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Character Build: The Imperial Agent

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  • February 17, 2019

    Skyrim Build: The Imperial Agent


    Race, Standing Stone, Skills & Stats

    Name: Amarie Renoit

    Race: Breton

    Age: 21

    Standing Stone: Lover (Early), Atronach (Late-End)

    M/H/S: 50/20/30

    Alignment: Lawful Moral

    Shouts: Aura Whisper, Throw Voice, Become Ethereal, Unrelenting Force, Ice Form

    Major Skills: Illusion, Archery, Sneak

    Minor Skills: Speech, Lockpicking, Enchanting


    Back Story

    Amarie was born in the Imperial City in the Elven Garden’s District several years upon the conclusion of the Great War. Times were hard for the Empire and the Imperial City as the Thalmor had left the city in ruins and the previous residents had all been slaughtered by Thalmor insurgents. Growing up was never easy for Amarie. Her parents had to pay hefty taxes for the repair of the city which in turn left her family with little food to eat at the end of the day.

    Things only got worse as Amarie got older. She became so desperate for food that she resorted to stealing bread from the markets. This would become a habit for her and soon she gained ambition to want to steal more. Next it was cheese, then vegetables then meat and not once did she ever get caught doing it.

    “I have a knack for this” she thought. She soon became the girl in the neighborhood who knew how to “get things”. One day an old lady came up to Amarie. She asked her to retrieve a golden ring that was taken from her by an Imperial guard when she couldn’t pay her taxes. The ring was important to her and that she would pay her any way she could as thanks. Amarie agreed to the job and told her that the guard was stationed inside the Imperial Prison.

    She spent her first day scouting out the Imperial Prison. She checked the courtyard, guard patrols, shift changes and any points of interest that would help her infiltrate the prison. The following night she made her move. She stuck through the front gate, avoided a couple of patrols and made her way to the Legion Offices. Inside a guard was working a late night filing paperwork.

    She proceeded upstairs where she had been informed the Commander stayed. Inside was a sleeping quarters where about seven guards were asleep. No sign of the Commander she noticed. She began to search for a ring in all the drawers and end tables but unfortunately came up empty. Suddenly she felt a large hand grasp over her mouth. A voice whispered into her ear, “You make one sound and I’ll wake up all my guards”. Amarie panicked but was too frozen in fear to make a move. She reluctantly complied.

    The man, who she finds out is the Commander, leads her downstairs and into the lower level. She sat her in a chair and began to interrogate her. “Why have you broken into my prison, citizen?” Amarie explained that she was here to recover a ring that had been stolen from an old woman in town. The Commander looked surprised for a moment, and then he laughed. “Really, she thinks you’re the one? I hope she knows what she’s doing.”

    Now Amarie was just confused. “What do you want with me?” she asked. The Commander introduced himself as Commander Palitus. The woman who gave her the job was actually a former Imperial Agent who was scouting for a new potential recruit for the Legion. She knew of your skills and wanted you to go further with it. As it sits right now, I could put you in jail for breaking and entering and 1st degree theft, but instead I am offering you an alternative way out.

    Become an Imperial Agent under my training, follow my orders and you will not only be absolved of all charges against you, but you’ll be set up for life. Forget your family, they will be looked after. This will be your new life now if you agree. Amarie was shocked and excited at the same time but realize she wouldn’t get an offer like this ever again and she quickly accepted.

    For the next 4 years, under Commander Palitus’s watchful eyes, Amarie trained. She learned how to shoot a bow until she was hitting multiple targets without even blinking, she learned how to sneak up onto hostiles without being seen and she learned how to use Illusion magic to cloud the minds of her adversaries.

    Finally, Amarie was 21 years old and had completed all of her training. She was now the Empires greatest weapon and one who would turn the tides of fortune of the Empire. Palitus was proud of her and congratulated her efforts. But celebrations were short as there was work to be done.

    The next morning, Palitus gave Amarie her orders. She was to travel to the war-torn land of Skyrim and bring it back from the brink of a political disaster. Her objectives were simple: 1) End the Stormcloak rebellion, 2) Sabotage whatever plans the Thalmor have going on in Skyrim and free any prisoners they may have hostage, 3) Find out what a Thalmor agent is doing at the College of Winterhold, 4) Find a missing Imperial Agent in Markarth and figure out what the Silver-Blood family is hiding and 5) Infiltrate the Dark Brotherhood and stand by for further instruction. Palitus explained that her last objective was coming from the Emperor himself but didn’t know why he wanted her to do it.

    Amarie now had her orders and was ready to begin her work. She headed out of the Imperial City the next day and headed north to Skyrim. She made it to the border but unfortunately came upon a skirmish of Imperial and Stormcloak soldiers and due to a serious mix up, she was arrested and put on a cart bound for Helgen.


    Play Style

    As an agent, you avoid combat as often as you can, preferring to sneak by and distract enemies with illusion spells rather than just killing them. Your bow should be your last resort if you have no other alternatives left but to kill.

    When you aren’t in the shadows, your silver tongue is your first weapon to use. Persuasion is better than bloodshed and your low health pool can attest to that. You love bartering for the best prices and will sell off whatever goods you confiscated from any enemies you had to deal with.

    As personality goes, you are kind and humble and try to be sympathetic to the people of Skyrim, offering to help anyway you can, if it pays of course.


    Essential Perks (Level 60)

    Illusion: Amarie is a master of subterfuge. With her mastery of Illusion, she can manipulate her adversaries. She much prefers using Illusion magic to her bow as she doesn’t like having to do heavy lifting unless she has to.

    Novice-Expert Illusion, Illusion Dual Casting, Animage, Kindred Mage, Quiet Casting, Hynotic Gaze, Aspect of Terror, Rage & Master of the Mind (12)


    Archery: Amarie will only use her bow to defend herself if she gets caught. She has deadly accurate aim with her trusty Imperial Bow and can shoot down enemies even from really long distances.

    Overdraw 1-5, Eagle Eye, Steady Hand 1-2, Power Shot, Quick Shot, Critical Shot 1, Hunter’s Discipline & Ranger (13)


    Sneak: Amarie has known since her early training days that it pays to keep a low profile in places where she isn’t wanted and in the land of Tamriel, there are a lot of those places. Her whole purpose is to not draw attention to herself when it’s unwarranted and will keep to the shadows as often as possible.

    Stealth 1-5, Backstab, Deadly Aim, Muffled Movement, Light Foot & Silent Roll (10)


    Speech: When Amarie needs to been seen in public, her persuasive, natural charm and wit keep people liking her. Her smooth and sweet voice can soothe people into giving her discount prices on merchandise and invest gold into businesses of her choosing.

    Haggler 1-5, Allure, Merchant, Investor, Fence & Master Trader (10)


    Lockpicking: Infiltration was a key element to Amarie’s long years of training. She spent many weeks learning to properly handle any and all types of locks and has perfected her skills to a razor sharp edge. No lock is safe from her skills.

    Novice-Expert Locks, Locksmith & Unbreakable (6)


    Enchanting: While enchanting is a new skill to Amarie, she knows the benefits of having well enchanted gear. Her bow isn’t as strong as it could be and her Illusion spells can be costly if she finds herself in a dire situation.

    Enchanter 1-5, Insightful Enchanter, Corpus Enchanter & Extra Effect (8)



    Weapons: Imperial Bow & Steel Arrows

    Apparel: Apprentice Robes of Illusion, Apprentice Hood, Imperial Light Boots and a necklace and ring of choice (both w/ Fortify Archery & Illusion on them).

    Potions/Poisons:Since you are not an alchemist, making potions is off the table. However you can buy whatever potions you need from apothecaries across Skyrim. Potions that fortify your bow strength and Illusion spells are a must have. And feel free to use whatever potions you think are necessary. Poisons may be morally questionable to use, but when the fate of the Empire is in your hands, you need to do what you must.


    Main Factions

    Civil War: As per your agreement with Commander Palitus, you are now bound by the Legion and all of her rules. One of your assignments is to assist General Tullius in bringing an end to Ulfric Stormcloak and his rebellion and keeping Skyrim a province of the Empire.

    Main Quest/Dragonborn DLC: You are only in Skyrim to fulfill your contract with the Legion. Being Dragonborn does not interest you although you may find a select number of shouts useful to your play style such as Throw Voice and Aura Whisper.

    Companions: While being a warrior is not of your particular expertise, you may find the Archery training to be particularly useful in helping you become more deadly with a bow. On top of that, the Companion leaders can also keep you swimming in small jobs to help the people of Skyrim and in turn, score respect points for the Legion in the process.

    College of Winterhold: Despite being necessary for learning the best Illusion spells, you also have a mission here. Your job is to monitor a Thalmor agent that has been accepted as a guest of honor by the Arch-Mage. Your orders are to find out what he is up to and potentially stop him from doing anything dangerous or harmful.

    Thieves Guild: Commander Palitus gave you strict orders to not get involved with any criminal activity as long as you are bound under your Legion contract. However, once you have fulfilled your end of the bargain, you can join up with the Thieves Guild if you choose.

    Dark Brotherhood: Commander Palitus normally would not give you orders to infiltrate the most infamous group of assassins on all of Nirn, however you are ordered to do just that. Although he won’t admit it, rumor among the high Imperial Command is that the Emperor requested this himself for reasons known only to him.

    Bards College: If you are ever in need of speech training, this is the place to do it. Not required and you have no orders that disallow you to. So if you want, you can.

    Dawnguard/Volkihar: Although this wasn’t an original priority, Palitus wants you to put an end the Vampire threat in Skyrim. He doesn’t know who is behind it, but a man named Isran can help you find out who that is.


    Side Quests

    Forsworn Conspiracy: The Legion has known for some time that the Silver-Blood family has been running a illegal silver empire from Markarth and that anyone who was sent to investigate was never heard from again. Palitus ordered Tullius to find out what was going on and to send his best agent, Margaret. However she has not reported back in sometime so it is up to you to uncover the truth, and if possible, take out Thonar Silver-Blood himself.

    The Heart of Dibella: The people of Markarth need some hope in their life. The Forsworn and the corrupt Silver-Blood’s have not made them a hopeful people. By finding the new Sybil of Dibella for the people of Markarth, you can reignite their faith in the Goddess of Beauty and give them hope once more.

    The Lost Expedition: A group of Imperial scholars has gone missing under the old Dwemer ruins of Markarth. While in Markarth, you are to determine their fate and if possible, rescue any survivors.

    The Book of Love: Not a required quest but a recommended one for the nice perk of +15% Magic Resistance.

    Lights Out!: General Tullius is quite aware of a shady Argonian named Jaree-Ra roaming the streets of Solitude. He knows he is up to no good but does not have the men to find out what it is. Find out what he is hiding and do what you can to put an end to it.

    The Man Who Cried Wolf/The Wolf Queen Awakened: Strange things have been happening along the road to Dragon Bridge. The steward of Jarl Elisif has asked for your assistance in finding out what is going on.

    In My Time of Need: Authorities in Hammerfell are seeking a Redguard woman for crimes of treason. Locate the woman and report her whereabouts to them.

    Missing in Action: After completing the Civil War questline, you are going to free Thorald Gray-Mane, a known Stormcloak supporter, from Thalmor custody. You feel sympathy for a mother looking for her missing son. Since the war is over now, you will assume he will just end up returning home soon enough.

    Blood on the Ice: The people of Windhelm are being terrorized by an unknown killer. With the war going on, the guards are too busy to look into it so it’s up to you to stop this killer before they can claim another victim.

    Rise in the East: The East Empire Company has been getting raided by pirates along the coast of Skyrim and has been costing the Empire a fortune in replaced goods and new hired crew. Put an end to the pirate menace and give the power back to the Company.

    Infiltration: Help a man named Stalleo reclaim his family home. This is a good mission to test out your current stealth abilities.


    Daedric Quests Quests

    Discerning the Transmundane: Uncover the secrets of a Dwemer Lockbox found within a large iceberg north of Winterhold.

    Waking Nightmare: Assist a Priest of Mara in his redemption to lift a town plagued by nightmares.


    Black Book Quests

    Epistolary Acumen: Through the knowledge of the first of the six Black Books, you will elect to receive the Dragonborn Force ability, which makes your Unrelenting Force shout more powerful and has a chance to instantly kill non-essential targets.

    Filament and Filigree: Through the knowledge of the second of the six Black Books, you will elect to receive the Secret of Arcana power, making all your spells cost nothing for 30 seconds.

    The Hidden Twilight: Through the knowledge of the third of the six Black Books, you will elect to receive the Mora's Boon power, restoring your magicka, health & stamina by 1000 each.

    The Sallow Regent: Through the knowledge of the fourth of the six Black Books, you will elect to receive the Seeker of Sorcery ability, permanently making all your spells cost 10% less and enchantments 10% more powerful.

    The Winds of Change: Through the knowledge of the fifth of the six Black Books, you will elect to receive the Scholar's Insight ability, granting you an extra skill point whenever you read a skill book.

    Untold Legends: Through the knowledge of the sixth and final Black Book, you will elect to receive the Black Market power, which summons a Dremora Merchant to you that you can barter with for 15 seconds.


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