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Update 21 - Patch Notes

  • February 20, 2019

    So, I was stumbling around for some reason and ran into the Update 21 Patch Notes which comes out either in 5 days or early March (Console Players) and while a lot of it goes over my head I was rather interested in a few key sections. 

    Writ Reward Improvements

    Material Shipments received from Writ Rewards have been revamped!

    • Instead of only receiving material from a lower tier than your crafting passive rank, you will now receive a distribution of materials with the majority of the materials being for your current material tier based on passive rank.
    • You will also receive a small amount of material for your next tier to allow you to stockpile a bit in advance so when you rank up, you will have the materials you need to keep going.
    • You will still receive a small amount of materials randomly chosen from a previous tier in order to support making equipment for lower level characters.

    Enchanting Change

    Enchants on one handed weapons will now be half the potency of those placed on two handed weapons. This will apply to the damage and effectiveness of enchants, but will not affect the cooldown.

    Complete Racial Passive Overhaul

    This one's a bit more in-depth and I don't really want to take the time to post it all because I have to nagivate between developer comments but it does have a completely Separate Thread breaking it down in more detail so I'll leave that there. But basically from what I've gathered they're aiming to change it from percentage based boosts to a straight boost while also changing the 'unique' passives that each Race gets (or the less generic ones I should say). 


    Anyway, I realize most people have probably already looked at the notes and all that, but I was also kind of interested in seeing what other people took from the Patch Notes. Obviously my three things are a bit more impactful for me as a new player (especially the revamp to Writs) so it might not be the sort of thing that's caught your eye from looking through the Notes.