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Profile: Idhea DeSele

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    April 19, 2018

    Idhea DeSele

    Basic Information

    Sex: Male

    Race: Breton

    Age: 64

    Skin Tone: Pale

    Height: 5’ 5” (165 cm)

    Weight: 10 st 4 lb (66 kg)

    Aliases: Commander Bright-Bow

    Titles: Court Wizard (formerly), Champion of Clavicus Vile, High Rock Commander

    Class: Witch-hunter

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, Leaning towards Chaotic Good.


    Build: Idhea takes good care of his body, in the belief that the body and the mind both tools of equal value.  As a result, his maintains his stocky physique into his advanced age.

    Eyes:  An injury left his right eye somewhat milky, though his other remains as green and sharp as they ever were.

    Hair: Completely bald on the top, Idhea holds on to as much of his grey hair as he can, keeping it long around the sides.

    Tattoos and Scars: Idhea does not believe in the inking of the body, and has taken enough care of his scars that his once recognisable features were marred.  A long gash falls across his face, cutting his lower lip into two obvious pieces.


    Known Attitudes

    Skills and Abilities: Idhea DeSele has trained for many years in the martial talent of archery, and combined with his skill as a natural summoner, he has turned the summoning of weaponry into a true art form.

    Weapons: Idhea does not travel with weapons, preferring to keep himself appearing friendly on approach, summoning his bow from Oblivion only when required.

    Apparel: Idhea feels most comfortable when wearing a solid steel plate cuirass and greaves, with soft but sturdy leather bands keeping his feet and arms ready for movement.  A full-faced helm protects his face, with the added bonus of intimidating those who would approach him, as well as obscuring his distasteful visage.

    Religious Beliefs: Idhea was never truly religious as such, preferring instead to look at religion as a means to an end.  In later life he would turn towards Daedra worship as an attempt to reverse the effects of aging.

    Residence: For many years, Idhea has not had a home, instead taking to the road.  He no longer feels comfortable staying in one place for too long, and the open road often calls to him.

    Political Affiliations: Idhea hold no love for the mockery of the Empire that Titus Mede leads, and his prior interactions with Ulfric Stormcloak leave a bitter taste in his mouth when he considers the Stormcloak Rebellion.  His allegiances lie with his family and his lord King Humphraigh of Farrun.

    Occupation: Though once a court wizard and a commander, Idhea now travels, doing simple jobs as required.  He is not arrogant enough to consider any job beneath him after the trials he has gone through in life, and meagre coin is enough for him to maintain his lifestyle.

    Organisations and Factions: Formerly affiliated with the Court of Farrun, and likely to be welcomed back should he wish to return, Idhea maintains his solitary life free from the burdens of responsibility and organised action – though he will act in accordance of laws, he sees no need to force himself to follow any principles set by any organisation.

    Favourite Foods and Drinks: Since taking to the road, Idhea has enjoyed having a glass of fine wine when the chance arises, though mostly subsists on cheap ales from taverns and stews that he can cook up himself.  Though the occasional venison steak is always appreciated.

    Flaws: He regards his age as a major inconvenience to his ability, and has a certain level of vanity despite his scarring.  He would do almost anything to reverse the effects of both and is willing to endanger most people in order to do so.

    Personality: He tries hard to be a good person, but since his early childhood he finds it hard to know what that means.  From his experience, it means toppling oppressive regimes, protecting women and children, and following an arbitrary set of guidelines.  Recent developments in the last fifteen years have skewed this, and he has taken to putting himself first more and more frequently.

    Goals: Idhea has his sights set on regaining his youth, and the fastest route is obtaining an Elder Scroll for Clavicus Vile.  In Skyrim, he heard that one could be found.




    Born in the last days of Second Seed in the year of 4E 137 to a member of the town guard of Farrun, and a wet-nurse for his mother, Idhea grew up sharing the teat with the prince of Farrun, a lad by the name of Humpraigh.  The two boys subsequently grew close, but many years later, when the two were at the tender age of seven, tragedy struck Farrun.

    An insurrection saw King Faobraeth removed from his position, and a man by the name of Goeridd took the throne.  Idhea’s father fell to Goeridd’s men, and his mother, Juanne, fled east for Jehanna with Humphraigh and Idhea in tow.

    It took little time for the two boys to settle in to Jehanna, though Humphraigh quickly started training to take back his home.  Idhea took to the Mages Guild and learnt the art of summoning as he trained with Humphraigh at the archery range.  Hiring a mercenary force in Jehanna, in ten years he took back Farrun from Goeridd, installing Idhea as his right-hand man and Court Wizard.

    At the age of seventeen, neither were truly ready for the responsibilities put upon them, and Humphraigh was quickly wed to a girl named Deanna, and Idhea remained unattached, instead ensuring he could provide adequate counsel to his friend.  He became leader of the local chapter of the Mages Guild, quite the feat for a young man of nineteen, and in another two years, he was well respected across High Rock for his prowess at magic.

    It was at this point that Titus Mede II took the throne of the Empire, though it was not much of an empire at this point.  Farrun remained loyal to the crown, as did the rest of High Rock, but much of Tamriel was in disarray.  Forseeing a great battle to come, Idhea, named by his soldiers as Commander Bright-Bow, took a token force south to meet the new Aldmeri Dominion at the battle for Anvil in 174, but emerged significantly worse for wear, and blinded in his right eye.  All his men but one fell, and the two of them went on the run as Aldmeri forces hunted them down.  Knowing they could not return home, for Idhea was a known entity throughout Tamriel by this point, the two men went on the run.

    Accompanied by his soldier Noster, Idhea went in to hiding for the second time in his life.  He took whatever opportunities arose and found himself in Skyrim for the first time fighting with his estranged cousins, the Reachmen, to reclaim their lands.  It was short-lived, however, when a man by the name of Ulfric Stormcloak took their homes with a foul power that issued forth from his throat, one that struck a chord deep within Idhea.  In the disarray, he was separated from Noster, and found himself back in High Rock, completely unrecognisable due to his disfigurements.

    He spent the next ten years travelling, though at this point he had reached the age of 48, and could feel his body starting to ache when it once did not.  Fearing becoming a frail man after his life as a strong, able-bodied warrior, he turned his attentions to healing magics, trying to find a way of slowing down the inevitable weakening of his body.  His travels took him to the southern parts of Cyrodiil, where the borders met with Elsweyr, and eventually to Riverhold.  In the markets there he found evidence of Daedric intervention of old age in the form of an old weathered journal, and vowed to achieve this for himself.  His travels found him at a shrine to Clavicus Vile, just south of the Imperial City, where he learnt of an opportunity – he was to travel to Skyrim, where rumours of an Elder Scroll being sighted had been reported, and deliver it to the Daedric Prince in return for his rejuvenation…


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    April 20, 2018

    This is a Profile and a half right here mate! Pictures are excellent, loads of detail and a fantastic backstory. A character with flaws but isn't flawed, with an undercurrent of potential 'evil' with his consorting with the Daedra.

    So other than finding Clavicus' shrine first, what draws him to this Daedra more than the others? He's all about the deals in fairness, but if immortality is what he seeks above all else wouldn't he pursue other options as well? Vampirism? Maybe even alchemical or magical options?

    A note on formatting - it might be useful to but his reason for being in Skyrim/goals to be outlined in a similar way to personality, but then explained in detail further in the backstory. Just makes info easier to find really.

    For his class, is he only a Witch-hunter in terms of combat, not ideology? As his goal seems to basically be the antithesis of what the class stands for I guess he's got a more magey mindset?

    I love the fact that he's quite short and older, makes it even more humiliating for his enemies when this short old dude kicks their arse. Made me grin XD

    Oh and this is being stickied by the way, it's a truly great Profile :)

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    April 20, 2018

    Heh, thanks.  Image editing really isn't my strong suit, all I can use is Paint, so that you think they're quite good is a real boost for me.

    In all honesty, the reason for why Vile is precisely that skewed value of fairness and having all cards on the table.  He wants something that won't mess anyone over too much (since he still thinks he's a good person), but his dealings with Daedra are honestly quite limited.  That one is willing, or so it seems, to fulfill his wish, he's accepted the challenge given to him and is pursuing it wholeheartedly, no distractions allowed.  I guess I need to make it clear that it's not immortality that he's after, but youth.  It isn't a matter of avoiding death, but avoiding frailty that drives him.

    Thanks for the advice on the formatting, I'll make a change on that when I can.

    The class is a matter of combat, and not much else. This entire character began as a witch-hunter that fell off the deep end into becoming what he hated, but it grew into something else from there.  His class is a reflection of what he originally was, and what he could eventually become if he were to turn on Clavicus Vile.

    And yeah, the shorter/older a hero (or anti-hero) is, the better.  Subvert expectations!

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    April 21, 2018

    Well it looks like you've answered all my questions! Sorry for confusing the quest for youth with immortality. The former isn't really talked about very much but it's an intriguing concept, more depth to it than just eternal life, and it really speaks about the character's values.

  • May 1, 2018

    Looks good Joshua. Quite a long profile, but it was a great read; interesting character indeed. I'll go ahead and try to find a link to Karver's tutorial with using powerpoint  for photoshopping, maybe it'll help you out a little bit with image-editing (though they still look good)! here it is

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    May 15, 2018
    That’s a good tutorial. When I get the time I’ll take a look into touching the images up.
  • May 16, 2018

    I really enjoyed this Joshua, I think one of my favourite parts of it was just the presentation, just really excellent. Oh and, well you know I just kind of felt like I wanted to know more about Idhea. 

    Decided to feature it on the Tamriel Vault Twitter Account too by the way :D