Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 88

  • A figure was standing on a nearby cliff. Absently Ciel’nn thought he knew what it was, but ignored it. He had found a place to rest between two strange rocks. He felt dull and he was nearly giving up. He had been wandering around the area and hadn’t found a means to escape.

    Follow…. A cold voice in his mind said.

    Ciel’nn reluctantly looked at the figure and narrowed his eyes. It looked familiar, then a cold shiver ran down his spine. This presence…

    It looked like him, but it had black eyes where a flicker of amusement flashed, and the crimson red warpaint decorated its face. A twisted cold smile played on its lips.The silky black hair seemed to float at the hair ends. The blackened chitin armor covered its body that was partly in the shifting shadows.

    The figure shifted. Follow…

    Ciel’nn stared at it with his lips parted and eyes wide as it turned away and began to climb on the next cliff. He hesitated while he breathed slowly. There wasn’t another way anywhere. The young mer looked up and narrowed his eyes again.

    The figure was waiting for him on another higher cliff.


    With a sigh, Ciel’nn stood up and  walked on the first cliff. He didn’t know where else to go, and if this figure was leading him to somewhere…. It was better than staying in this place. His heart still raced because of its presence. As to where they were going, the young mer didn’t know.

    He followed it a cliff at a time, and Ciel’nn noticed he wasn’t getting tired from it. The figure was always two cliffs ahead of him because he didn’t want to face it right on. He dreaded to think what would happen if…


    Ciel’nn frowned and reached out for the next cliff. His chest hurt when he thought of Teldryn. He wanted to cry out, but found his throat sore from crying. A part of him wanted to give up and drift in this bizarre place.

    I miss Teldryn…

    After a while he reached the top cliff and glanced around. The figure was gone from it, Ciel’nn found out. He peered into the horizon that seemed like a giant whirlwind. Anywhere else it was just obscure mountains and darkening skies above. Below the cliffs was an endless spiraling gap. He backed away from the edge.

    The presence returned and he came face to face with the figure. Ciel’nn cried out in surprise and backed away hastily. He shook his head. No, this can’t be! He thought as he tried to avoid their eye contact. It had been hard to fight and resist its presence when it wasn’t wanted. His life had been difficult because of it.

     And now he was forced to face it. Alone.

    But deep inside him Ciel’nn knew it was part of him. It would always be a part of him. The dark  shadow of himself was what he needed to survive. He shook his head again. I’ll manage without it! Would I?

    Then his head sagged when he realized the truth.

    The figure tilted its head. Then it ran and pushed Ciel’nn off the cliff and embraced him.

    Ciel’nn screamed wide-eyed as they fell. He felt its embrace so smothering that he thought he’d run out of air.

    Then darkness.

    It was late evening, and Teldryn didn’t want to think about the next day. He walked over to the bed and put his hand on Ciel’nn’s forehead. Thank Azura! It’s going down. He sat on the edge of the bed as he felt an unexpected release of tension in his body. “You’re going to be better soon, Ciel’nn.” He whispered and caressed his cheek.The skin color was returning normal and for that the older mer was thankful.

    Ciel’nn’s eyes fluttered open after a long sleep to hear someone praying near him. He blinked and tried to swallow. “Teldryn?” He rasped. His eyes shifted sleepily as he tried moving his hands. His body felt feeble. How long had he been sleeping? His mind was still in a blur, but it was clearing. He longed for his partner, his arms around him.

    Teldryn’s eyes snapped open at the feeble voice and he looked down. The young mer had his eyes on him and Teldryn’s mouth fell open. His eyes welled up in relief. “You’re awake!” He cried and leaned in to plant a kiss on his forehead, then he took his partner’s hand into his own and gazed into his eyes. “I was so worried, but I’m damn delighted that you’re back.” He reached to caress the young mer’s cheek. “No, don’t try to sit up yet. Just rest.”

    “I need you, Teldryn!” Ciel’nn cried out, then coughed. He needed to feel and have Teldryn close to him.

    The cry alerted the older mer and he gently shifted closer to his partner, helped him sit up and embraced him as tightly as he dared. He felt Ciel’nn wrapping his arms around him. The young mer let out a deep breath which after he cried against his shoulder. Teldryn brushed his partner’s back. “It’s going to be alright. I’m not going anywhere, Ciel’nn.” He caressed his hair softly while his own eyes welled up again. “I love you.”

    After awhile Ciel’nn calmed down and drank water that Teldryn had brought him. “I love you too, Teldryn. I’m more than relieved to see you again. I thought…” he lowered his head and swallowed. “I thought I died and lost you.” He had questions but they’d have to wait until he would felt better.The young mer looked to his partner. “I thought you didn’t pray.” He smiled.

    With a warm gaze Teldryn smiled back. “I prayed when you fell.” He said in a soft tone. Uh oh, I have his full attention now. He caressed his partner’s hand. “I’ve been praying a lot lately and it’s because of you. I also thought I lost you, but it seems my prayer worked.” The young mer stared at him for a moment. “How are you feeling, daelha?”

    Teldryn prayed and I’m alive because of that? Ciel’nn thought, but he shook it off. He didn’t want to bother himself with such thoughts. It’s enough that I’m back with him. ”I’m still feeling sore, but having you with me is making it better.” He smiled as he had begun to feel safe again and in the care of his love.

    The door was burst open and Minasi stormed in. “Is it here? Have you seen it?” She eyed the room and noticed the young mer who was awake. Her expression softened for a moment. “I hope he tells you how we rescued you.” She addressed Ciel’nn. “Have you seen the blue thing around here?”

    “Well, it’s good that you’re back. Neloth seems lost without you.” Teldryn grinned, and the Apprentice sneered at him.

    “What Riekling?” Ciel’nn asked. He had no idea what was going on. “Rescued?”

    Teldryn looked to his partner. “I’ll tell you all about it when she’s gone.” He said in a low tone. Then looked back to Minasi. “No, I haven’t seen it. Did you lose it?"



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