Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 93


    The Captain’s office was simple, yet comfy for a Dunmer. It had all the Redoran necessities which didn’t escape Ciel’nn’s observation. Especially the couch looked so nice that he’d want one for himself. Smooth carved wood and green and soft padded seating looked so comfortable. If they’d get to leave for the mainland one day, he’d seek it out. The young mer wanted to sit on the couch but the Captain had gestured at the chairs for them.


    “This better be important.” Veleth said as he looked at them. “We’re busy, and you might know, our scouts have seen some reaver activity in nearby the hills. Hands full with everything.” He was quiet for a moment then added, “By the Reclamations! It feels like it’s the Orc’s business all over again.”


    “It’s a lot worse than that, Captain.” Ciel’nn shifted in his seat, trying the poor padding. Uncomfortable seat! He looked to the mer. “You see, we came to talk about them as we feel it too. There are possibly nine reaver groups.”


    Teldryn nodded. “Accord to Slitter each reaver group might have from ten to fifteen reavers. He worked with Mogrul and the reavers before. It gets ugly, Captain.” The older mer left the snarl off from his tone. This was a serious matter.


    Veleth paled as he swallowed. “We don’t have enough men if they’re planning to siege Raven Rock.” He sat down with a heavy sigh. His eyes then shifted to the young mer. “How do you know this?”


    The young mer then told how he had gone to one reaver camp and exchanged information for alcohol. Also that by doing so he’d managed to keep that particular group from joining Mogrul’s fight. It had worked so far. What are you up to now, Sildras? Ciel’nn wondered. He had this feeling of a looming threat over him and his partner.


    Sildras will die like the cur he is.


    “Don’t look at me, Captain.” Teldryn shook his head when Veleth looked to him. “It happened before we got…”


    “Before I claimed his partnership.” Ciel’nn said, knowing his partner had shot a look at him. He smiled and focused on the matter again. “Yes, you do not have enough men, but I’m forming a plan that should work.”


    Will it work, Ciel’nn?


    “Only if you and your men follow it to the letter.” The young mer frowned and sighed inwardly. I have to ask if Tenaru has a potion for speech. Otherwise I fear this might not work at all. Ciel’nn felt a touch on his shoulder and glanced at Teldryn.


    “You have a plan coming?” The Captain asked. “And why should we follow it?” He wanted a good reason, but it was the mercenary who spoke first.


    “You don’t have much choice here, Captain.” Teldryn said firmly. “It seems you still don’t trust him, do you? He’s willing to help you without a payment and all that what you do is question him?” He shook his head. “It seems that you’re doomed then, Captain.” The older mer looked to his partner. “Come, Ciel’nn, let’s go.”


    Veleth watched them standing up and going for the door. He licked his dry lips. It was true that he didn’t trust the young mer so easily even if he had helped the Redorans a few times. He couldn’t accept help easily from an outsider. The Captain sighed and leaned in his chair, massaging his temples. We don’t have enough men…


    “Unbelievable!” Ciel’nn hissed as they came out of the barracks. He’d like to list up the things that he had done for the Redorans, and then do the same with people he didn’t like in the town. Captain Veleth was the first one on that list. “It leaves me but an alternative option.” He sighed and glanced at Teldryn. “One last thing I’d do.”


    Teldryn frowned. “And what is it, Ciel’nn? What are we about to do?” He thought his partner would have given up, but it seemed that wasn’t the case. Whatever it’d be he’d give it his full support. And some Redorans never change.


    “We’re going to speak with the Councilor.” Ciel’nn replied and stopped at the door of Morvayn Manor. “Hopefully he’ll hear us.” He has to! He allowed his partner to pat his shoulder and smiled at the older mer, then he opened the door.


    Councilor Morvayn and Adril Arano looked at each other when the young mer came in bearing news that made their current problem feel direr. They discussed about it for some time until Ciel’nn brought up the idea of his plan which he yet had to build, but he’d need the help of Redorans to make it work.


    “How did you know our men aren’t enough?” Adril asked.


    “I was meditating at the Temple, and… a spirit that had been slain by the reavers approached me. Told me things. It brought eight more spirits. They insisted that your men will have to follow my plan or you’re all doomed.”


    “Spirits in our Temple.” Councilor Morvayn rasped before Adril managed to say anything. “This is a sign when we should listen to him, Adril. The spirits raise to warn us.”


    Adril swallowed. The tone of his friend was grave. He hadn’t had time to pay respects at the Temple, too busy. He straightened up. “Very well, Ciel’nn. What do you need beside some time to plan? How do we save our town?”


    Teldryn smiled. Finally some recognition for his partner, but it was helped by their dealing with the Hlaalu, and the mentioning of the spirits. Dunmers were close to the ancestor spirits. And their town is under threat again and they’d better be thankful for whatever plan Ciel’nn comes up with.


    Ciel’nn shifted, a bit relieved, but he found himself saying, “I need to know how many archers you have, and exactly how many arrows there are. I’d need someone from the barracks to work with me for the further planning.” Such confidence! Where did it came from?


    “Do you have someone in mind for that task?” Councilor Morvayn asked.


    Ciel’nn flashed a smirk. “Ondren Givrai.”


    “I’ll have our lead archer know that you require her help.” Adril nodded. “I will also talk to our Captain about this matter whether he likes it or not.” He then looked to the Councilor. He knew it was only a matter of time since the reports of their scouts’. He’d defend his friend to the bitter end.


    “Great. There’s one more person I need to talk with. Make sure everyone knows what’s going to happen.” Ciel’nn replied, standing up. He looked to Teldryn, who nodded to him. It was done. The Redorans might just survive. But we still don’t know the exact numbers. The odds are they might be overwhelmed, but… Boethiah, sharpen our blades.


    Tenaru looked up from her alchemy station when she sensed someone coming. It was Ciel’nn. There was something in his expression. Something that he would ask from her. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew it was important. The Alchemist was determined to help if she could. She observed the mercenary, who also seemed as serious as ever and somehow relieved. She wondered why, and then looked to the young mer. “Ciel’nn. How can I help you?” She gave a curt nod with her chin held high.


    Ciel’nn smiled briefly and became serious. “Tenaru, I assume you’ve heard of the reavers?” He noted the Alchemist’s nod. “We’re planning a defense of the town, and I’d like to know how much poison you have left?”


    “Well, my stock is limited. What do you need it for?” Tenaru wondered what kind of plan Ciel’nn was planning.


    “For the archers on the Bulwark.” Ciel’nn replied. “Limited. I can combine them with my own, but we need to work together and with my methods.” He added in a serious tone. His partner shifted close to him.


    Tenaru gasped and covered her mouth with her hand. It was going to be an ugly fight. “Yes, but they will never accept using the poison. You know their code of honor. How you…?”


    “I’ll talk to their lead archer. I have talked to the Councilor and Adril Arano about this.” Ciel’nn sighed. He knew it was going to be a struggle if he even mentioned about the poison.


    “Look.” Teldryn looked to Tenaru and spoke in a low tone. “He meditated at the Temple and several ancestor ghosts approached him. Said that we must do as he asks otherwise this town is doomed.”


    Ciel’nn could tell the Alchemist was chilled to the bone. Yes, there was no ignoring a warning from the ancestors. “Do you have a potion of Speech?” He asked. “I might need it when I talk to the lead archer.”


    “I’m right here, Ciel’nn.”


    Ciel’nn and Teldryn turned around to see a stern looking Dunmer archer behind them.


    She wore an improved chitin armor and had a weathered face. She looked to the young mer. “I’m Avoni Rindo, the lead archer of the Redoran Garrison. I’ve been informed that you need my help.”


    Tenaru bit her lip. He should’ve asked about the potion earlier. From what she had heard, Avoni Rindo was a tough mer to impress and even more to be persuaded. Do your best, Ciel’nn. I’m not sure even if mentioning the ancestors would make a difference. She honored the ancestors herself though. They had warned her friend. Oh, what a kind of tempest with the reavers is ahead now?


    Ciel’nn did his best to explain the situation to the lead archer. Her expression did not change much during that. Only when the young mer mentioned the usage of poison, Avoni’s eyes narrowed nearly into slits. Her body tensed up for a refusal.


    “The reavers won’t fight fair. You have to fight dirty too as you have no other choice.” Ciel’nn said. “Not all of your archers need the poison as we don’t have nearly enough as I would want. You need to press it on your archers.”


    The lead archer took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a mere second. When Avoni opened her eyes they were still stern. “Alright. When you have finalized your plan, come to me.”


    “Thank you, Avoni Rindo.” The young mer replied.


    “I hope you’re right about this.” Avoni replied and turned around, then walked toward the Bulwark, shaking her head.


    I hope so too, lead archer.


    “That went better than I expected.” Teldryn said and patted his partner’s shoulder then gave it a firm squeeze.


    Ciel’nn nodded. “It’s not easy to persuade them. Tenaru?” He waited until the Alchemist looked to him. “We’ll make a plan for the poison after I and Teldryn have eaten something. He flashed a smile as he took Teldryn’s hand into his own. “And I want to discuss about your role at the Bulwark too.”


    Tenaru stared after them with a quickened heartbeat. Her role at the Bulwark? How did he…? She always wanted to be on the offence and make use of her mage skills. Her lips parted in excitement. Oh, Milore! This is going to be thrilling! Then she stopped as she realized she should make her poison stocks ready. We need more vials!



    In hidden a cavern and away from the main reaver camp, a band of reavers sat around the roaring camp fire, waiting for an outrunner. Waited for the news that he would bring from Sildras. They had been waiting for some weeks and had become restless. Without a word of their leader they might turn against each other.


    It was nightfall when they heard steps from the tunnel. A fellow reaver walked towards them with a torch. They looked at him as the outrunner removed his hood and smiled at them. “The time is soon.”


    “Finally.” Remas rasped as he stood up and stretched his back. The long wait was going to be over soon. He glanced over at his fellow reavers and saw eager faces. Eager for the great battle that their Reaver Lord had promised for them. Remas couldn’t be more excited. Soon Raven Rock would be theirs.



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