Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 20

  •  A groan escaped from the old mer’s lips as he was leaning against the Kagrumez Resonance Gems panel. The fight with the reavers and the Dwemer automatons had been rough for him. His sword arm and leg were injured. At first he had thought it’s a flesh wound, but clearly it wasn’t according to his partner. Teldryn looked up to the younger mer, who held out a red vial in front of him.

    “Drink it.” Ciel’nn prompted. “I’m not strong enough to drag you out of here.” He wasn’t a healer of any kind and he was worried about the older mer having internal bleeding the way he had hissed before he had sit down. The moment of him sitting down on Teldryn’s lap came back to the young mer’s mind. He discovered he missed having the old mer’s arms around him. So strong…

    Teldryn flashed a smirk. “But I can carry you.” He laughed with a cough that followed. He had noticed the expression shift on his partner’s face. No one has been worried about you before, old mer. That’s new. “So serious with your potion, Ciel’nn.” He let a smile spread across his lips.

    Ciel’nn blinked at the flirt. “Don’t change the subject!” He tried to sound firm, but inevitably it failed. “Drink. It.” With strong pressure on both words now as he offered the vial for his partner. The flirt had hit home though, and the young mer fought against the smile that threatened to spread. Teldryn made it nearly impossible to be serious. Damned mer throwing flirts even when he’s injured. But to his relief, the older mer took the vial and their fingers touched for a brief moment.

    Ciel’nn looked around the broken Dwemer automatons while his partner drank the vial while wincing at the pain. He had gotten bruises and a few cuts. He had applied some netch jelly to relieve the aching. If this way of fighting would to continue he would have to get more jelly from the netches. It was needed and killing a netch sometimes wouldn’t be a such bad idea. The young mer bit his lower lip thoughtfully and he looked to Teldryn. “Once you feel better, we’ll check the next room. This fight must be worth something.”

    “It’s worth it alright.” The older mer said with a wince and his partner rolled his eyes. “I guess we’ll stay here overnight. We can rest. What do you wish to find from the next room?” He looked to his partner and gave the vial back to his partner.

    “A chalice or a bunch of different gems.” The young mer replied. “Or, a better sword for you.” He flashed a smirk when Teldryn raised a brow. Ciel’nn wished he knew  something about Dwemer weaponry like certain names, but frankly he lacked the information. He’d amaze his partner with the knowledge. I need to find more books of the Dwemer. “We’ll camp over there.” He pointed towards the right corner from the entrance. It was a good spot and they had the materials to make a campfire. Or did they? Ciel’nn frowned as he recalled they didn’t have any firewood, so he guessed it was up to him to get some.

    In the next room, they found a lot of Dwemer metal bars and oil. Ciel’nn picked up most of the oil for campfire purposes. It would be easier to make fire in case his flame spell failed during a cold morning. There was a bigger storage chamber on the other side of the room, and Ciel’nn looked at the lever. “I wonder what’s inside?” They listened in for a while. Only a soft hissing came from the locked storage chamber. “Better step back before I open this.” The young mer looked to his partner.

    Amused, Teldryn moved on the other side of the lever panel. “Go on. Let’s see what’s inside.” He prompted. His partner pulled the lever down and the hatch of the storage was lifted up. Inside was a docile Steadfast Dwarven Spider. “Well, look at that.” Teldryn said thoughtfully. “Be careful.” He added when the young mer stepped closer to the Dwarven spider.

    “It doesn’t seem hostile.” Ciel’nn replied and crouched down. “Hey, did they leave you here?” he said to the automaton and it hissed calmly. “It doesn’t understand you. It’s an automation.” He heard Teldryn saying. The young mer shot a frowning look at his partner. “Want to bet on that?” He turned his head to the Dwarven spider. “He says you don’t understand. Want to come along?”

    “Hiss!!”  The Dwarven spider reacted with a heavy steam hiss and shifted to follow the young mer.

    “See? He understands!” Ciel’nn beamed and flashed a smirk. They would keep it as a pet. It was such a long time since he had any. The last pet was his guar… He shook the memory away and focused on the moment.

    “He?” Teldryn frowned. He had no idea that Ciel’nn was fond of such creatures. As long as he doesn’t adopt a horker. The older mer took a deep breather.

    “He needs a name if we were to keep it as a pet, you know? If that’s alright, with you.” Ciel’nn asked, crossing his arms on his chest. “We can’t leave him here.”  And, the Dwarven spider turned towards Teldryn as if curiously watching.

    A pet? He wants a pet? It might get in our way, but.. “It’s your call. Now let’s go and put that camp up.” The older mer said with a sigh. He only hoped his partner wouldn’t get upset if it got crashed on the way. He gestured to Ciel’nn to follow him. This seems a good place to rest unless a new band of reavers finds their way in.

    They walked back to the main hall and put up the camp in the corner. Ciel’nn prepared the small camp fire and they ate grilled ash hopper legs along with trama root tea. Ciel’nn sat on his bedroll and tapped his fingers together, thinking. I wonder if I should give him the book now? He might like it. The older mer seemed to be resting, and the young mer reached into his backpack. “F’lah, I have something for you.” He said in a soft tone.

    The tone of his partner brought Teldryn back from his thoughts. He glanced at the younger mer and there was no smirk this time. Only a calm smile. “What is it?” he heard himself asking and noticed a book in Ciel’nn’s hands. Something to read. “I think you’ll appreciate this.” He heard and took the book when Ciel’nn gave it to him. The older mer looked at the book and flushed in a darker shade of gray on his face even if he tried to fight it. “Lusty Argonian Maiden Volume Two…” He whispered in a lower tone as he stared at the book. After a moment he was able to look to at his partner. “Thank you, Ciel’nn.”

    “You’re welcome, Teldryn. I knew you’d love it.” Ciel’nn replied, and he laid down, crossing his hands behind his head. He smiled at the older mer’s reaction to the book. It had hit right at home. Now, he’d need to find a rare Dwemer sword for his partner. That elven sword must be replaced. He deserves a better and higher quality sword.

    Since when did you care for what others used? He glanced at Teldryn, who had put the book away and grinned at him.

    Since I heard his voice.

    As they were slowly returning to Tel Mithryn, the Dwarven Steadfast spider turned out to be quite a useful companion. As they faced a group of ash hoppers — the spider charged at them with a leap. It didn’t take long before the ash hoppers were dealt with. Ciel’nn was thinking about a name for their new pet.

    “How about Teldryn’s Wrath?” the young mer suggested, being aware that he was teasing. He wanted to see the reaction, but the older mer just groaned. “Are you serious?” he heard the mer asking. Ciel’nn flashed a smile, thinking again. “Teldryn’s Treasure?” Another groan followed his suggestion.

    “Why can’t it be just The Spider?” Teldryn asked as he stretched his back.

    Ciel’nn looked to the Dwarven spider. “It needs to be a special name, don’t you think?” He wanted to give a good name as it was going to be part of their company. And, clearly it wasn’t a stupid automaton.

    But when you give it a special name, you’ll get attached to it. And when it falls apart you’ll be broken, Teldryn thought. He had a feeling it might happen if they would face a band of reavers. Even if it’s a Dwemer automaton, it won’t last forever. “Did you have a pet before?” The words came out softer than the older mer had expected.

    “I had a guar before the old s’wit killed it.” Ciel’nn said in a bitter and hating tone. His mood soured for a moment, but the young mer smiled. “He shall be… Mr. Pincers!” That rewarded him a giddy steam hiss from the Dwarven spider. “I’m glad you like it.”

    “How are you able to understand it?” The older mer asked, frowning slightly. His father killed his pet guar? That’s not good. If I know how he behaves, he’ll gives his piece of Oblivion to anyone who breaks… Mr. Pincers. At least he seem to be in a lighter mood now. “Mr. Pincers it is then.” He said in a low tone.

    It was a question Ciel’nn didn’t know how to answer. The truth was there was no way to understand what every ‘hiss’ meant, but he had good hearing. “It must be how the hiss comes out. In different pressures.” The young mer said thoughtfully.  “Otherwise I’m just guessing.”

    “You almost sound like a Telvanni gear-head.” Teldryn smirked. “We’re reaching Tel Mithryn soon.” He heard Ciel’nn groaning for a change. “Let’s hope he won’t keep us long.”

    Once again they stood before the Telvanni Wizard and Master of Tel Mithryn. Ciel’nn tried his best to stand the smell - this time he was sure it was the Telvanni musk - the closer he stood to Neloth the worse he felt. I need a face mask if I have to visit here often! He guessed that people would get accustomed to the mushrooms in due time. He noticed Neloth holding a scroll with a deep, thoughtful look on his face.

    He has her eyes, Neloth thought as he gazed on the young mer. I never thought this day would come. She must have had a one of  her Oblivion blasted vision before she made the preparations. Still, I must ask him to be sure. The Wizard shifted. “Your ancestor left me a scroll that belongs to you, but I must ask - Have you been into Oblivion?” He asked seriously.

    “What an odd question.” Teldryn said next to his partner.

    Ciel’nn took a deep breath. What does this have to do with that blasted visit? Haven’t I suffered enough? But he said my ancestor, who might  that be? “I’ve been there. What of it?” He replied in an annoyed tone. He felt his partner looking at him, but the young mer kept his eyes on the Telvanni.

    “Varona! Get my tea!” Neloth barked and focused on Ciel’nn again. “Cirath Telvanni is your ancestor. She told me she had a vision of a family member coming that’d be in trouble in Oblivion. She didn’t tell me the specifics. I doubt she didn’t know them by herself.” He paused. “Cirath made this scroll for you, it seems. You have her fiery eyes.” He nearly tossed the scroll into Ciel’nn’s hands. “Don’t ask what’s in it. Now off with you!” I need to continue my research. Why  he had been nice to the young mer he had no idea. At least he got rid of the scroll and the strange feeling in his chest.

    As the scroll was tossed at him as Ciel’nn found himself speechless. Anything that Neloth had said didn’t make sense to him. His ancestor had seen a vision and…  He stared at the scroll. It had a strange feel to it, but he backed away and put it into his backpack. “I need fresh air.” He said and gestured at his partner to follow. He knew Teldryn would have questions and the young mer hoped it wouldn’t be painful to answer.

    The mage almost collided with the young mer before the levitation lift. He opened his mouth to speak, but Ciel’nn shook his head. “Come outside if you want to talk.”







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  • The Long-Chapper
    The Long-Chapper   ·  July 16, 2018
    Interested to see what the scroll does and yay! Dwemer pets!
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    I'm glad that Mr. Pincers was able to join Ciel'nn and Teldryn.  (L) Now that Neloth is aware of Ciel'nn's ancestry, he's being nice to him. That's an interesting development!
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    Sooo... Ciel'nn has an e-pet now. Like a Tamagochi.

    I can't help but chuckle at how moved Teldryn is just by receiving...
    uh... that book, yeah. Mer has heavy tastes in... high quality
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    Heh, the dwemer spider as a pet was a pleasant surprise. Nothing like a happy hiss of steam :D
    And Neloth. Well, damn, not only he seems rather helpful, but it is interesting some Telvanni trusted Neloth with this. I wouldn't :D But am curious for w...  more