Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 64

  • So I shall lie in the embrace of the shadows and wait for my prey to arrive.

    The Ulen Ancestral Tomb seemed empty when Ciel’nn walked in. There were some bones and a few ash yams in the grave, just like Geldis had said. The young mer looked around for a moment.  He then looked to his partner. “I suppose they’ll come eventually. Let’s hide in the back.” Ciel’nn said in a quiet tone.

    Teldryn nodded and followed the young mer in the back where the shadows hid them. He took his place at the side pillar and drew a breath. “I’m glad that I’m sharing these experiences with you, Ciel’nn.” He said in a low tone. He couldn’t see his partner in the dark place, but he felt him.

    “So am I, Teldryn.” Ciel’nn replied in a softer tone as he knelt on one knee down. The quietness was welcome for the time being. He heard his partner’s excited breathing. There was a faint sound of rats somewhere in the tomb. Ciel’nn closed his eyes briefly. I’ll find out who it is and then… fear.

    The door opened and a Dunmer lady walked in. She held her head like she was mourning and she carried an ash yam in her hands. Slowly she approached the grave and put the edible on it. “Virul Ulen, you’re missed.” The words came quietly and dully.

    Ciel’nn grinned in the shadows. That’s… Tilisu Severin. He had seen her before, with Mirri Severin at the market. There was something odd about that family. Mirri is always trying to get a man, but I haven’t seen the husband. He shifted quietly as he knew Teldryn would wait for his move.

    “Tilisu.” Ciel’nn said in a low tone as he stepped out from the shadows. His eyes studied the lady mer for any hints. “Come to pay respects?” He noted a dagger on her belt.

    The lady mer started, but sustained the calm look. “You’re that young kid that everyone is talking about. What are you doing here?” Tilisu wasn’t about to let one mer get the better of her. She frowned when she saw the mercenary, with a smirk on his lips, coming into the light.

    The young mer took a step toward the grave, close to the Dunmer lady. “I’ve come to see the famous Virul Ulen’s resting place. Wasn’t he famous in plotting against Councilor Morvayn?” He paused and glanced at her. If he wasn’t mistaken, he saw a tic in her features as if she had tried to control her emotions. “I’m sure the Hlaalu were devastated when he got executed.” The young mer continued casually. Then he looked at her again. “But why are you here? You’re not even a member of Ulen.”

    Tilisu’s heart pounded even she tried to control her breathing and remain calm. The young mer had ticked her off even if she knew Ciel’nn was only poking around. She must remain calm whatever he said. “They deserve our respect since there aren’t any Ulen left on the island.”

    “Do they now?” Ciel’nn’s tone went lower while he started at her intently. His eyes glimmered in the light of the braziers. He held his gaze for a while as Tilisu stared back. Then Ciel’nn tilted his head as a sudden smirk appeared on his lips and his eyes grew a darker shade of red.

    You’re from House Hlaalu.

    The lady Dunmer felt a tic again as her lips formed a thin line, and her will to remain calm wavered. She had to fight with her every fiber to not to burst out of control, but the young mer looked at her as he knew her secret. And that smirk was so annoying that she wanted to slap him. She took a deep breath. “If you’ll excuse me, I still need to meditate.” She said like her jaw was stiff.

    Ciel’nn kept his gaze on the lady mer a while longer before he gestured for Teldryn to follow.  “Poor Ulen.” He said as they walked to the door, leaving Tilisu with her hands fisted.

    “She was almost cracking up under your pressure. I almost felt it.” Teldryn said before they reached the Morvayn Manor. His partner looked to him.

    “Let’s hope it’s enough to go on. If I know Hlaalu at all, they won’t break easily.” Ciel’nn replied in a quiet tone, and opened the door. One step closer to end their lives.

    Adril had a serious face when he saw the two mer approaching him. He excused himself from the Councilor’s presence and gestured Ciel’nn to follow him into a other room. The Second Councilor listened to what the young mer had found out, and the mercenary gave his own opinion on the matter.

    “I think there’s no doubt it’s the Severin family involved, sera.” Teldryn said in a low tone. “Tilisu seemed pretty tense.” He put his hand on the hilt of his sword.

    The Second Councilor’s brows furrowed as he knew the Severin family had helped Raven Rock during the hard times, even if the daughter, Mirri, was a bit too close to Vendil’s to be his daughter. “If Tilisu if behind it, then we need solid and hard evidence before we can act.” Adril crossed his arms and looked to the young mer. “We must play this safe. Ciel’nn, can I ask you — ?”

    “What must be done?” Ciel’nn interrupted, looking into Adril eyes. Tell me that I can also end their lives.

    “Search their manor. Here is the key if they have locked the door. And, if they have any hunch we’re after them, they might be armed so defend yourself by any means to get the evidence and get out of there.” Adril said. “Good luck.”  I hope they’re right otherwise if it goes south, I’ll be laughed at and Councilor Morvayn’s position will be threatened.


    Teldryn watched how his partner took the key with suppressed glee. He’s in his element. Those of Hlaalu are already dead. He smiled inwardly while they were still inside the Morvayn Manor. The older mer was looking forward the infiltration of the Severin Manor. Resistance is expected if they’re inside.

    At his smithy, hard working Glover wiped his forehead. He had gotten eye goggles from the Redoran Guard. They should cover his eyes during the raging ash storm. He noticed the two mers were passing by. The young mer had a certain step in his stroll, his hand on the hilt of his sword. The man frowned. Something was going on. But it wasn’t his business. He still needed to repair a few chitin armors, that was all he could do in an ash storm, and then Glover would head for a sweet drink. Gods have mercy.

    The alchemist wasn’t at her stall, Ciel’nn observed. She was most likely inside, away from the storm. Brewing potions in a storm would make poor conditions and results, he knew this. The Severin Manor came closer, and Ciel’nn grabbed his partner’s arm, biting his lower lip. Teldryn looked to him with a slight frown. “I’ll be right behind you, Ciel’nn.” He heard the older mer saying in a comforting tone, and Ciel’nn flashed a smile. “I know. I just…Be careful.”

    The older mer flashed a grin. “They’re the ones that need to be careful. They have someone at their door, who wants their blood, remember? Hlaalu blood.” The mysterious smirk that bloomed on his partner’s lips was something to witness. “That’s the spirit.” He patted Ciel’nn’s shoulder.

    Ciel’nn did his best to open the lock of the door as quietly as possible. He had to admit he wasn’t a burglar. To open a locked chest, no problem. But to open a strongbox or the Mournhold vault? That’s beyond my skills, he mused. The lock clicked after a while, and the young mer stood up to stretch his muscles. Ciel’nn then took his sword and nodded to his partner.

    “You will die now, s’wit!” Tilisu’s shout greeted them when Teldryn kicked the door open. She and Mirri had their knives drawn out.The older Dunmer lady snarled viciously at the mercenary as  she came at him. “And soon will the Councilor die too!” She found the grin on Teldryn’s face highly irritating.

    Mirri had locked her eyes with the young mer. “It’s a pity you have to die, handsome. We could have had some fun together.” She purred, taking a stance, then moved closer to Ciel’nn. “Come on now, won’t you switch your sword to your dagger?” From the corner of her eyes Mirri caught a glimpse of Tilisu and Teldryn had begun their dance. The Dunmer lady flashed a sly smirk at her opponent.

    “Oh, we can have a dance of fun right now.” Ciel’nn replied in a low tone as he sheathed his sword and took his daggers, his eyes never left Mirri. But it’s that kind of fun you won’t enjoy, Hlaalu. No… It will be fun only to me. He smirked then his eyes veiled, and the young mer shifted.

    Teldryn found his opponent quite capable of fighting with a dagger and grinned widely at her. She is like one of those Alik’r snakes. Just look how she narrows her eyes. The dagger is the extended of a fang of a cobra. It was something the older mer found pleasant to watch. She reminds you of someone, doesn’t she? He slashed out at Tilisu, who was getting exchausted, making a sharp cut wound at her side. I should make this quick. With a swift slash at the Dunmer lady’s chest, Teldryn stepped aside as Tilisu collapsed, with a whimper, then the older mer turned his attention to his partner.

    It was difficult to determine when the young mer was going to slash out, Mirri had found out. He had that veiled look on his face, and she found it somewhat troubling, if not nearly dreadful. The mer lady had slashed out several times, but even if the kid was within her stabbing rage, as Mirri thought, still he was out of her reach. How infuriating! The young mer had only slashed out, as to test her. Then her eyes widened as she noted the slight change of his stance.

    Ciel’nn had enjoyed their foreplay. He watched how Mirri reacted to everything he did, and how slowly the dread grew on her facial features. She did try to get through him, but he was always one step ahead. It was then subtle when Ciel’nn shifted to change his stance. It was a part of his forward slash to step closer to her. Her gasp told him Mirri wasn’t expecting what was coming.

    Ciel’nn slashed out in a fluid motion. Mirri’s panicked yelps were distant to him as she tried to parry his strikes. A few stabs went through; one at her side, above her hip bone and another at her free hand. The young mer shifted as he kept slashing at her. Then he changed his stance once more, bringing the daggers in front of him, and looked directly into Mirri’s eyes. “I hate the Hlaalu, s’wit.” He said in a cold tone filled with utter hatred.

    Mirri screamed as Ciel’nn raised his dagger and brought it down to between her collarbone.  It was one swift stab.  Mirri gasped one last time before she tried to cover the wound. A whimper left her lips before she sagged on the floor.

    It was quiet for a moment before either of the mer spoke. Ciel’nn looked around for a piece of cloth to clean his daggers. It had been a thrilling fight for him and the young mer rejoiced at the deaths of members of Hlaalu. Ciel’nn let out a relaxed sigh. “That was thrilling after all.” He mused and looked to his partner with a smile. There’s got to be a rag around here somewhere.

    The older mer stepped over Tilisu’s body and grinned. “It certainly was, Ciel’nn. Your dance is exciting to watch. It’s so…” Teldryn’s grin shifted to a soft smile. “You take my breath away.” He moved closer to his partner and examined Ciel’nn’s arm. “You have a cut in your armor.”

    Ciel’nn flashed a warm smile at his partner then glanced at the cut in his armor. “I didn’t even notice or feel that. Glover can fix it later.” He decided to clean his daggers using Mirri’s clothing. “We should look for the evidence.” He said after standing up.

    “Then let’s go to downstairs to search, daelha.”




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