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The Campfire of Favorite Phrases

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    November 20, 2016

    Hallo! After Sotek and Will made their Campfires, I decided on making one too. Here, we writers can share quotes, phrases and even whole scenes of our stories that we're particularly fond of. I have a few examples, all from my ESO series, Agents of the Queen.


    From Part 9, Voyage of the Prowler:

    -“Would you people hurry it up? I’d prefer to reach Vulkhel Guard before earning the title of ‘dro’!” Quartermaster Oblan shouted as the sailors of the Prowler walked aboard.

    -“Great!” Mastengwe cried, overjoyed. “Alright, Suhr, Virkvild, Ardolan. If this goes wrong, know that I did this for the benefit of magical studies, and I have no regrets.”


    From an unused idea for Part 17, The Defiance Festival:

    -Elereth walked over, looking at me with eyes that, despite their vampiric redness, managed to evoke a small dog. "Please?"


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    November 20, 2016

    From The Silver Fox, Chapter 4

    “No,” He openly admitted. “But you forgot that Helgen is near the borders of Cyrodiil, which means all trade that comes from Bruma goes there, which means there’s bound to be something of value. Wood and straw may burn, but not silver and gold.” He hummed the last part like it was a tune.

    I slapped my forehead. Divines help me. This guy is dense as stone!

    You’re crazy!” I finished up by throwing my arms high up in the air.

    “You hurt me, Kat.” He placed a hand over his heart and feigned heartache.



    This is a piece of dialogue I'm saving for Chapter 7. Still haven't think of a way to implement it yet.

    Elise: You told that shopkeeper that Urn was worth two thousand septims.

    Renartus: Yes, and it is worth two thousand septims... in about a year or so later.



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    February 24, 2017

    Reviving this with a quote that may or may not pop up in AotQ Part 21 (it makes sense in context, believe me):


    -I looked at my sister disapprovingly. “Auri-El save us if you somehow become male.” I said, sipping my drink. “It'd be a miracle to get you to wear pants at all.”

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    March 1, 2017

    Yet again with AotQ, and Ardolan's snarkery. An excerpt from Part 22:


    -“What, she's a damned cultist too?” I asked, outraged. “Next you'll tell me she kills puppies and shares drinks with the Dark Brotherhood.”

  • March 1, 2017

    A few from my Fallout blogs (hope my kind is welcome here :P):

    From Rules and Regulations:

      I fancied myself many things, living my quiet life in the Capital. A historian, a duelist of modest renown, in some cases, an optimist.

    also from R+R:

    The city itself was a husk, unworthy of much description save for the savory flavor of the dogs that we had to eat, those of us still left. It was around the campfire and amongst the wafting scent of flesh that we made our first introductions, real introductions, that is. Before we had merely grunted like super mutants in each other’s general direction, forgoing formalities for the chance to view the ship for a few seconds longer.

    From Homunculize:

    “I don’t know about that one, Smitty. Seems a tad over-dangerous and all. Besides, we’ve got our own guards. You’ve seen ‘em walkin around with their Tommys.”

    “But they’re not heroes, ya numbskull. We need a hero! A man who can strike fear into the hearts of raiders and such.”

    Kent had no reply, and turned back to the fire, its flames slowly dying. Shadows flapped over his rotted face, and he pulled his hat lower on his head.

    And another one:

     He was unliked and unloved, or if not one of those two, unknown.

    And the last one for now:

    “I’ve something to admit,” the leader said to the McClellan boy as they walked down the cracked highway, “I’m not really a raider, you know. I don’t even think I’ve killed more than six actual raiders, so I wasn’t even sure what to do, really. Did I do it well? I thought I did it well. I tried to whoop and holler enough, but I wasn’t quite sure.

    Look kid, the point is, I’m not a raider. I’m a mercenary. I was hired by some people to do this job. And if your dumbass parents hadn’t given you up willingly, we were gonna just kill ‘em and take you.”

    That was a long one, but I really like the dialogue.

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    March 2, 2017

    I'll pull a few old ones from A Dance with Daedra


    Chapter 6:

    [Context: Amari (16) had been a captive at a bandit camp for a year and just managed to escape, but a Bosmer archer outside the camp searching for a another bandit they thought deserted (but she'd killed and hid) shot her in the leg with an arrow dipped in a paralysis potion.]

    “I thought I was going to have to return completely empty handed, now that would’ve been embarrassing. I have a reputation to uphold among these Nedes. The Toad never left the camp now did he? I’ve hunted with him many times; I know the tracks he leaves.”

    The Elf looked at her then laughed. “Why am I even asking you? You can barely control your breathing muscles lest talk right now!”

    Diaphragm, Amari thought pedantically, I can barely control my diaphragm.


    Chapter 13:

    [Context: In Karthewasten, Amari and a rogue she (successfully) escape the bandit camp with, Trebonde, cross paths with Vigilant Tyranus on his way to investigate a house in Markarth. Trebonde and Tyranus don't get along.]

    “Move! They’re fighting!”

    “Hurry! A fight!”

    They both yelled simultaneously. Belchimac looked at Amari confused, “How did you know—“

    Tellevi interrupted him as she pushed past out the door, “Well let’s go then! Two hot, sweaty, strapping men are pounding into each other without us.”

    “Mother, please…” Ainethach pleaded as he ushered everyone out of the house to join the growing crowd at the clearing behind the village.

  • March 2, 2017

    I have a few from Straag, that I'll come up with, but it'll take some time. 

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    March 20, 2017

    Another upcoming AotQ scene, involving more baleful polymorphs (damn it, Mastengwe!):


    -"Ardolan, calm down!" Lili said, turning to me. "It could be worse. Could be a talking mudcrab." 


    "Oy." Suhr piped in, slightly annoyed.