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Accepting group commissions for Skyrim replicas

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    January 7, 2014

    Hella there, guys
    I'd like to tell you here, that I'm accepting new projects soon.
    So if you'd like to commission me with an idea of yours, then please do.
    But I'd need to explain how the group commission works:

    You always wanted to have, let's say, a Dawnbreaker (example), but you know that commissioning an artist like me would cost a lot for a single person.

    So, why don't you gather as much friends and fans as possible for this project, who are willing to share the funds? Yes, this is possible.
    Why not splitting the costs?
    This is only possible for project which involve molding and casting, though.
    I don't want to craft the item over and over again, but casting it. It's less time consuming and I can do a couple of it for less funds.

    If you do have a project and a group, then please dont hesitate to ask me.
    I'd prefer some nice weapons to create :)


    Item preferences:
    - Nightingale Blade
    - Dawnbreaker
    - other swords
    - castable items

    Items I'm not doing:
    - Dragon Priest masks
    - daedric armor, daedric weapons
    - full suits/armors
    - anything non-castable