Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 75


    The Captain of the Dunmer Trade ship shook his head and cursed as the vicious waves tested his ship. He had sailed these waters long enough to know that this storm wasn’t an ordinary one. The waves were dreadful and he’d had a hard time trying to keep his ship in control. But there was something else that troubled him as he frowned gloomily.

    The new passenger that retreated into his cabin below the deck, he had a certain look about him. His dark eyes gleamed in a mysterious way that it had put the Captain in an unease mood. Whatever his passenger was up to, he didn’t want to know. The sooner he’d get rid of him the better.

    The Captain knew his men were weary of the storm, but the docks of Raven Rock were at least a week away. Lady Azura, bless us to keep our ship intact, he whispered while he tried steer the ship in between the monstrous waves.

    In his cabin, Methas read again the scroll that had detailed description of a young mer. He was promised quite a sum of Azura’s silver. Of course, he had taken the contract, but the mer failed to see how this young mer was a threat to House Hlaalu. He hadn’t even heard of him. But it wasn’t his place to judge.

    Instead of judging, he sipped his wine carefully as the ship rocked back and forth. The wine spilled on the table and Methas grunted. Then he laid down on his bunk with a thoughtful look. Ciel’nn Sarion… Curious, he thought with a cold smile on his lips. He’d enjoy this trip even though the ship rocked hard.

    “I can’t understand why Master Neloth tolerates you, s’wit.”

    “Talvas was weak and pathetic. I won’t repeat his mistake.”

    “And don’t think I’ll teach you anything, s’wit.”

    The words of Neloth’s new apprentice, Minasi. She was as sharp toned and as arrogant as a Dunmer noble. She made sure her new Master’s bottles and notes were in order. Every alchemy ingredient in the right place, every soul gem away from the edge of the table.

    There was a moment when Neloth grumbled about the new order as he was used to his I-know-where-they-are order. And Minasi had to put the things back in their old places, to which the old Telvanni Wizard didn’t offer any help.

    The late night dinner was spent in awkward silence which after Minasi had decided to tell Master Neloth her opinion of the young mer. It had been an offensive opinion which had caused Teldryn to go on the defense and an argument arose. Words flew across the table.

    Both Ciel’nn and Neloth had become weary of the noisy argument.

    Ciel’nn noticed the Wizard rubbing his temples while he secretly enjoyed his partner’s defense for him. The words were said ruthlessly in a true mercenary manner. He loved that part of Teldryn. His mouth felt dry so he reached for his goblet and sipped some wine. His thoughts drifted around his partner.

    “Silence!” The Wizard boomed suddenly. Neloth was standing as if in pain. He stared at nothing in particular on the table, thinking.

    The young mer felt the mushroom tower shift by the power of Neloth’s deep voice. Talk about the power of a Telvanni Wizard, Ciel’nn thought. At least it stopped the argument. He glanced at Minasi who scowled at him then looked away. It seemed that the dinner time was over.

    Ciel’nn had elected to retreat to the Steward’s house after thanking Neloth for the hospitality. He closed the door and turned to see Teldryn flopping on the chair by the brazier. He walked closer to his partner with a smile.

    “I hope her words didn’t hurt you too much.” Teldryn looked to Ciel’nn with a tired smile.

    “What words? I only heard yours.” A smirk spread on the young mer’s lips as he stepped closer. “Words of a true mercenary.” He liked how Teldryn’s expression. Those nearly stormy red orbs, something flashed behind them. Ciel’nn flashed a mysterious smile, but he was getting tired. Minasi’s voice had been tiresome to hear.

    He offered his hand to his partner. “I’m going to sleep, but I need your presence to fall asleep, daelha.” His voice was warm and soft.

    The older mer took his partner’s hand. “Of course, Ciel’nn.” He helped himself up and stepped close to Ciel’nn and planted a soft kiss on his forehead. “I love you, daelha. I just couldn’t let her words slide by. No one gets to treat my boy like that on my watch.” Teldryn whispered in a low tone as his hand gently brushed Ciel’nn’s cheek. You like my mercenary side, eh? I’ll have to remember that for later.

    Ciel’nn shivered under his partner’s gaze and his lips parted. My boy he says. The tone and the words said set his heart racing. He’d grab Teldryn’s head and kiss like there was no tomorrow, but the young mer was exhausted. Ciel’nn managed to flash a smirk even though his legs threatened to give in. “I love you too, Bladesman.” He leaned in for a moment then pulled back. His tired eyes lingered on Teldryn for another moment, then he led his love toward their bedrolls.

    Teldryn brushed the younger mer’s hair while he waited for Ciel’nn to fall asleep. It didn’t take long. In his mind he returned to the moment when he had said the two special words, and his partner’s reaction was something he wasn’t expecting. No, the older mer had thought Ciel’nn would turn away in disgust. Well, that’s some progress then. And he’s holding back. A warm smile spread across his lips. I’ll wait until he’s willing to go further. Azura bless you, daelha, Teldryn thought as he closed his eyes and he felt the sweet slumber taking over his mind.




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