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The coloured version of some line art of my two Dominion characters from ESO. On the right is my warden Korysha who I created just after Morrowind was made available to pc players and yet I only just completed that expansion's main quest with. On the left is Sina, my Bosmer Templar who happens to be the only character that I've completed the main quest of ESO with, along with being the only one I've gotten past level 50 and half a dozen other things.

I wasn't sure whether I wanted to attempt a background for this, so I decided to post it without one for now and then if I ever do add one in I'll just post that as well :D For now wherever you imagine them to be, just know that Korysha is making fun of Sina because she's short enough to be mistaken for a child.

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  • Paws
    Paws Who can blame Korysha? Bosmer are there to be mocked, it's like their sole purpose. This is really good, Goldster. Shadows look good, fabric texture looks briliant, and the image is so loaded with personality that I want to know more about these two. Litt...  more
    July 26, 2017