T.B.R Year 2 Pup Part 5 Mournfully Reunited

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    Drujeeta, her kids and Infinite walked towards the green door with gold trim and pushed it open. Before they could step inside, 

    however, a shadowy figure wearing monk robes waited patiently in the shadows. Drujeeta heard a disturbance so she turned



    She scanned the darkness while at the same time activating her night vison.

    "Hello? Who's there?" Show yourself. Now or you'll regret it!" She threatened


    A feline form stepped out from the shadows. Upon seeing this, Drujeeta swore.

    "M'aiq, what the hell are you doing here? Were you on the boat from Bal Isra?" She asked


    The khajiit nodded nervously, "Lizard must forgive M'aiq for he has no family of his own. he was left cold and alone in the sands of

    Annequina. May khajiit journey with you?" He pleaded


    Drujeeta motioned the khajiit to follow them, but warned him to be ever vigilant as evils are everywhere. The six creatures stepped

    inside the great bustling city. Once again the voice entered Drujeeta'smind. "You are so close lizard, go through the door on your

    left and you will enter the great bazaar and then enter old mournhold, I am eager to meet you."


    Drujeeta, the khajiits and her kids opened the door that shared the wall with the main gate and entered into a marketplace that

    had an air of professionalism about it. Trader were busy trying to sell their wares to people as they passed the stalls. Drujeeta

    passed the stall with her kids closely followed by the khajiits. Upon passing a stall, a wooden trap door caught Drujeeta's eye. The

    argonians descended closely followed by the khajiits. 


    The cats and lizards found themselves in an unsed sewer system. They went forwards until they came to a junction. The Argonians

    had never seen a sewer of any kind, so they did not know which way to proceed. From behind, Infinite said he has been down her

    numerous times on delivery missions for Elsweyr.


    "Khajiit knows these sewers well, he used to deliver packages down here for the royal elsweyr mail service. This way."


    He handed each Argonian a torch which were promptly lit so as to scare away the shadows that plague the undercity of Mournhold

    and proceeded onwards. They passed tunnel after tunnel as the walked inside an unused waterbed. Infinite stopped as he pointed

    out a large pink and brown door flanked by open doorways. He mentioned to his companions that they have reached old



    Old Mournhold was a cavernous city that was dotted with various white marble buildings. Infinite said the building they wanted, or

    rather the one that the voice told Drujeeta to go to was located at the far back rightside of the 'city.' The company press onwards,

    stopped only a few times by goblins. After the goblins have been dealt with, they walked to the far end of the city and saw a white

    marble building that was bigger than the other 'houses.' Drujeeta told the company to wait outside while she goes in a investigates.


    Drujeeta opened the white oval door and stepped inside to find the inside was a lot bigger than the outside. Huge windows adorned

    one wall that connected to an arched marble ceiling. Drujeeta turned her head and saw three flights of white marble staircases that

    lead to various parts of the 'house.' 


    Drujeeta went up the stairs that lead to the first floor landing and saw a figure sitting on a white marble throne in a splendid marble

    throne room with huge marble pillars supporting the wonderfully crafted marble ceiling. The figure got up, walked over to Drujeeta

    and introduced himself.


    "Greetings Argonian, I am Angof Gravesinger." The figure said


    "Bastard, I thought I killed you. What the hell are you doing here?" She spat angrily


    He answered her, "I can project powerful holograms, morph reality, convince peeople of falsehoods and appear in people's

    thoughts as I have done with you. He stated in a matter of fact tone. He spread his hands wide and stated "You thought I died? Now

    that is funny. I can't die, I am immortal.' 


    Agof cleared his throat "Lizar...er Drujeeta, You said you wanted to see your husband again?"


    Drujeeta said she would like that more than anything in Tamriel. 


    The altmer said he was glad she was so enthusiastic.

    "The plan is to...actually, I will let my friend explain." 


    The altmer and argonian walked over to the strange man dressed in odd clothes

    "Drujeeta, may I introduce Sheogorath."


    He gestured over to the tall arched stained glass windows where a figure was laying against the corner of the window. The figure

    was tall and skinny with graying hair and beard. He had yellow irises with black slitted pupils that were set in his relatively young

    face, at a casual glance, one would guess that Sheogorath was either in his late fifties or early sixties. He wore a purple suitjacket

    with golden trim. The jacket was open revealing a chestnut collared shirt.


    He also wore brown pants with one brown and one purple sock tucked beneath them which were in turn tucked into brown dress

    shoes. Upon seeing his guests, he got up and jumped from his perch.


    "Greetings, mortal, I am Sheogorath, lord of the neverthere. When Argof asked him to explain her task, he shook his head. "Only

    Haskill knows that, I will not divulge such secret information, it is very...secret. Nope, Haskill must tell for he loves to talk. That's all

    he ever does. " The daedric lord of madness and discord walked around the room, pickking various things up. Bookcases, chairs,

    tables and even chandeliers were upended as if he was looking for something, or someone. "Haskill? Haskill, where has he got to? I

    will lose his head if mine wasn't tyed on so tightly."


    A palace rose up out of the muck that is New Sheoth, a pinnacle of brilliance that brightened up an otherwise drab and boring

    landscape. Inside the palace was an impressive sight. Black carpet along with blue green candles ran along the right side of the

    palace and red carpet with sconces filled with orange flames ran along the left side, splitting the palace in half. The place itself was

    a stone building with three tall windows that rose up to the ceiiing. There was a throne near the back of the great hall,

    the back of which looked like fingers that were longing to be one with the ceiling. Behind the throne was a large tree. On each side

    of the main chamber were stone doorways that lead to the houses of New Sheoth's domains, Mania and Dementia.


    Standing next to the throne was a balding nord male dressed in a black suit, which was open to reveal a frilled red shirt. He looked

    incredibly bored, well you would be ashen faced too if you worked for the daedric prince of madness. A great voice boomed from

    one of the many pillars that adorned the palace. The pillar grew a face that looked a lot like Sheogorath, which spoke.


    "Haskill, What're ya doin'? sittin' on yer no good, useless behind making cheese? I require your assistance you daft fool, now shift



    Haskill sighed and cast a spell, moments later he materialized right by Sheogorath's side, or rather at the side of his armchair that

    appeared out of nowhere.


    "Now Haskill, this mortal requests Ms. lizardbrain's assistance and he has offered her something in return, her dead father back

    the boring blackness of the abyss."


    "How thrilling for me. it truly is an honor." He said sarcastically. Turning to his lord, he asked "can we really trust him? I mean we

    don't know what he is capable of."


    Sheogorath snapped his head back to Haskill, "Haskill! Show some respect to our guest."


    Haskill shrank back a little from his lord. "I am sorry lord, shall we begin?"


    Sheogorath nodded. Over the next few hours, the servant and the daedra searched Teran Hall for any tools and/or materials they

    could use to complete their task. They rounded up candles and three pieces of white chalk. Sheogorath drew a pentacle on the

    hall floor while Haskill placed the candles on each of the five points of the star. When they were finished, they stepped back to

    examine their handiwork. They were soon joined by Angof who began the summoning process.


    He called over to Drujeeta, who was in shock, unsure for her part to play.

    "Lizard, before I attempt this, I require something, a trinket, that the deceased held dear." 


    A claw hand entered her pocket, she withdrew from her pocket a golden watch. 

    "You can use this, he gave this watch to me on our first new life festival."


    Angof smiled at the lizard. She was uncertain as this was sincere or not. 


    "Wonderful, now the ritual can truly begin." He placed the watch on the stone floor just before the pentacle. Sheogorath lit the

    candles one at a time, when he was finished, Teran Hall was bathed in an orangey glow. nothing happened for a few minutes. Then,

    blackish-purple streams of energy drained all the lght in the hall causing the lights to flicker and go out. The stream of energy even

    drained from the lights outside which swirled in the center of the pentacle. 


    The golden watch rose from the floor and a purple light emanated from it and mingled with the purplish-black swirling void. Angof

    smiled widedly. 


    "Sheogorath, you have outdone yourself." He paused and added "Oh yeah, Haskins out did himself to."


    Sheogorath's head snapped back in Angof direction "His name is Haskill, know your place mortal! Hold your tongue, or I will remove

    it!" Sheogorath's gaze could've cut through Angof.


    Sheogorath turned back to the pentacle with a swirling portal within it. The swirling energy arms that tethered the hall's lights in

    some sort of limbo. The swirling portal spun faster and faster until the portal became a big blur. Shoegorath and Angof both gasped,

    one in awe and one in terror as a blackish-purple skeleton stepped out of the swirliing purple black void. The skeleton wasn't a

    human skeleton that is customary for a normal necromancer. 


    The skeleton that climbed out of the spiral had an elongated skull and a huge tail. As it walked towards Angof and Drujeeta, muscle

    sinues started to form around the skeleton, then tendons adhered to the muscle fibers, closely followed by skin cells forming a

    protective green skin with scaled as hard as that of a dragon formed and clung onto the muscle sinue. The internal organs formed

    under the layers of skin, tendon and muscle. Within seconds, the muscles and organs were fully formed.


    The organs began working within seconds of the creature's independence from the umbilical cord that was the swirling purplish-

    black portal that had dimmed, but did not fully disipate. Deep inside the creature's body the lungs and heart started functioning.

    This caused the creature to take his first breath with air coming in though his nose and exhaling the air out his mouth. Its eyelids

    opened revealing black eyes, a coomn eye color for creatures that were recently reanimated from the realms of death.

    Drujeeta looked quenstioningly at the swirling void. She turned her head in the direction of the necromancer. 


    "Why is is not becoming solid?" She asked,  She closed her eyes, trying to determimne why the void had not yet solidified. Her eyes

    snapped open as a look of pure terror came across her face. "Don't tell me, it needs a sacrifice...a soul for a soul correct? She then

    started to back away from the portal, edging ever close to the oval door, a claw-like hand reached behind her and felt the brass



    She had never been so scared in her life. She shook her head. "No, No, No! Angof, you promised I was not to be harmed, that I

    would be reunited with my husband."


    Angof walked over to her and smiled while spreading his hands wide.

    "Drujeeta, did you honestly think there would not be a price for your husband's return?" He gestured to the creature who was more

    Argonian than skeleton now. He muttered something in a diffeerent language and the portal in the middle of the room lit up and

    began spinning faster and faster until it had the windspeed of a hundred fans. 


    Drujeeta's claws dug into the white wood of the door as she felt herself being pulled toward the vast nothingness of the void. Her

    mind fought hard to remain present in Teran Hall and to not think about the possibility of dying. Her kids ran to help their mother,

    but the more they helped and the more Drujeeta resisted, the faster the void spun trying to sate its hunger for souls. Drujeeta felt

    her grip sliping from the door, Tulen reached a hand out, which was hard due to the raging wind current, and grabbed his mother to

    prevent her from falling into the void. All efforts were in vain however as the wind finally pulled her freely and sent her hurtling

    towards the purple-black mist swirling inside the oblivion gate.


    Drujeeta's kids screamed for her to grab hold of something. She did so, but, the wind kept forcing her grip to lessen. Drujeeta

    looked down at the star, with glowed evilly like an evil eye beckoning her to her doom. Drujeeta screamed as she, once again began

    falling towards to gate in the center of the building. Her kids yelled for her to try to escape, but the vaccuum was too great that

    pulled Durjeeta inside the blackish-purple mist. The gate solidified and sunk into the ground, causing the pentacle to become



    Angof chuckled to himself. Adrian, a high elf who is able to shapeshift into different forms and take over people's bodies, grew tired

    of this body, cast a spell the caused red light to fill Angof's body. He screamed and protested, however, this was all in vain as his

    flesh melted away to reveal a blackened skeleton, which crumpled to the ruin floor. A thick black ooze eminated from Angof's mouth

    and vanished, only to reappear on the pages of an old book some hundreds of miles away.