Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 92

  • Vother sat at the fireplace, listening to the quietness. It was strange as he was used to the noises of the fellow reavers outside. But now, it was quiet as a stone. Only the howling wind whined in the corners of the cottage. The old mer frowned but didn’t think of it any further. He liked the quiet. If only the dancing shadows on the wall would stop mocking him.

    A sudden knock on the door made Vother flinch. Then he narrowed his eyes and his muscles tensed up. Who dared to disturb him? Hadn’t he said to be left alone? His lips parted in confusion and he looked around and behind him. The shadows on the walls shifted as if they were laughing at him. Had the knock been real or had he imagined it?

    Holding his breath, Vother waited for another knock.

    Which never came.

    He stood up and unsteadily grabbed his battle axe then headed for the door. He ignored the dancing shadows on the wall. If the others were making fun of him outside he’d teach them a lesson. A bloody good lesson. The old mer reached the door and stepped outside.

    Nobody was near the cottage. Vother couldn’t believe his eyes. Was he dreaming? The whole village seemed… empty. Deserted. He gazed around the village. Not a single reaver anywhere. It was as if they had left him alone and went for the siege. Or perhaps… he was dead?

    He stood there while the night seemed to grow darker, and the wind howled without a pause. His grip on the battle axe tightened then loosened as he licked his lips. A chill ran down his spine. This isn’t happening, he found a clear thought.

    Vother began to wander around the village and then toward the South. He couldn’t say why he had an eerie feeling. It was as if Solstheim had descended into another realm. What a ridiculous thought. The old mer laughed at himself then stopped abruptly.

    Ahead was a standing figure that looked at him then began to walk away.

    The older mer shook his head to clear his mind. He frowned and gripped his battle axe tighter and followed the figure with gritted teeth. If this was some kind of game… He wouldn’t be hunting for meat. That was for the others.

    The figure stopped at a clearing that was surrounded by the tall pines. Waiting for the old mer to catch up. This place was perfect for him. All this snow and the pines. Although this place wasn’t in the plans but it fit.

    The older mer reached the clearing. “What is this?” He demanded.

    “It ends.” A female voice said as the figure turned around to face him, taking her battle axe.

    Vother’s lips were a thin line. The Ebony Wielder.  The bitch he hated so much. She had lured him away from the others. It ends? No. He bared his teeth as a guttural roar rushed out of his throat. His battle axe rose in the air and came down with increased strenght. The old mer roared again as his blow was dodged.

    They circled around each other for a while, eyes locked on each other. Hatred burned so strong in them both. Hatred that had lasted for years and had been born out of a rivalry of genders. They couldn’t stand each other, they often clashed when they met on the road.  And The Ebony Wielder knew Vother handled his women, if he had any alive, like trash.

    The older mer grunted at the wound on his shoulder. It would slow his fighting considerably, but the pain was distant. He’d see this through yet. He slashed out in a brutal manner and earned a hiss from his hated rival.

    They struggled a while longer until The Ebony Wielder changed her tactics. She was injured in a few places but she was also determined to finish what she was meant to do. She kept the old mer guessing her moves while she figured him out.  She shifted her feet.

    “Die fucker!” She screamed as her ebony battle axe came down on Vother’s neck, severing it from the body. Watching the head fly short on the snowy ground, Vermith took a deep breath as a slight moan escaped her lips. It was done.

    The huge bear Vother was gone. A slow smile crept on the lips of the Ebony Wielder. She had always known that she was strong as a mother cave bear. Vermith put her battle axe on her back and turned toward the village.

    She allowed herself to look at Vother’s severed body for the last time before she’d leave. The bands were safe now and perhaps the pups would stay in line now. The Reaver Lord would unite them. They also would have a better future now.

    With weakened muscles and aching wounds, Vermith began to walk away from the clearing in the small hours of the morning.

    After Sildras had sent the outrider away, Selvura approached him. She didn’t know how the Reaver Lord would take her news, but he’d have to know of the current developments. The second-in-command cared for him. They had been together since Sildras had formed the band and she hoped he would understand. “Sildras?” Selvura asked.

    The Reaver Lord turned to her and he smiled at her. She looked a beautiful and crazy reaver when she fought, and she was all his. He brought his hand up to touch her cheek. “What’s on your mind?” Sildras not so subtly observed her expression. “You seem worried.” He wrapped his hand around her, pulling her close. If she had something that bothered her so, he’d make it go away.

    The second-in-command looked into those now calm eyes of Sildras. “I’m… pregnant, Sildras. It’s yours.” She waited for a rejection for some reason. Her past had been rough because her mother had rejected her when she was but a youth. Her heart raced while she waited for a reply. I want to keep this baby.

    A baby that is mine. Sildras would have joyed over this news, but instead he grew worried. A baby in the band wouldn’t be a good idea, but he didn’t want to deny the joy from his love. He caressed Selvura’s hair while he kept his voice calm. “Love, of course I’m happy for the baby, but also I’m heavily worried.” He paused. “The siege happens as soon as the weather eases up. As much as I’d have you by my side I have to keep you away from the fighting now. Do you understand?”

    She nodded. “I do, but what if you don’t return?”

    Sildras smiled softly. “Don’t worry. They can’t match our numbers.” He then tightly hugged her. We’ll show them the mighty of Reavers.

    Teldryn was browsing the goods of the general stall. He was looking for something in particular while Ciel’nn had gone to the Temple again. Some preparation for the battle to come, he had said. The older mer didn’t have anything against it. He was enough content enough with having the young mer beside him during the nights. They had sparred a couple of times when Ciel’nn seemed to be well enough for that.

    The attempt to talk to Captain Veleth had been delayed as he was busy with some official stuff. So they would try again later in the evening.

    “Do you see anything interesting yet?” Fethis asked as the older mer took his time. “We had a trade ship in the last week, bringing new goods.”

    Teldryn hummed in return as he kept looking. “Aha! I found it.” He smiled as he took a chalice into his hand and inspected it closer. It was a silver chalice.

    “That’s one of the goods they brought. Looks expensive too.” Fetis murmured.

    “Do you know it’s origin?” Teldryn asked as he glanced at the stall keeper.

    “How in Nirn I would know? Why would you even care?” Fetis rolled his eyes.

    “I don’t, but Ciel’nn does.” Teldryn said. He would like this a lot, he thought with a smile. “How much do you want for this?”

    “Well,” Fetis thought for a moment. “One hundred. Deal?”

    “Right. Here you go.” The older mer handed the small pouch of coins and then headed toward the smithy.

    The blacksmith was sharpening a blade and he looked up when Teldryn strolled closer. Someone is in a good mood today, Glover thought as he stood up from the grinding stone. “Looks like you got something for me?”

    Teldryn flashed a grin. “How good are you with polishing items?” He showed Glover the chalice.

    Glover rubbed his chin as he stared at the item. “Well, how polished do you want it?”

    “Shining polished. It’s a gift. What do you think?” The older mer glanced at the direction of the Temple. He’s still there. Good. I can hide this in our room.

    “In that case I’ll have it polished very soon. It looks like an Aldmeri design.” Glover took the chalice from the mer.

    “Great. I’ll come back later to get it. Thanks, Glover.” Teldryn turned and started walking towards the Temple. He’d wait outside when Ciel’nn would finish his meditation.




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