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Thane Thereafter
After saving the city from a Dragon attack, the Jarl was more than grateful. Hverg had been named Thane of Whiterun, and recieved the Axe and a ring.

Hverg thought about what he could do as Thane, and decided he would try to help out the people of the city. Amren was the first one he helped, by finding his family sword in a nearby Bandit-infested cave. Afterwards, he helped the Gray-Manes in finding 's lost son, which afterwards lead to a period of layment ( before Hverg would rise again. He set out to travel to Markarth, hoping to learn much of Smithing from both the Blacksmith there and the various Dwarven designs.

Ararvyne "Blackblood" Varam's Album: Hverg, the War-Smith

DESCRIPTION : An image catalog of Hverg's journey through Skyrim