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New Warden Class

  • February 7, 2017

    So I wanted to open up a thread that combines speculation,  the latest news and just about anything I can think of to do with ESO's brand new Warden Class that's coming with the Morrowind expansion. For now it's mostly a combination of analysis from the trailer and my own thoughts that's brought me down one track for this. I'd love to hear what other people thing of the Warden Class, and what direction they think it might take.

    What we know

    At the moment we simply don't have enough real information to make any educated guesses, and I don't know enough about ESO to make any of my own really. But the trailer mostly shows the Warden hanging back and letting the Bear do most of the work in combat, providing a few AoE damaging spells but seemingly focusing more on defensive and supporting spells. Perhaps this will be the 'main focus' of the class, or it's more unique skill line, or maybe that's just a little bit and this will be a Pure Offensive Caster.

    Ice Spells -  The Ice Barrier spell we see it use against the Dwemer Collosus is particularly interesting from a defensive standpoint (an AoE defensive technique like that isn't something that any of the other Classes have as far as I remember.). Ice and Nature, are generally more defensive skills in other games, so perhaps ESO will follow this line and most of the Warden's spells will be more focused on slowing down enemies, trapping them in place and otherwise providing valuable support for allies. 

    Animal Companion - This is probaby one of the most interesting parts of the Warden Class for me, at the moment I'm kind of assuming that it's just the bear but for all we know it's something a bit closer to D&D's Druid Animal Companion or Dragon Age Origins' Ranger Summons in that you get multiple options. Either way, what we've seen of the Bear is that it's a pretty powerful offensive threat that can either fight alongside the Warden or in front of. 

    Nature - At the moment we know next to nothing about the Nature Skills that the Warden is said to have. Perhaps the nature of the trailer didn't allow for them to delve into it, or maybe it's supposed to be secret for now. I'd put my money on the Nature skills being defensive in nature though, I might be leaning that way more because I'd love to see a really Defensive/Support Spellcaster in ESO, but it does seem to be the way that the skills line up (Ice and Nature for support, Bear does the damage). 


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    February 8, 2017

    If you do some digging, there's quite a bit more involved to the class, but you're not far off. Data miners revealed the following Warden skill lines:

    • Winter's Embrace - frost magic
    • Green Balance - healing and nature magic
    • Animal Companions - everything from bears to cliff racers

    With the homestead patch, ZOS changed how ice staves and destruction staff passives work. As you may be aware, blocking with a shield takes stamina. Now, with the right passives, you can block with a frost staff which will be based on magicka. No one understood why ZOS was going this route until the Warden class came up on the radar screen.

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    February 24, 2017

    Welp, I had an idea for an Imperial Ranger-sort that this will suid just about perfectly. I'm updating ESO right frigging now and revisiting some places in preparation.

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    February 24, 2017

    Mercurias said:

    Welp, I had an idea for an Imperial Ranger-sort that this will suid just about perfectly. I'm updating ESO right frigging now and revisiting some places in preparation.

    Awesome! I left a comment on the other Warden post that may interest you.