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It's mine, it's finally mine!
It is finally mine and noone can take it away from me. After so many hours and so many bosses I finally earned the right to start the quest for the final damn relic so I can earn those bloody costumes from filling the House of Orsimer Glories :D

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  • Veloth the Prophet
    Veloth the Prophet Haha same feeling I had!
    July 31, 2017
  • Paws
    Paws Nicee one Gold! :D Sina is gonna look excellent in her new threads! Wear that title with pride, too, you've worked damn hard for it.
    July 31, 2017
  • Golden Fool
    Golden Fool @Veloth, when I was completing the quest for the final relic I ended up running through the dungeon with someone else. We finished the quest at the same time and while I was trying on the costumes she had left the building. I found her standing outside tr...  more
    July 31, 2017