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Character Build: The Shadowblade

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    October 7, 2014


                                     “The Shadows will be my guide for revenge is why I fight.”

    The Shadowblade revels in fear and darkness, Vengeance and Hatred what powers them, and it drives them. Most Shadowblades have nothing to lose, yet they do not fight like it, they strike with precise and planned out attacks.

    Knowledge about The Shadowblades are unknown, but their intent is clear, they mostly hunt monsters who disrupt the peace and the ones who kills mortals whatever the cost. However, Vengeance sometimes consumes a Shadowblade. It burns their minds and it clouds their judgment.

    Shadowblades owes no allegiance to any Jarl or Holds, neither they should hold any titles until they can do what must be done; Revenge. They are mostly feared and hated for how brutal their resolutions are even though its for the greater good. Their eyes are white as snow,if you look them straight in the eye, you can see their gleaming soul as it is consumed by vengeance, though it also empowers them.


    Race: Breton
    Sex: Male or Female
    Standing Stone: Warrior -> Lover
    Stats: 1/2/1
    Major Skills: One-Handed, Destruction, Heavy Armor
    Minor Skills: Archery, Sneaking, Smithing
    Armor: Dread Huntress Armor || Ebony Armor + Hood
    Weapons: DCR Longsword and Ebony Crossbow || Blades Sword or Dawnbringer and a Crossbow
    Quests: Dawnguard(Dawnguards), Mostly Decline Daedric Quests Except Meridia’s

    (Your Name Prefix) Cahillzachriel.png

    A Breton Battle-Mage from the lands of Wayrest, Highrock, born in a noble family.

    At a young age You were separated from your family and was forced to flee during the invasion of Corsairs in Wayrest. Rescued and saved by Travelling Smiths, this is where you went on and traveled with the smiths, and learned the art of smithing.

    You eventually left the Travelling Smiths and went on your own to seek revenge. Your Vengeance is what powers him, and Hatred what drives him.

    It wasn't long before You discovered that you are dovahkiin, a Dragonborn; One of the few who can master the way of the voice easily.

    You are frank and straight-forward. Utilizing lightning and a sword in close range combat. Also a Crossbow in some instances.


    A Breton Master Smith and was adopted by an Orc.

    He led a band of travelling smiths
    who sell and fix armors.

    Upon travelling through Wayrest,
    it being was raided by Corsairs.
    While in the process of Escaping they
    encountered you and was rescued. 

    You became his apprentice
    and taught him the art of smithing. He
    created crossbow prototypes. Sadly
    he didn't live long enough to see his creation for he died during a bandit attack.


    As a Shadowblade you are relentless on hunting down your targets. With an arsenal of Sword-Magic and a

    Crossbow at your disposal, making battle’s quick and easy.

    The Destruction Lightning branch always fascinated the Shadowblade. The pinpoint ranged magic makes mid-range fighting with ease.

    While at Close-range, You can also use a sword. In sneaking and long-range you utilize your crossbow.

    However, even though You are an overall  fighter, he lacks shield training leaving him in danger of being cornered or surrounded, though it only happens seldom.


    You are playing as a Breton Battle-Mage, who soughts vengeance upon the ones who killed your family. Though you can play as a Male or Female its always up to you.

    You react to everything negatively though you always went out of your way to save people.

    As a Shadowblade your attitude towards Monsters/Vampires/Werewolves/Hagravens are indifferent, you always get out of your way to kill them. The shadows are your friends, its always your comfort zone. Before charging in hordes of enemies, its always a good idea to take out two-three enemies with the crossbows.

    Being Molden and Driven by Vengeance, sight of battles and death always revels you. Bands of Bandits always invigorates you, you are always forced to kill them, and nothing can stop this rage.

    Shadowblades like you, are orphans of death, suffering, and war. All of you have lost everything and your only one goal is vengeance. You never forget who killed your love ones and until the blood debt has been repaid, you are bound to that promise.

    Love is also meaningless to you, faith, hope, happiness are all glimmers of past. Though some Shadowblades are glib, they try to hide such darkness within them. Though some shadowblades abandon their sole purpose for revenge when these words finally makes sense.

    Though Powerful as they seem, Vengeance sometimes succumb a Shadowblade, and in turn this vengeance overcomes the body and turns him into a Dark Knight.


    Downloading and Installing Equipping Overhaul. This will show Crossbow and Sword equipped at the same time.

    Always Craft and Forge your weapons, never buy weapons and armors from blacksmiths. To gain levels for smithing and gaining gold in the way, sell your armors when you're upgrading.

    Viper Stance

    Main Hand Sword + Destruction Magic.
    Blast incoming enemy with destructive magic before they come close
    If the enemy comes close, stagger them with a power attack. Usually
    the enemy is dead at this point, if not. Run a further distance rinse and
    repeat.(Mostly This Only Works on an open field)

    Always avoid fighting packs of enemies, if not avoidable. Use an
    AoE destruction spell. Though most of these spells cost alot of mana,
    Strike fast while they are down.

    Eagle Stance

    Crossbow + Sneaking.
    Initiate combat with a long range sneak attack. You should be able to take
    out 1 foe in the get go. When they are approaching you, never forget to switch to the Viper Stance.

    Limiting your bolts to 30 will make a good hardcore gameplay. You should always try to smith or at least train smithing up until you can get the Ebony Perk.

    Every Time you discover a vampire/hagraven cave. Never forget to get a bounty from the jarls so raiding bandit camps so it will be worth while.

    When out in the wilds, also try using your crossbow so it will be leveled faster. Never forget to get the hides and pelts.

    Optimal Perks

    Heavy Armor: Never Upgrade Juggernaut perk after 2/5 because when you get your Smithing to max level, and with a potion you can reach the armor cap easily.

    Final Remarks:

    Hey Guys! Thanks for reading my first character build. Never created a build before, but any feedbacks are greatly appreciated.

    Revamped. Removed Unnecessary stuff :D

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    October 7, 2014

    This is really good, but you should at least tag it with the Mod tag, or give Vanilla options. I play on PC and Console, but you should give an option for weapons and armor for those that don't, or can't, use mods. Good build by the way, +1

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    October 9, 2014

    Added some substitutes for Unmodded skyrim and Revised the Lore. More revisions to come, because im really terrible at this writing-a-story thing, that I might have forgotten to add something or my sentence structure is really terrible that it changes the story to what I envision.

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    October 21, 2014

    Heyoooo! Thanks to HeroicXCV for the Build Video, check out his youtube channel for more awesome build vidya.

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    October 21, 2014

    It sure is

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    October 21, 2014

    A really good build imo. Some typos here and there, but overall very good. Hope you get 20 likes at least, I added mine.

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    October 22, 2014

    thank you :D

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    October 24, 2014

     i was growing bored of builds that fought out in the open, so this build made my day! i don't usually play sneak builds but it will be a nice change of pace from charge/stab/repeat most builds use. I like that the builds combat is quick and brutal (which is how i usually play my builds) so thanks for the build, you have earned my like for making a build that makes me want to play an sneaky assassin 

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    October 2, 2015
    awesome build indeed +1 after i complete and submit my character here i'm going to play this