, tugging him away from the officer who he still had pinned down.

    “Let him go. It’s over, we did it! We’re in the clear. Rikke, can you please give me something to bloody wear? It’s getting rather crowded and I’m half bloody naked for fuck sake!”


    Scarface ignored her and tensed his claws up around the officer’s neck. Aela slapped him across the maw and shouted.

    “Hey, let him go”. He turned to her then leaned right into the officer’s face. Seconds later he snarled out loud and clear at him, then he backed off and changed back.


    Sotek leaned over to him and rested his foot on the man’s groin. He leaned into him, applying pressure, causing the man to squirm.

    “Touch her again! Go on, I dare you”.


    Now that Aela was covered up with a shirt which Rikke commandeered from a Solitude citizen, Aela grabbed Sotek’s arm and pulled him away. The next second she thumped him across the jaw, sending him on the floor.

    “You fucking prick”.


    “Hey, I said I might need you in that shirt”.


    “Yes, but not as a bloody distraction you bastard!”


    “What the hell else was I supposed to do?”


    “Let them shoot you; you mangy bloody dog!”


    Rikke pulled her arm back allowing Sotek to get up. Instead however he decided it was safer if he stayed sitting on the floor. She looked back at Aela with a massive smirk across her face.

    “Hey, you have to admit. It was a bloody good distraction”.


    Aela glared at Rikke but then laughed from embarrassment.

    “He could have warned me first”. She gave Sotek her hand and helped him up.


    He held his arms around her while he flexed his jaw.

    “Damn, that hurt”.


    “It was supposed to but it hurt me as well. Look what you did to my knuckles”. She showed him her hand. Her knuckles were bruised from the punch.


    The General helped the Penitus Oculatus officer up to his feet, then said what Aela was desperate to hear.

    “Legate Rikke, take the assassin’s body to the barracks. Sotek, Aela, report to the Harbinger at Whiterun; you’re clear of the charges”.


    The Officer protested and summoned his men towards him.

    “No, they’re werewolves! Guards arrest them!”


    General Tullius held his hand up to the guards halting their approach, “They’re werewolves all right, but they belong to me! Sotek, Aela report to the Harbinger, move. The Penitus has enough problems with the arrival of the Emperor. Your orders were to find out what happened and arrest those responsible. The one who is responsible is dead! You are done here!”


    Rikke led the two Companions through the town and headed straight towards the stables. Sotek could feel everyone watching them, but he was too tired to care. One guard eyed them suspiciously, but Aela just snapped her teeth together at him. He rapidly stepped back a few paces, as he stared at her.


    Rikke gave herself a small smile as she watched. Once they arrived at the stables Rikke had a quiet word with them both.

    “The general has asked me to thank you both. He’s sorry you had a hard time”.


    “Yes well. He should have a bit more appreciation”. Aela muttered, she didn’t blame Rikke for any of it but she certainly blamed the general.


    “His hands were tied because of the Emperors guards. He is sorry. He still needs you to stop the assassination of the Emperor”.


    Sotek frowned as he sighed heavily.

    “very well. Tell him we are still in. Set up a drop with Veezara, he knows where... I want a word”. He grabbed Rikke by the arm and dragged her away from the stables where Aela couldn’t hear. Rikke protested but he blatantly ignored her entirely. “You tell the general he owes us! Red’s home’s been destroyed. Why? What have we done to deserve that? You tell him I know his men did it. You tell him Scarface is far from happy and he will be seeing him about it”. With that he let her go, Sotek stared heading back to the stables but then he stopped. “I know it’s not your fault, but it’s not ours either. I’m sorry I grabbed you, but it’s not our fault”.


    Rikke’s mind was turning, trying to work everything out.

    “Sotek, Aela, wait there!” With that she headed back into Solitude. “General, the overhang on the plains? Why was it destroyed?”


    “What? It hasn’t been touched, that’s the drop point”. He looked across to the Penitus officer. “You bastard, they’re our allies”.


    He just sneered.

    “They’re werewolves and a threat. Once this is over they’ll be dealt with accordingly. You remember your place, ‘general’. You won’t be general for long”.


    General Tullius thought fast. At that moment he knew there was more at stake. He pulled Rikke towards him and relayed fresh orders.

    “Go with them to Whiterun. Warn them, but do it discreetly. While the Penitus are here my hands are tied”.


    “Fort Greymoor has been overrun with bandits. I’ll attach myself there; it’s a few hours from Whiterun”.

    “I’ll send a detachment to join you. They will be under your command. I’ll not leave that fort for the Stormcloaks to take over. It will be in imperial rule within twelve hours”.


    “We took out the bandits, it’s empty. Well when I say ‘we’ I mean...”


    The general smiled as he watched the gate.

    “See? They are coming in useful already. Take men from Whiterun; we still have a small garrison there. See if you can help Sotek with Greenspring Hollow? I don’t want them turning against us. Keep an eye on it. You have your orders, you are dismissed”.


    Rikke headed straight to the stables, both Aela and Sotek could see she was troubled.

    “I’ve been given Fort Greymoor to garrison as my post. I’m to help fix your ermm…”


    Aela looked at her confused as she had no idea about Red’s home.

    “Fix our what?”


    Sotek discreetly shook his head at Rikke.

    “Our situation. That’s enough talk, let’s go home”.


    Aela would have cheered but she was way too tired.

    “Hey, I can’t believe we’re free to go home. It’s over! Come on driver, I want to go home”.


    Sotek saw she had enough. It was as clear as crystal when he looked at her eyes. He gently pulled her head close to him and tucked her head under his chin. Within ten minutes the three of them were on a carriage heading back to Whiterun. He laid out a few furs on the carriage floor for Aela and Rikke to lay down on. Then he covered them both up with more furs to keep them warm. Within the hour, both Aela and Rikke were asleep. Sotek shook his head at Rikke who was snoring loudly, then he drew out his axe and rested it by his side as he watched the terrain as they went by.




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      I'm pretty sure I spent more time down here listing typos I found than actually reading the story. Aela ought to slap you.

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