Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 21

  • The waves made him calm, but they couldn’t make him relaxed. His heart was in turmoil by the memories of time spent in Oblivion. Ciel’nn blinked against the breeze. As much as he wanted to forget he couldn’t, thanks to the Wizard and. It was a wound that was almost healed, but still fresh. A never-healing scar. It made his mind darker than the ashen sky that promised ash storms. The young mer let out a heavy breath when Teldryn stepped closer to him. The Dwemer spider was nearby, idling.

    “How?” The older mer asked quietly. If his partner wanted to tell, he’d like to hear it. If not, then it was alright. But it’s better to let it all out than dwell in the dark waters alone.

    “I was taken against my own will.” Ciel’nn replied in a quiet tone. “By a Dremora Lord.” His partner cursed close to him. “Why?” The older mer asked him. Ciel’nn glanced at Teldryn. “I’d have to tell the whole story from the start.” He wasn’t in the mood to tell long tales of his past yet.  The young mer wanted to tell, but not now. The scroll was a mystery to be solved later.

    Teldryn put his hand on his partner’s shoulder. “Alright, you don’t need to tell it now. There’ll be plenty of time later.” He offered a reassuring smile and pulled the young mer into his embrace. “Just remember you’re not alone.” Teldryn said in a soothing tone. He’s fragmented even if he tries to hide it. I have to keep a closer watch on him. He allowed Ciel’nn to lean onto him as soon as he did so.
    “I’m so— “

    “Hey, are you two alright down there?” Talvas called out to them as he walked down the path. He noted the older mer nearly hugging the younger one, but the mage didn’t say anything. Ciel’nn had been in Oblivion and the mage wanted to ask about it, but it seemed to be a bad time.

    “We’re fine.” Teldryn said while he let go of Ciel’nn.

    “Any luck with the ring?” Ciel’nn asked.

    “Not really. Master Neloth wants his tea and Varona is missing.” The mage sighed. “The cook hasn’t seen her either.”

    “We haven’t seen her either.” Ciel’nn replied. He studied the mage briefly; the way the mer fidgeted in his place told the young mer this Mage had more to say. “Is there something you want from us?”

    By Azura, he’s observant! Talvas let out a sigh. “Well, yes. You turned the alchemist down, so I’m going to ask—”

    “Nicely.” Teldryn said in a low tone which made Ciel’nn flash a smirk at Talvas.

    “I was going to ask you nicely.” Talvas frowned. “Can you get those taproots for Elynea?” He tried to hide his desperation “Please?” Where in Oblivion is Varona? There is no telling what Master Neloth might do if he doesn’t get his tea or meal in time.

    “Let me guess. You want us to look for the arrogant Steward, too?” Ciel’nn asked in a sneer. “It’ll cost you another scroll.”

    “Fine! You’ll find the taproots from the Spriggans and then you need to water them inside The Headwaters of Harstrad. It’s up the North. There’s a waterfall.” The mage explained. “If you see Varona…” What would he say? “Come home” or “I miss you?”  Talvas couldn’t decide and mumbled. “I.. Umm..”

    “I get it.” The young mer said in a neutral tone. “It’s not that she called us thugs. I bet she won’t even listen to us, but I’ll see what I can do.” I also had a someone once, so I understand. Ciel’nn looked to his partner, who flashed a grin at him, then back to Talvas. “We’ll prepare for the trip then. Work on that ring, mage.”

    When the ash wastes changed to rocks and grass, Ciel’nn felt better as the air was cleaner and the afternoon sun shone on them. They hadn’t seen The Steward while moving north-wards. It was as if the ash had swallowed her, never to be seen again. On the other hand, Varona might be taken by reavers, Ciel’nn thought. I don’t know what Talvas sees in her. Celani was more beautiful. A grunt from his partner and a hiss from their Dwemer Spider, Mr. Pincers, brought Ciel’nn back from his thoughts.

    “Someone’s coming.” Teldryn alerted the young mer and put his hand on the hilt of his sword. It sounded like it could be a small creature chased by something bigger. “Get ready.” The older mer had hunches they were in for a fight. He glanced at his partner, who was also preparing for the encounter.

    A small, blue creature rushed forwards behind the rock formation. It was chased by a rough looking reaver in heavy chitin armor and the reaver kept cursing at the creature. The blue creature had an item in its hands, and once it saw the two mer - it rushed towards them with pleading eyes.

    Ciel’nn looked to the blue creature, who ran behind them, in mild curiosity for a brief second before his eyes fixed on the reaver. One of Mogrul’s loyalist band I presume. He readied his sword and flashed a challenging look at the reaver, whose eyes narrowed in return as he stopped just a few meters away from them.

    “Hand over the Riekling.” The reaver growled savagely at the two mer. He eyed Teldryn who would be tough to defeat, but the younger one seemed to be an easy mudcrab to break. A dirty grin spread on his face. “It has something that belongs to Mogrul. Hand it over if you want to live.”

    “Faa thoo!” The riekling hissed behind Ciel’nn and hugged the item in its hands.

    The young mer cocked his head. “You must be one of the Orc’s loyalist bands. Why it’s so important to have it back, hm?”

    “None of your business, kid. Hand it over.” The reaver snarled. It seemed he couldn’t talk his way to the blue creature, so the reaver charged at them with his battle axe. “Die!”

    Teldryn hissed as he moved to block the first blow and made the reaver’s attention away from his partner. The battle axe was a serious problem. He dodged the best he could, but his opponent was determined to kill them both. The older mer hoped Ciel’nn would find an opening to stab the reaver.

    The young mer had rolled away when the fight began and he noticed the Riekling followed him. He’d have questions for the blue creature, but he had to help Teldryn. Quickly he took his dagger and dipped the tip of it into one of his vials. He glanced at the Riekling. “Stay out of reach.” Then he drank an invisibility potion.

    The Riekling blinked and looked around for a safe place. It rushed to nearby bush to hide and watched the battle unfold. “Hufwah!” Slamming its small hands on its mouth as if he understood to be hidden. It heard a hiss close by and watched with widening eyes how the Dwemer spider crept into the scene, waiting.

    The rough reaver hissed at the older mer. He was as a experienced fighter  as he was! And, that wasn’t all - the younger one had vanished out of sight and the damned blue creature had ran away. Mogrul’s gonna get us killed. He charged at the older mer again furiously.

    “I guess you haven’t heard. Mogrul’s six feet under.” Teldryn sneered after he successfully avoided a fatal blow.

    The reaver frowned at the older mer and resumed attacking. “You’re lying! No one can kill Mogrul like that!” He hissed in anger and begin his onslaught. Before that he felt a tap on his arm.

    “But I can.” Ciel’nn whispered in a cold tone and his dagger moved. It reached on the reaver’s side of his neck and slit. He stepped away and watched the reaver collapsing on the ground with a panicked hiss that faded away. The thought of reavers having two handed weapons wasn’t thrilling to the young mer. And, his partner couldn’t always play the role of the bait. So, something would have to change soon.

    “Mogrul’s fanatics.” Teldryn grunted as he sheathed his sword. “I wonder where their camp is?” He glanced at the younger mer. “What are you thinking?”

    Putting his blades away, Ciel’nn turned to the older mer to see if he had been wounded. The other mer seemed to be unharmed. “Battle tactics. My old tactic isn’t enough if things are going rough and I’m not used to be in the middle of a whirlwind.” He said in a thoughtful tone. His eyes caught the Riekling. “But, the question is what is the item that belonged to the Orc?” He kept his eyes on the creature that slowly came out of the bushes, followed by Mr. Pincers.

    “Hufwah!” The Riekling did a move that could be dancing. It pointed at the dead reaver and upward on the hill. “Falaraga!” Again pointing the reaver and gestured with its tiny hand. “Falaraga!” It stared at the two mer being hopeful.

    “It’s trying to tell us something.” Teldryn mused crossing his arms on his chest. “Any ideas?” He glanced at his partner.

    Ciel’nn looked to his partner before he knelt down at the Riekling’s level. “We can’t understand you. Did they attack or what?” he asked in a calmer tone. The creature stopped gesturing and stared at him. “I get the reavers did something - how many?” He spread his fingers in front of the creature and pointed the dead reaver with his other hand. “Tap my finger tips to show how many.” I have the patience for this, but I’m not sure if Teldryn has.

    The blue creature frowned and looked at the hand and then the reaver. It reached slowly to tap the friendly mer’s fingers one by one. When it was done with the hand, it reached for the mer’s other hand and tapped the index finger, then looked at Ciel’nn. “Brelfik?”

    “Six reavers alive, I take it.” Teldryn frowned. “What do you think, Ciel’nn? It’s asking for help.” He glanced around to check the area.

    Ciel’nn nodded and stood up. “Alright. You want us to help, but I want to know what did you take from them.” He said. As if the creature understood him, it pulled out a scroll that turned out to be a map. A map of Mogrul’s influenced reaver camps with some dirty notes on the sides. It’s not our job to clear them out, but I guess they’ll eventually get in our way anyway, Ciel’nn thought. “We’re going to help you, little one. Show the way.” He looked to Teldryn. “Let’s go find out what they’re up to.”

    They followed the blue creature up the hill until they came around the Thirsk Hall. The surrounding area was nearly covered by dead reavers, a handful of Skaal and Rieklings. It was a bloody sight to whoever gazed upon it. “Nyuu… waa.” The Riekling wailed in sorrow and tugged the young mer’s leg. “Brelfik?”

    The sight of the gone battle made Ciel’nn’s heart race faster than it should. He knew then, it would be close quarters combat if the remaining six reavers were inside the hall. While Ciel’nn didn’t feel for the Skaal, he felt sad for the Riekling’s kin even though he didn’t know much about them. It didn’t matter to who the hall belonged to begin with — the Riekling had asked them for help and that Ciel’nn intended to give. He looked to the blue creature. “We’ll help.” His eyes found Teldryn surveying the area. “Ready, Teldryn? Six isn’t too hard to handle, right?” The young mer noticed the frown that his partner gave him. He gave a gesture to Mr. Pincers to stay behind with the Riekling.

    It shouldn’t be too hard.

    Six reavers are too much.


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    Note: Rieklings


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  • The Long-Chapper
    The Long-Chapper   ·  July 17, 2018
    Oh and just a note, Cali. Some of your past chapters don't have links for previous and next. They have the image, but not the links. 
    • Caladran
      The Long-Chapper
      The Long-Chapper
      The Long-Chapper
      Oh and just a note, Cali. Some of your past chapters don't have links for previous and next. They have the image, but not the links. 
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      Thanks letting me know, I'll fix that soon.
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    Riekliings! AAAAAAAEEEEIIIIIIII! And damn, I'm half expected Mogrul to pull a Vehnen and start showing up as a ghost. :D
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      The Long-Chapper
      The Long-Chapper
      The Long-Chapper
      Riekliings! AAAAAAAEEEEIIIIIIII! And damn, I'm half expected Mogrul to pull a Vehnen and start showing up as a ghost. :D
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      I gotta admit I kinda miss Mogrul, too. xD
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    And lol, the T...  more