Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 74

  • With a grunt, S’cathe threw the limp Reaver down the hill, then watched it rolling away. The unlucky mortal hadn’t been a challenge. No one had so far.  Even the small blue creatures had fled once they had seen him. It had been boring for The Dremora Lord. The whole island was boring and its habitants. He let out a short sigh before he resumed his wandering, being indifferent to the weather.

    A small village was ahead. S’cathe shot a lazy glance at the two guards that were wary of him. He thought to have fun with them, but only briefly.

    The Dremora Lord took his longsword and charged toward the guards. To his disappointment, only one of them fled. He observed the guard with an ebony warhammer in front of him, blocking his path to the village. S’cathe grunted in amusement. Fearless mortal.

    They stared at each other for a moment that felt like eternity. Neither of them moved and it seemed as if time had frozen around them. Until the Dremora Lord shifted.

    “You will not enter the village, Dremora.” The female sounding guard grunted, tightening her grip on her warhammer.

    S’cathe leaned in so that their faces were close to each other. “You’re not my quarry.” His cold words slid through his Daedric helmet. The guard’s shiver did not escape him. He found the female guard somewhat interesting. The Dremora Lord wanted to play with her, make her hurt and beg for her life. Watch her bleed and cry. The cries of a mortal was so delicious and  like music to him. Their weeping was a sweet symphony.

    Suddenly he reached out and grabbed the guard by her collar. He lifted her in the air, then tossed her away from him. He watched her rolling toward the village and marched away.

    I wonder where is my quarry?

    Vermith cursed when she landed in the snow. She usually wasn’t easy to phase off, but this Dremora Lord chilled her blood. Such strength! The Ebony Wielder scampered on her feet, her eyes  searching for her warhammer. She still shivered. What in Oblivion is going on? Frowning, Vermith picked her weapon up from the snow. ‘You’re not my quarry.’  What’s that supposed to mean?

    She swallowed and pulled back slightly with a grimace.  A moment of hesitation as she tilted her head slightly. Should she tell the others about this? Vermith glanced around to see if anyone was watching her, feeling her go throat dry. Some serious shit is going on, the Ebony Wielder grunted as she tugged his warhammer onto her back.

    One last glance at the direction where the creature of Oblivion had went, or so she supposed to, and Vermith turned around to go back to the village. She wondered if anyone amongst them knew anything about the Daedra.

    When Vermith arrived at the center of the village where was a gathering. She didn’t like that. A gathering like that led to fights. She hurried toward the group and noticed Dram and Vother facing each other. “Shit.” The Ebony Wielder deemed the young reaver more vulnerable because of his blind eyes. Her intent to was to interfere, but someone stepped between the two reavers before her.

    “Are you alright, Dram?” Casseth stepped in front of his brother, his two handed sword in his hands. He looked to the giant of a mer with a hard expression. “You would be wise to leave him alone.” He sensed his four friends nearby and watching them.  They would act if Vother made a move against him, but Casseth was more worried about his brother.

    “I’m alright, Casseth.” Dram replied while his eyes were still on the bigger reaver. “He wanted to know something of me.  About my blindness.”

    Vother eyed the younger reaver before him. Such boldness, but he could see the struggle in Casseth’s eyes. Struggle against the fear that he inflicted on others. A cold smirk spread on his lips. Perhaps he’d see how resolute Casseth is?

    Damn this intenseness! Vermith scowled. How she disliked Vother now! He was picking on younger ones? She had to do something before bad things happens. The Ebony Wielder stepped toward the group. Some of the bystanders gave way before her. “There are more serious problems than one’s blindness, Vother.” It took some work for her to leave the hatred out of her voice. “A Dremora Lord came close to the village.”

    That got everyone’s attention and they looked at her.

    It was Ciel’nn’s turn to keep watch while his partner slept behind his back. He was facing the tent entrance while he played with his dagger, and listened  to the ash storm outside. His sword was in front of him, although he was certain he’d only need the dagger if anyone would do the mistake of looking to harm them.

    They had found the tent the other night. Both of them had been tired after looking for it. They had ate some of their food and rested. The older mer had suggested they’d try to find the town the next day.

    He still pondered about the Orc warrior. If we’re not his quarry, then who is? Why is he here anyway? Ciel’nn was glad they didn’t need to fight the big Orsimer. Then his thoughts turned to the reavers.

    The reavers hadn’t shown up yet. Which was a good thing, but the young mer thought they would try to assault Raven Rock eventually.  I wonder if the Redoran Guard is ready to defend the town, Ciel’nn pondered. He still remembered the town fight when the hogger tried it.  It will be more bloodier, the young mer frowned as he studied the blade of his dagger.

    The older mer coughed suddenly, and Ciel’nn looked over his shoulder. His partner seemed to resume his sleep. He put his hand on Teldryn’s shoulder. Azura bless you, daelha. It had been a habit, to ward their sleep against ill dreams and nightmares, but Ciel’nn had no clue if it was working. It was just a habit and it brought him some comfort while doing it. Smiling he watched as the older mer continued his sleeping.

    The ground shook and the young mer scowled. He knew he couldn’t get sleep each time the ground shook like that. Like it was splitting apart. Ciel’nn hoped it wouldn’t happen like that though. He peeked through the tent flap with his helmet on.

    Outside was lighter and it told him the dawn was approaching. Ciel’nn pulled back inside the tent and sighed. He looked at Teldryn, deciding to let the mer sleep a while longer.

    “Well, we could ask him if we could stay a night or two?” Ciel’nn frowned at Tel Mithryn.  I hope he doesn’t mind. We don’t have any food left. Only a nearly empty bottle of Sujamma for extinguishing the thirst. It’s not much. The young mer looked to his partner, who had let him eat the remnants of their food a few hours earlier.

    “Only one way to find out. Hopefully Drovas is nearby.” Teldryn nodded. He had to admit the constant ash storm was getting tiresome for him. For both of them. They needed at least two nights of good rest before trying to find their way to Raven Rock again. The older mer took a step closer to the Kitchen door, and his partner followed him.

    Ciel’nn sighed as he still remembered what happened to Talvas. He still couldn’t believe it. He missed the young apprentice. Missed his company. I hope you’re happy with the old squid, the young mer thought. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked to Teldryn’s comforting eyes, before they opened the door to the Kitchen of Tel Mithryn.




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