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Ordinator Tip - Reducing Shout Cooldowns

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  • August 5, 2017

    So as most people know by now there are a few different ways to get a 100% Shout Cooldown in Vanilla Skyrim by either manipulating Fortify Restoration Potions or the Werewolf form transformation, but with Ordinator, Imperious and a few of Enai Siaion's other mods there are some ways to do it that don't involve really glitching the game out in any manner. So this is just a quick option for a 'easy and glitch-free' Shout Cooldown reduction method that I think is a little bit more balanced than other options. With this method you still need a high Speech and a high Restoration level to use it.


    There are a number of perks and effects that have a chance to reduce the Shout Cooldown either by a certain amount, or to 3 seconds or 0 seconds no matter what Shout it it. The first is the Talos Principle, an effect that can only be gained by taking the Gods and Mortals perk in the Restoration tree and choosing to pray at a Shrine to Talos. It has an unknown chance to reduce your Shout Cooldown to 0, as far as I can tell it's theoretically possible (if you have the most insane luck) to reduce all of your cooldowns to 0 but it's very unlikely to be something even approaching 10% so it's not something that I recommend relying on. A more reliable and similar method is to take the Force Redoubled perk in Speech which at the second level will give you a 50% chance to reduce your Cooldown to a mere 3 seconds. That's incredible, I mean even if your unlucky around half of your Shouts are only going to require a 3 second timer to rest and it can actually be boosted with Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim because there's an enchantment (Deep Breath) that essentially has the same effect but to a smaller degree.  

    Regardless of the fact that I don't know what the Talos Principle does to a degree where I can recommend it, that doesn't meant that Gods and Mortals is totally useless. First of all, it does still double the duration of the base effect of the Shrine of Talos giving you 12 hours of reduced Shout Cooldowns but the actual magnitude of the effect is going to be boosted thanks to Pilgrim the pre-requisite perk that gives you a 100% boost to Shrine Effects at 100 Restoration (with it decreasing by 1% per level if your Restoration is lower). This essentially means you can get 40% for 12 hours with just a few perks. At this point your only going to be really worrying about Shouts that have a longer than 60 second cooldown in my eyes and most of them aren't ones that you really need to use repeatedy. Still I want to finish this off by mentioning that it's possible to increase the effect from the shrine by sacrificing the duration.

    If you have Aurora - Standing Stones of Skyrim and Imperious - Races of Skyrim, you can choose to be a Breton and have the Stones of Galen Power. What this does is give each of the Standing Stones an additional effect that allows them to be more interesting than the base stone. For the Ritual Stone, this allows you to multiply the effect of any shrine by 4x but reduces the duration to 300 seconds. Then your sitting at an 80% Shout Cooldown without anything else I've mentioned and a possible 160% cooldown if Pilgram and the Ritual Stone both boost the cooldown. Of course you are looking at a 300/450 second duration which isn't anything flash but it's still interesting (and don't forget that outside of this your looking at a 50% or higher chance to reduce the Cooldown to 3 seconds).

  • February 5, 2018

    So I figured I should clarify that I have not updated this mod recently, and it might've been completely broken because Aurora - Standing Stones of Skyrim is no longer a mod and it's been replaced with Andromeda - Unique Standing Stones. I'm going to be checking to see if Stones of Galen changed, but at the moment there's a possibility that this trick doesn't work.