The Streets of Boston - Chapter 10: Lafoy against the world - round 1

  • November 9, 2287, Dugout Inn

    The gentle melodies of Bob Crosby’s Happy times echoed through the Dugout Inn, as I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling. A small ray of light peered through the a hole in the wall, speckles of dust dancing along with the music.

    I could hear the other patrons gathering at the bar, listening to the russian’s far fetched stories of giant “Mirrrelurrrkz” and his famous booze. It was almost like old times, as if nothing had ever happened.

    I’ll admit that I was utterly disappointed to discover that this grand city was nothing more than a collection of crappy shacks, neon lights and scared but generally happy, complacent people. I shouldn’t complain really, I’m in the good graces of the press, the government and already have a clue as to where I’m going to find my kind of entrepreneurs. This was almost too easy.

    Piper gave me but a short tour before dropping me off at the dugout Inn, but she had given me all the information I needed. The merchants were all in the mayor’s pocket, the Mayor was in the stands’ pocket and the rest of the people dreamt of bigger things but were either too scared or too complacent to do anything about it. Nothing strange really. Diamond city was just like any pre-war city, but small. One hell of a lot smaller.

    I looked at the blonde beauty sleeping next to me. The Mayor had really pulled all the strings he could afford to. What an idiot. Although the company of his secretary was most appreciated last night, it had been a while since I had the pleasure of sharing a bottle of wine with such a beautiful young lady. What a silver tongue and a well pressed suit won’t do for a resourceful man.

    She waltzed in here last night, while I was enjoying a cigar and listening to one of my tapes. C’est si bon, by Louis Armstrong. She opened the door, stepped in and without any form of hesitation dropped down her trenchcoat. She had clearly done this before. I wonder how often the Mayor has included these services in her job description. Way too often probably.

    Despite the fact that I hadn’t slept with anyone in over two centuries, I refused. I had wanted to swindle the mayor. I had no need for the body of his secretary. We did however lengthily discuss the comings and goings of the people from the mayor's offices. Apparently the man was accepting bribes on all sides; organised crime, the famous 1%, and even a more mysterious group of benefactors which were only ever contacted through a courier.

    She moaned as I made my way out of the bed, I had offered her to join me in my room so she wouldn’t be spotted outside; drunk as she was. But in reality it was mostly to let the mayor believe I had accepted his gift. She would probably not even remember what exactly happened the night before.

    I stumbled towards the sink in the corner of the room and tried to have a drink. I may have had one or two glasses of wine too many yesterday. I hated being hungover, that nagging headache had been the bane of my existence in my vault when I still had wine, but that had been years ago. I may be immortal but I had certainly lost the habit, and the associated resistance. I opened the tap, but sadly came to the conclusion it was broken and probably had been for centuries. I still had to get used to a few things if I was to call this bleak future my home.

    I looked at the shattered mirror and in surprise looked at an old, near unrecognizable man. Damn, that was me? How long had it been since my last dose? Way too long most likely. I couldn’t go around town like this, people would start asking questions, Piper or the mayor specifically. I couldn’t let that happen. My suit, where was my suit?

    I turned around and scanned the room, only to find it hanging over an old chair. I searched it and instinctively found the secret compartment in the lining. Every suit I owned had one of these, it was great to smuggle small doses of drugs through surveillance or to hide an extra gun or knife in case of need. But from now on they would be used to carry a dose of serum. I pulled out the syringe and cringed; I still hated the feeling. I’ll admit it wasn’t without a certain degree of hesitation but I plunged the syringe into my chest. I could feel my bloodstream accelerate as the serum breached my heart. The pain ran through my body like an electric shock. Immortality came at a price and it was clear what that would be: Pain.

    Once the pain subsided I looked back into the mirror. My features were already reverting to those of my younger self. The piercing grey eyes that first looked so numb had grown piercing again, and the riddled skin regained its firmness. Good.

    I had promised to go see Piper today. And a gentleman like me always keeps his promises. But first I would have to get rid of this hangover. I got dressed and left the room, allowing the girl to get some decent sleep.

    “Mr. Lafoy,” The Russki called out with the worst pronunciation I had heard so far, “How has your stay been?”

    “Please call me Simon, Mr. Bobrov,”

    “Simon, it’s Vadim, no Mr.Bobrov for the clients. For the troublemakers, but never for the customers, aint that right Yefim?”

    “Of course not,” his brother replied monotonously. I guess it would be annoying to spend all your free time with a man like Vadim. He did make for a very loyal and surprisingly discreet barman. Nothing of importance to me had come off his lips so far, I wondered when that was going to change.

    “Well alright, Vadim it is, I slept wonderfully. My compliments to your service,” I continued, nodding at Yefim, who started to glow at the compliment. He knew just like me what a crappy room it was, but he clearly liked having some of the attention. This could prove useful.

    “However I may have had a drink too many yesterday. Do you have anything to help with that?”

    “Of course Simon” Vadim replied, as loud as ever, and took something from behind the counter: a small and flat box, it looked somewhat similar to an envelope. Large letters dotted the opening: Mentats. I was honestly surprised those still existed.Those little pills were quite lucrative once upon a time. That reminds me; I should go around town, see if my “assets” are still in a decent state.

    “These will help with the headache,” Vadim offered me the enveloppe, “Should I put them on the Mayor’s tab?”

    I nodded and accepted the pills and the glass of water Scarlett, the help, had prepared for me and downed the pills without any afterthought. I was against the use of this kind of produce normally but to hell with that, I’m immortal now… That and my head didn’t stop hurting like it had been cracked open. I would have to ask Vadim where he got the stuff sometime.

    “You must have done something good Simon, for the mayor to reward you like this. It isn’t often that he sends his secretary to do business for him, especially so late at night.” Yefim Inquired.

    My head already felt a lot better. Those mentats could really work miracles, it was easy to understand why idiots would use them to become successful. Nothing could weigh in against real natural charisma and intelligence though. The amount of overconfident junkies I crushed because they thought the Mentats had made them smarter than me, is phenomenal.

    “Oh, I didn’t do anything special. Piper, that reporter,” The brothers shook their heads in unison, apparently Piper had a reputation for trouble, not at all surprising really. “She helped me swindle the mayor into all this; the room, the food, hell even that marvelous Moonshine you brought me yesterday, he all paid it out of guilt.” I continued, forcing myself to add in a compliment to the horrible beverage Vadim had me drink last night. I always found Moonshine disgusting, and adding the normally harmless Vodka didn’t enhance the taste.

    “Did you like the Moonshine Simon?” Vadim roared in response, as expected. “I’ll make sure there will be another bottle waiting for you tonight, on the mayoral tab of course.”

    “Thank you my friend.” I replied, stopped in full sentence by a “pat” on the back from Vadim, blasting all the air out of my lungs. I recovered and did my best to hide the surprise but from the corner of my eye I could see Yefim smirk. It was clear who I would have to see if I wanted some decent information.

    Yefim was smart, he disliked his brother for appropriating all the attention but clearly took a certain profit from it as well. After all if no one looks at you, what stops you from carefully observing them? Yefim would have the dirt, and Vadim the unlikely stories about “Mirreelurrkz”.

    “No thanks Simon, but please accept a bit of friendly advice. That Piper girl, she is but trouble, always on the lookout for invisible robots and conspiracies hidden in plain sight. If it were up to her we would all be robots hellbend to kidnap her in her sleep.” Vadim continued.

    “You mean she’s paranoid?”  I asked, a paranoid person would never have approached me like she had. Right?

    “No,no, she’s obsessed with the “Truth” or whatever she likes to call it. Damn girl will get us all in early graves if it’s what’s needed to pursue it!” Yefim replied. He was a lot clearer and more to the point than his brother, I could certainly appreciate that.

    “Thank you for the warning my friends, I’ll make sure to pay you back for this valuable advice in time. In the meantime I have an appointment with the reporter, so I’ll be going now. See you later.” I said as I made my way to the door but just as I tried to open it. I heard Vadim yell something:

    “The umbrellas are extra my friend, even for you!”

    It took me a while, and a few more steps to understand what he meant.

    Of course it would be raining!


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  • Karver the Lorc
    Karver the Lorc   ·  June 5, 2016
    Interesting. How long does it take for the serum to wear off? I remember Cabot's sister growing old quite fast, but I played through that quest only once.

    And Simon is totally gonna take over the city!
  • Teineeva
    Teineeva   ·  May 25, 2016
    Hey man not a problem. We all have a life outside of the vault (at least I hope so), sometimes it takes over, that happens.
  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  May 25, 2016
    Sorry about taking so long, things kinda been a bit busy.
  • The Wing
    The Wing   ·  May 23, 2016
    Wait, this stuff is in-game?? I just looked it up, and I've never actually done the Cabot quest! Holy shit! Immortality! I'm missing out on a lot here! 
    lol Simon, hate to break it to you buddy but you're not the scariest thing in America anymore. (...  more
  • Teineeva
    Teineeva   ·  May 23, 2016
    @Rancid, well from what I gathered in game I believe a few doses of the juice will make you basicly immortal, if you go without for a long time though you'll start to grow old. My guess is that eventually you'll just turn into a technically living vegetab...  more
  • The Wing
    The Wing   ·  May 23, 2016
    Wow, what will happen when Simon runs out of youth juice?  And how has his supply lasted him 200 years? I'm really interested to see where the Commonwealth will take him. He has no Shaun to find, and therefore no mission...
  • Jeffrey
    Jeffrey   ·  May 22, 2016
    I'm quite curious to the details of such a bet O.o

    "$20 if you never play this game man. Yeah."
  • Lyall
    Lyall   ·  May 22, 2016
    Oh, competitive. I thought you said "Hyper-compact." XD
  • Lyall
    Lyall   ·  May 22, 2016
    Don't know what that means, but sounds... un-fun. 
  • Teineeva
    Teineeva   ·  May 22, 2016
    I think it's a good game as well, don't get me wrong. I'l just never play it, it's a bit of a pride thing. I'm stupid like that. You should never try to have a bet with your best friend if you have hypercompetetive tendancies.