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The Big Bad (Good?) Wolf
After many days of training and accepting missions from the Circle, the time had come to truly become a member of the Companions. Farkas and Hverg went to Dustman's Cairn alonw (without Mjoll, who had already received a different mission) to answer a rumor that a fragment of Wuuthrad was hidden within.

But there was more than just Draugr in their path. Farkas had stood against a group of bandits that called themselves "The Silver Hand". They seemed to be enemies of the Companions, and Hverg had worried about Farkas going against them all by himself.

Then he transformed.

As a Werewolf, he tore them apart like a knife through a spider's web. Afterwards, Hverg had many questions. But it's like Farkas said, "Eyes on the prey, not the horizon." And so he continued his trial.

Ararvyne "Blackblood" Varam's Album: Hverg, the War-Smith

DESCRIPTION : An image catalog of Hverg's journey through Skyrim