T.B.R Year 3 Omega Part 1 Hircine's Test of Loyalty


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    Hasir and his companions reached bloodskaal barrow around late afternoon. A rocky tomb came into view that had an archway cut

    deep into the rock. Outside the tomb are twenty red eyed draugr. The trio readied their weapons and slliced and diced through the

    dead nord bodies.


    Once all the draugr were dead, the argonian and his companions entered the tombs of Skaalara. Three more black draugr ran at

    Hasir and his friends but the nords that were in the tomb snuck up behind them and decapitated then with a mighty slash of their



    Hasir and his companions ducked to avoid the shower of red that flowed from the gaping wounds on the draugrs’ necks. One of the

    skaal approached Hasir. “Prepare to die werewofl.” This caught the lizard by surprise, “I am sorry sir, but you must have me

    mistaken for someone else.” The nord shook his head “Nope, I can smell the abomination on you lizard, prepare to die.” He forced

    the argonian to unsheath his weapon, a steel katana, and cut through the nord’s neck with a slash of his sword.


    Hasir split off from the group to find the totem. He searched various corners of the tomb as he journeyed further into the tomb.

    When he was about to give up, he saw the totem tucked in an alcove next to various books and a human skull.


    Hasir grabbed the totem and pocketed it. When he did, the tomb disappeared and he stood, once again, in the wolf lord’s throne

    room. He approached the ghost stag that was standing in front of the throne. “Well done my loyal hound, I grant you this boon

    which allows you to summon a spectral wolf to your side whenever the need arise.”


    “The skaal have an annual ceremony of purity where they have to kill a physical representation of their weaknesses, which in this

    case is a bear. Your task is to kill the bear. Now, be gone with you.”


    Hasir blinked and found himself back inside the tomb. He and his companions exited the tomb and walked southwest of the village

    where three skaal were fighting a bear, Hasir and his companions readied for the attack. They rushed the bear and gave chase as the

    bear ran into Hirstaang forest, hoping to camouflage itself in the plentiful snowfall.


    Hasir, Quinchal and Tulen ran into the forest and ignored the eerie music floating in from the northwest corner of the forest. Hasir

    looked up from his scanning of the forest and he was struck with fear,

    "Quinchal, Tulen what are you doing? Get your asses back here, something about that music sets my scales on edge." His request

    fell on deaf ears as he watched the tsaesci and his brother disappear from view behind some trees. He prayed to Hircine that they

    did not approach the draugr but they, being stupid, approached them anyway. 


    He groaned and ran after them waving his hands; warned them to not get near them. He was about a few feet away from them

    when Quinchal stopped and stood aside but Tulen ran forth into the arrea where the draugr were dancing. Quinchal and Hasir both

    face palmed when Tulen frowned as he tried to break the enchantment,

    "Hey, I... can't stop dancing... help!" He half asked, hallf yelled.


    Quinchal chuckled as he strode toward him to try to break the spell. Hasir's arm shot out and forcibly grabbed the tsaesci to hold him

    back. Hasir shook his head,

    "Quinchal, better not, er, we will find another way to save him." Quinchal glanced at the struggling Argonian, turned back and asked

    why he can't save him.


    Hasir sighed while running his hand down his face. He told the tsaesci that the draugr were nords, beastfolk and bretons once but

    that stump has an evil enchantment on it that causes anyone who gets caught in the purple aura surrounding it to start dancing


    "Quinchal, if you get a 'brilliant idea' to dance like morons about the stump then you will become another one of its victims." He

    gestured toward the draugr dancing non-stop in a circle around the stump with Tulen completing the circle."


    Quinchal tried to invision the Argonian shriveling to a red-eyed black skinned draugr; he freaked out and redoubled his efforts of

    freeing Tulen. Again, Hasir had to retrain the frantic Tsaesci; he slapped him hard in the face. A fiery chain burst forth from Hasir's

    hands as he flung it toward his ensnared brother. The chain wrapped around his waist like a snake and gave him a sharp tug. Tulen

    flew backwards and fell at Hasir's feet. Tulen snapped out of his enchanted state and looked up apologetically at his brother.


    Hasir scolded him rather harshly but then brightened and said that they had a bear to capture. Hasir told Tulen to go left, for

    Quinchal to go right and that he will go up the middle; with any luck, they while trap the bear in no time. With the two serpentine

    folk with their assignment, Hasir smiled to himself. He unsheathed his dragonsteel sword, sniffed the air and ran in the direction of

    the scent. He saw a endless sea of trees with golden light lighting up the snow like a many faceted diamond. Hasir squinted to try to

    catch sight of the bear but all he found was a vast expanse of untraveled snow. He saw a naked nordsitting in the middle of the

    forest five yards away from where Hasir stood. He was sitting by a fire he hadd made the night before. The firelight cast shadows on

    the trees around him. Hasir thought that they were going on a wild ggoose chase and that this was some kind of ruse set up either

    by the nords or the wolflord himself.


    The Argonian spun around and saw glints of golden yellow and forest green a few feet behind him on eith side. He cupped his hands

    over his moouth and called to them,

    "Guys, we have been taken for fools, there is nothing here, turn back." As he said this though, the late afternoon sun gave way to

    the night and the man began to change. A giant bear rose up on its hind legs and let out a mighty roar.


    Hasir turned around raised his sword, looked at it, his evil grin was reflected in the blade and goaded the bear to attack. The bear

    ran at him ready to strike; The Argonian stood his ground. He encircled the bear as though he were goading a dog with a stick. The

    Argonian found an opening and stabbed outwwards with his sword. A massive paw came down and snapped the sword in two as if it

    were a twig. Grinning slyly, the Argonian called the flame whip to his hand and lashed out at the bear. The whip bounced off of the

    bear's thick hide. 


    The bear rushed toward him, Hasir took out his pheonix fire bow and pulled the string taught and began to fire, but the bear saw this

    and again, broke the weapon with a massive clawe. Not to be disheartened Hasir weilded the broken bits of bow like daggers as he

    struck the bear with such furry that the bear was quickly overwhelm despite it attempting to block every blow. Withh its pelt matted

    with blood, the bear gave one final pitiful roar and fell forward into the snow. Hasir stood on the corspe raising his bow bits and

    celebrated his victory. 


    Unseen by the adrenaline-ridden Argonian, the beast turned back into a man. Hasir looked down, gasped and retreated off of the

    corspe, frightened by what he had just done. A tall man wearing a deer skull, the called Alrabeg, appeared out of the trees to his right,

    "Well done, hunter, not only have you bested a bear, but you managed to fell another of my creations, that is no easy feat," He said as he

    looked at the horrorstruck Argonian wih great reverance,  "With that being said, I grant you this bow," He held the bow out for Hasir to

    examine; it was of glass make and had wood mixed with glass particles that made up the shaft. The string was made of white stag hair.

    Hasir's eyes lit up as he hefted the bow in his hands. "This bow is called the bow of the stag prince, may it serve you well in your next



    Hasir eyed the bow with awe as he ran his hand over the polished wooden surface,

    "So, er, is there any special enchantment on this?" Tulen smacked him for being so pigheaded


    This rudeness wasn't lost on Alrabeg who shook his head,

    "Watch yourself, my hound, lest I replace you with a hound who actually listens to me!"


    Hasit felt tears well up in his eyes and had to fight them back so he would not appear weak in front of the prince of the hunt. The hunter

    aspect of Hircine sighed and tol Hasir that the bow does not have an enchantment on it so he could feel free to put whatever

    enchantments he wants on it. He also said that the bow draws a half percentage faster than any other bow.


    The hunter spoke once again. "Well done, hound, now onto the next task, there is a castle to the north of Solstheim, inside that

    castle is a powerful ice giant named Karstaag who has summoned Grahls, powerful ice trolls who have been tasked with destroying

    my children. We must stop them before they can destroy my creations." The stag's eyes bore intensely in the lizards as if his he was

    reading his soul. "You have your orders, now go, werewolves everywhere are praying for your safe return." With that, Hasir left the

    village and headed in the direction of the castle.