U.O.T.W. Chapter 255 Girl Only Zone



    Author’s note: The chapter has not been edited except for odd mistakes and errors therefore the content may change at a later date although the plot will remain the same. The content you read now is as I written it in 2014-2015. I hope this fact doesn’t lessen your enjoyment.

    As always, should you see an error or something you feel is off then by all means let me know.

    Sotek Loyal Hound of Hircine


    The market had already begun trading by the time Sotek, Aela and Legate Rikke arrived at Whiterun. Aela was the first to jump down off the cart.

    “First thing I’m going to do is have a hot bath; I stink”.


    Sotek sniggered.

    “I wondered why the carriage smelt of troll”.


    Turning to them both in confusion, Rikke looked at the pair of them and spoke.



    Sotek gave Aela a wink.

    “Yes, once Red took out a troll cave. Afterwards she stunk”.


    Rikke looked at the fort in the distance.

    “Well, all I’m getting is a cold bath. The Fort don’t have hot water”.


    Aela looked across to the fort and shuddered.

    “No hot baths? Stuff that! Come on, you’re my guest for the morning. We’ll get you settled at the fort later. Hot bath, hot food, Girls only, oh and some mead”.


    “What about Sotek?”


    “Me? No thanks, I much prefer colder baths. Actually, later we could have a few days by the lake”.


    “Oh yes, that sounds great. We’ll see if the others will come along, it’ll be a nice break”. As Aela thought about it, she pictured her and Sotek swimming in the lake. Afterwards he would always build the fire up and lay down behind her as they warmed themselves by the campfire.


    The moment they opened the doors to Jorrvaskr, Fang came bounding over and jumped up at Aela, almost knocking her over.

    “Fang!! Good boy, I missed you”. She picked him up, weighing him as she did so. “Wow, you’re getting heavy. What the hell are you all feeding him?”


    Kodlak gave a warm smile as he looked across to the three of them.

    “I presume as your walking in here and not creeping about that the matters taken care of?”


    Sotek sat on the step and flexed his neck. He was just relieved that it was finally over.

    “Yes, they have the body so we’re in the clear”.


    Kodlak nodded.

    “You’ve done well, all of you. What’s happening about the Emperor?”


    Rikke walked over to the table and sat down next to Vilkas.

    “Sotek and Aela will check the drop in four days or thereabouts. The emperor’s not due for at least a week”.


    Vilkas took a flagon and poured Rikke a flask of mead.

    “There ya go, breakfast”.


    As Sotek sat there listening, a thought occurred to him.

    “How’s the Emperor arriving?”


    “By boat”.


    Aela approached the table.

    “We got over a week so enough talk for today. Us girls are commandeering the bathing room. You boys...” At that moment, she drew her dagger and threw it onto the table. Its point penetrated the wood, leaving the handle sticking up. “Any one of you comes in and I’ll cut your bloody heart out. Ebony, candles, Kul-et get the booze”. Then she beckoned Rikke over and headed down stairs.


    Vilkas watched Rikke head down behind her.

    “You up for that drinking contest later?”


    “Oh yes, any time”. She replied smiling.


    Nearly half hour later the girls were all screaming and shouting at one another as they engaged in conversation and drink. That was until Kul-et called out.

    “Damn, waters getting cold”.


    Aela stopped drinking for a second and realized she was right.

    “Oh yes… well that’s no bloody fun, is it? Cover yourselves up. Sotek? Sotek? Someone get that bloody lizard down here! No offence Kul-et”.


    Kul-et laughed as she drank another bottle of mead.

    “None taken. ‘Buurp’. Sorry”.


    Aela shook her head at Kul-et.

    “Sorry? I should think so too… that was pathetic”.


    Rikke held her hand up, they all watched her for a few seconds until suddenly.

    “‘Buuurrrrppp!!’ There, that’s how it’s done. I learned that in the legion”.


    Aela burst out laughing at her, then there was a knock on the door. “Sotek? Is that you?”




    Aela quickly checked to see if the others were covered up before she eagerly yelled.

    “Come in”.


    He stepped inside to see them all in the metal bathtubs. At that moment he stopped, unsure of what was expected from him or what Aela wanted.

    “Ermm you yelled?”


    “Waters cold. You’re great at warming it up. Please? Pretty please?”


    Sotek cast his flame spell at the foot of each tub starting with Kul-et.

    “Oh wow, instant hot water! That’s great”.


    “Oh, that’s bloody marvellous, Aela can I take him with me to the fort?”


    “I might consider renting him out… depending on what for”. Lastly, he approached Aela. She as bold as anything stood up facing him, totally naked except for the soap bubbles which slid down her wet body. “Warm up the middle please”. As she stood there, she tucked her hands behind her back and gently rocked herself side to side, enjoying the feeling of Soteks eyes all over her. Once he had warmed up the water she sat back down in it. “Thanks sweetheart, now you can fuck off”. Then she burst out laughing.


    Sotek looked at the side of her tub and counted the bottles. So far, she had nine. He smiled then exited the bathroom knowing full well she was completely drunk.


    Rikke stared at her.

    “You bloody tart, he didn’t know where to look”.


    “Oh, trust me I watched him. He knew exactly where to look”. Kul-et stated as she giggled.


    Aela had a massive smile on her face.

    “What can I say, he loves me! Now what about you? When was your first time, and with who?” She instantly looked across to Rikke.


    Rikke looked petrified.

    “What? No, you first”.


    Aela shook her head.

    “Nope we done us last time, you’re the newbie so it’s down to you”.


    “No, no I can’t”


    “Rikke, I’m asking?” Aela said as she narrowed her eyes.


    Rikke blushed and tried to hide her face.

    “No, sorry no way”.


    Aela looked across to her and smiled gently, “That’s ok if you don’t want to say, it’s no problem. Now I’m telling you!”


    “No! Please, I don’t want to”.


    “Fine, now Red’s telling you, and she will come over there”.


    Ebony decided to help Rikke out.

    “Hey, my first time was with an Orc. Kul-et’s was an Argonian, she shared him at the same time with a friend of hers. Aela’s was with Sotek about four months ago?”


    “Yup; so come on Rikke, details”.


    “I..ermm I haven’t been with anyone”.


    Aela cried out.



    “Honestly, I haven’t”.


    Aela burst out laughing.

    “That’s a lie, the imperial army screws everybody”.


    Rikke laughed with her.

    “Yes, but not like that”.


    Aela had an evil twinkle in her eye.

    “Ok then, who do you fancy? There must be someone?”


    Rikke shook her head and sank below the bubbles where she couldn’t be watched.

    “Ermm no”.


    Kul-et joined in with Ebony.

    “Liar... Liar…”


    “Well, there is someone I kinda like. I’m not saying, he’s too close”.


    Aela laughed as she gazed up at the roof. She imagined the Companions in the hall then began scrutinising each member.

     “Farkas? Nope.... Sabre? Nope... Vilkas? Nope… Oh my god it is!”


    “No, it isn’t”. Rikke screamed.


    “Yes, you do, admit it! Rikke fancy’s Vilkas”.


    Seconds later they all join in chanting.

    “Rikke fancies Vilkas... Rikke fancies Vilkas”.


    Aela laughed loudly.

    “We’ll have to set Ebony up with Farkas next”.


    “Oh no please don’t!” Ebony cried out. Fear gripped her as the worry of them finding out about Farkas and her intimate relationship.


    Rikke turned bright red as Aela stared at her.

    “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t”.


    Aela sounded confused.

    “Huh? Why not? Aren’t you going to ask him out?”


    “No! He’s like your brother”. Rikke stated. She had concerns over coming between the strong family bond which was so obviously shared between the Inner Circle.


    “If you like him, then I’ll be angry if you didn’t”. Aela stated.


    “How come?”


    “I’ve been alone for ages, until I met Sotek. It’s not nice being alone, even if it’s just the companionship. Then of course there’s the mind-blowing sex”.


    Kul-et gasped.

    “Aela, your such an animal”.


    Aela sniggered.

    “Aww shut up you hussy”.


    Rikke pointed to Ebony and enquired about their nick names.

    “So, if she’s a hussy and she’s an animal, what are you?”


    Both Kul-et and Aela answered at the same time.

    “Whore! She got paid after screwing the Orc”.


    Rikke turned to Aela.

    “Sex can’t be that great! You make those noises on purpose. You just want others to think sex is all that! There’s no way you’d howl like that for real”.


    “Ah! You forget I’m a werewolf. Let me tell you something. Werewolves and they counterparts, say Red and myself. We have a connection, a bond. But there’s also a link between us. For me, if I am under intense pain, say… oh I don’t know… someone twisting a knife in my leg? Whether or not I’ve transformed that day or not, the pain will force a transformation. Pain and pleasure, intense pleasure is very similar. This will sound odd but… I can feel Red there, sharing the moment with me. I’ve tried not to howl but it takes so much effort to stop, it ruins the fun, which is the whole point. So Rikke, I howl my bloody head off!”


    “So, you howl during sex, and I presume Red does too? Here’s a question. Who’s the loudest?”


    Aela paused as she tried to think.

    “You know what Rikke, I got no bloody idea”.


    Kul-et burst out laughing.

    “Well it’s easily settled. We’ll all listen while you screw Sotek, then you both change and then we’ll compare your howls with Reds”.


    Aela cringed at the thought, of them listening.

    “Ewww no way. Pick on someone else”. She grabbed a flannel and threw it at Kul-et. She ducked as it flew past and it slammed into the wall. Instantly everyone screamed out in hysterics.


    An hour later they were all upstairs having breakfast. Aela deliberately sat next to Rikke. Once they all had practically finished, Aela gave Rikke a wink and a nudge.

    “Vilkas, got a favour to ask you. Rikke’s the new officer at Fort Greymoor. Earlier we cleared out some bandits there, could you go with her in a few hours and make sure it’s clear? The garrison won’t be getting there till later today”. Then she whispered to Rikke. “Bed him well”. Rikke just went bright red as she sat there stunned.


    A few hours after Rikke and Vilkas left for the fort, Kodlak approached Aela in the main hall and asked to see her in his study. When she and Sotek met him there, they were expecting a reprimand. Instead, Kodlak went to a draw and pulled out a ring.

    “Here, you left it in your room the other day. You ought to take care of that”.


    Aela held her hand out to him.

    “Left what?” Then as he dropped a silver ring into her hand. Aela’s smile disappeared instantly. “Harbinger? Seriously? That’s not funny! Sotek’s a bastard for telling you to say that. And why join in?”


    Kodlak instantly looked confused.

    “Sotek? Join in? Join in with what? Aela, it’s been in my draw for the last few days”.


    Sotek looked across the hall at her with a confused look. She glared at him but then he came over to them.

    “What did I tell the Harbinger?”


    She snarled at him.

    “You gave him the ring you moron. Fancy the pair of you trying to wind me up”.


    “What ring?” Only then did Sotek look down at her hand. He recognised the ring instantly. “How the hell did you get that?” Then he took his gauntlet off. Much to his surprise, there was no sign of the ring on his finger.


    Aela immediately started getting anti with the pair of them.

    “Kodlak, Sotek, I’m tired. Sotek you know I’m tired, quit it”. The pair of them faced each other, the Harbinger tried to work out what the problem was, while Sotek tried to work out how the Harbinger got the ring.


    Aela stood there brooding and glaring at them both while she waited for them to come clean over their gag.

    “Well? Admit it! It’s a silly joke”. She slowly counted to ten in her head. ‘One, two, three, oh fuck em’. “Fine, great, you got me!” Then she exploded into sarcasm. “Oh Kodlak, you had the ring all this time? Oh, wait a second. No, you bloody didn’t because he changed two-three times in a single day!”


    The Harbinger turned straight to Sotek in shock.

    “You did what?”


    Aela watched Sotek carefully which was useless as she still couldn’t read him at all. None of them could.

    “Go on, tell him! Tell him how often you changed when you had the ring”. Then she started shoving him in the chest. “Tell him you bastard”.


    The Harbinger took Aela’s arm firmly.

    “Aela, when do I joke? That ring has been in my draw for the last few days. Sotek, what’s this about you changing multiple times?”


    “Yes, but I had the ring, I must have”. All Sotek could do was stare at Aela’s hand.


    At this point Aela snapped.

    “Fine, we’ll settle this easily. Change! Go on, transform”.


    Sotek shrugged then morphed into his werewolf form. Moments later Scarface stood there, towering over Aela and the Harbinger. Aela was just as angry with him. She slapped him in the chest and yelled.

    “Now change back! Change damn you!” All the while she glared at the pair of them like it was some sick joke.


    Moments later Sotek changed his form. He stepped away from her while he held his hands up defensively.

    “Look, this don’t prove anything...”


    Aela thumped him in the chest cutting him off.

    “Change again, go on, change! Oh, yes! Sorry, you can’t! We can’t. Once a day; one change then that’s it! Once only”. She lashed out at him, hitting him a second time. “Go on you bastard, change”.


    Sotek moved further back. He knew it was pointless but he tried to transform. To the Harbingers surprise and to Aela’s horror, he changed a second time. There in front stood Scarface, bearing down on top of them.




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    "The [Emperor’s] not due for at least a week”.

    “Damn, [water's] getting cold”.

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    Women... :D
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      The Lorc of Flowers
      The Lorc of Flowers
      Women... :D
      Huh, so Sotek has been changing without the ring. Interesting.
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      Not what Aela calls it.