Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 87



    The cavern shook and bits of ice exploded into dozens of fragments that shot in every direction.


    It was dark and quiet, then a shifting of air until —

    “How long are you going to sit there with him?”

    I know that voice. Teldryn exhaled and sighed deeply. He had thought they had died. The Ancient Frost Troll had been close to them. Close enough to… He had accepted his death with Ciel’nn, but…What had happened? The older mer opened his eyes.

    Tel Mithryn! How? Teldryn blinked his eyes and observed his partner. Ciel’nn’s hand was on his ring finger. The ring! He had forgotten the whole ring! Ciel’nn’s hand must had moved when he had leaned against the alcove wall.

    And it saved us. The ring had worked after all, the older mer thought. It worked. Teldryn sighed deeply and kissed the young mer’s forehead which was still hot. He’d need to get his partner in bed to rest and quickly.

    “I need to get him to rest. He’s very ill.” Teldryn said as he struggled to get on his feet while still holding Ciel’nn.

    “Yes, I’d suppose so.” Neloth said with a frown. “Where is the Apprentice?” He reached to his tea cup and sipped.

    Teldryn managed to stand and adjusted the young mer in his arms. “I don’t know. I think she left before me. She isn’t back yet?” Not that he cared much. He had more important things to do. It was best if he’d take Ciel’nn to the Steward’s House. It would be quiet there. The older mer walked toward the lift. Might ask the Alchemist for help, he thought.

    “She hasn’t shown up yet.” Neloth grumbled as he watched the mer carrying his partner.

    “Well, I’m sure she’ll show up eventually.” Teldryn said. “Thanks for the ring!” Then he hopped down the lift.

    With Ciel’nn in the bed and resting, Teldryn sat on the edge of the bed. He sighed and caressed his partner’s cheek and hair. “You don’t have any idea how hard it is just to sit and watch while you lay ill there, Ciel’nn. I’m happy that we made it out.” He whispered. He leaned closer and it was then when he saw the stab wound. The older mer narrowed his eyes.

    What in Oblivion?

    The wound didn’t seem fresh or old. It looked like… a timeless wound. It hadn’t been infected or anything. Teldryn didn’t know what to think. He stared at it with his lips parted. He suspected Ciel’nn wouldn’t have an answer either.

    He pulled back and rubbed his head. Exhaustion wasn’t far away and he’d need to rest too.

    The door opened and Drovas slipped with a covered tray. “Man, you look really messed up. Why don’t you rest, Teldryn?” He set the tray on the small table. “I brought some food for you. I know Master Neloth doesn’t care, but since you and Ciel’nn are going to spend some time here… We can’t let you starve.”

    “Thank you, Drovas.” The older mer smiled tiredly as he stood up. “Is the ash storm raging out there?” He walked to the table and lifted the cover. The familiar smell of ash yam and horker soup made his stomach growl.

    “Oh, it’s still raging, but I think it’s slowing down.” Drovas replied.  “And, Elynea said she’d check on Ciel’nn as soon as she can. You know, Neloth keeps her busy?” He glanced at the young mer on the bed and shook his head. “Poor mer. I wish a good recovery for him.”

    The older mer smiled and nodded. “So do I. Thank you for the food, Drovas.”

    He ate the soup while glancing at his partner, and still wondering how the Rieklings had heard them. Really a strange thing, he thought as he ate another spoonful of soup.

    Teldryn settled next to Ciel’nn to rest himself. He brushed his tangled hair for a moment and planted a soft kiss on the mer’s forehead. “I hope you have peaceful dreams, daelha.” Then he put his arm over his partner and listened to Ciel’nn’s breathing for a while.

    I’m here, Ciel’nn. You’re not alone anymore.

    The place shifted again, but this time violently as if something twisted and tore it hard. Absently Ciel’nn observed it change shape and did not pay much attention afterward. The figures and shapes around him kept shifting but he ignored them.

    I miss Teldryn…

    Sometime later he got up and began to walk away. Away from the strange place where he had been sitting for an unknown length of time. Ciel’nn passed by something that reminded him of a lava stone formation. How strange, but he kept walking without destination.

    The way ahead was blocked by a large gap in the ground. Ciel’nn stared at it with a frown and looked around. The surrounding area was timeless or it seemed so. It certainly didn’t seem like he was in Oblivion. He’d feel it if he was. Wait. I’d feel it? Where did that thought come from? He shook his head. Maybe he was getting crazy?

    What is this place? Why I am here? Am I dead??

    I need Teldryn..

    Ciel’nn gasped for air as his legs gave out and he collapsed on the ground. His chest hurt and tears rolled down his cheeks as he lay there shaking and wrapped his arms around himself as a last protective barrier for himself.

    He stayed there whimpering for an unknown length of time.

    Elynea observed the sleeping young mer for a while. The young mer’s skin color seemed to return to normal, but he still let out a whimper or a moan occasionally in his sleep. The Alchemist wished she had something for the nightmares that Teldryn had told her Ciel’nn to had.

    “The fever is fading, but we’ll have to wait for now, Teldryn.” Elynea straightened her back and turned to the older mer. “Send for me if there’s changes in his condition. If he doesn’t wake up soon, we’ll have some problems as his body gets weaker.” She stated in a serious tone.

    “I will. Thank you, Elynea.” Teldryn nodded. He watched her leaving through the door before he walked to the table and took a sip from his tea cup. His eyes were on his partner. It was the third day after their return and it had been hard to watch and wait for Ciel’nn to get better.

    He sat on the bed, and with a sigh, he took Ciel’nn’s hand in his own and kissed it. “You don’t know how much I’d like to hear your voice, your laugh… I wish you’d wake as soon as your fever fades.” Teldryn observed his love’s facial features and expression. The young mer seemed to have calm dreams for now.

    “Azura bless you, daelha. I’ll be here when you decide to wake up.” 



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