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Event Build: A Shogun named Marcus (FO4)

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  • August 17, 2017



    Redneck: The term refers to a person whose neck has burned from working in the sun. This applies to farmers, mainly. However, it can also extend to any outdoor type labor, including construction workers, mechanics and other blue collar occupations. When it’s used as an insult, the term redneck implies ignorance, naivety and even racism. On the other hand, to those who lovingly adopted the term as their own, it refers to a salt-of-the-earth type of people who are hard-working, and proud. The definition I have always loved was Jeff Foxworthy’s, “A glorious absence of sophistication.”


    Bobbleheads: Melee, Big Guns, Repair, Explosives



    Kickin’ Ass Perks: Big Leagues, Big Guns, Demolitions Expert, Commando

    A samurai without a sword is not a samurai. I ran with Big Leagues as my main offensive perk. Not to be without a range option, Big Guns and commando power up the mini gun and gatling laser. Demolitions expert, because what redneck doesn’t love explosions?


    Not gettin’ ass kicked Perks: Toughness, Lone Wanderer

    As this is a straight forward tanking build, but with not a high endurance, Toughness and Lone Wanderer were added to get some extra survivability.


    PIllbilly Perks: Chem Resistant, Chemist

    Back in the day, my people were known for making their own alcohol. We graduated to growing weed, and then to making meth. Now, we craft our own psychojet.

    Unlike my previous build, use of chems was not the focus of the build, it still was significantly helpful. None of the swords are overly powerful. Having the addition of speed was useful in many situations. Plus, if you haven’t tried the combination of psychoject and power armor with a jet pack, you are missing out.


    Hotroddin’ Perks: Armorer, Science, Nuclear Physicist

    There is a fallacy about rednecks; that our lack of sophistication is a sign of lesser intelligence. That couldn’t be further from the truth. If you have seen some of the contraptions people have come up with to brew alcohol, the customizations they have come up with to their vehicles, you would realize that they are far sharper minds then they get credit for. In the case of Marcus, his intelligence shines through in his favorite type of hot rod, his Power Armor.

    Takin’ stuff Perks: Locksmith, Hacker

    I only invested one point, as it seems to me that 80% of locks are Novice or Advanced, and one point in hacker gets you access to most of the locked power armor locations.


    Beyond 50:

    One point of strength, and I unlocked Pain Train, and then the real fun began! You run faster on PsychoJet, which means you launch your victims higher and farther than normal. And if you are running when you engage your Jet pack on your power armor, you can launch super mutants off rooftops.



    Early Game:

    General Chao’s Revenge: A troubleshooter’s Chinese officer’s sword that can be purchased at the Drumlin Diner from Trudy, very early in the game. It’s one of the most powerful swords in the game, and can be the primary weapon without modification until you get to Nuka-World

    Michael Bay: An Explosive 10mm Auto pistol I was lucky enough to find on a Legendary Ghoul. I kept this gun as a side weapon for fun. I find that the Explosive perk is game-breaking powerful, and I didn’t want to rely on it. But a redneck is not going to pass on the opportunity to blow some shit up!

    Late Game:

    Lieutenant Dan: A Kneecapping Mini-gun. With a 20% chance to injure limbs, and an extremely high rate of fire, I couldn’t pass up on this beauty. A quick burst from the good Lieutenant would stop the strongest of creatures in their tracks, giving me the ability to finish them at my leisure.

    Rocket’s Red Glare: A Staggering Gatling Laser. Again, high rate of fire combined with the perk to make the weapon as solid of a defense as it was as an offence. A Super Mutant Master can’t shoot back of he is staggering on every third or fourth hit. I had original planned on using Aeternus, but when I found this baby in the Croup Manor basement, my plans changed.

    Hold My Beer: An Instigating Missile Launcher. Because Explosions!!!

    The Sword of Wonders: A Penetrating Chinese officer’s sword that can be looted from the corpse of Oswald in Nuka World.



    As soon as you can pick up some Military Fatigues, they are essential to the build. No self-respecting redneck can resist camo. Either a Militia Hat, or Cowboy Hat completes the look. But in reality, these choices don’t matter that much because you won’t see them, or gain any of their inherent perks because of your Power Armor.

    Armor: The intent of this build was to remain in Power Armor for the duration of the game. You can pick up your first set of Power armor with the Concord story line. Upgrading the Nuclear Physicist Perk is important, as it ensures that you will have enough Fusion Cores to keep your armor running. Paint jobs are an important part of this character, as no self-respecting redneck can pass up on a Hot Rod paint job. You can find your first custom paint job at the Robotics Disposal Ground, just east of Sanctuary Hills. When you find your first set of T51 armor, make sure you have scavenged a box of Sugar Bombs, as the Sugar Bomb paint job looks like a NASCAR sponsorship.

    There are plenty of maps online that list all of the power armor locations. Most of them can be unlocked with advanced hacking skills, which only costs one perk point. These sets of power armor almost always have a full fusion core.

    I would recommend waiting until at least Level 42 before claiming the Power Armor at 35 Court, just west of the custom house tower, to get your X-01 set of armor.

    My End Game Set of armor was a set of Mark VI X-01 Equipped with Explosive Vent Legs, Sensor Array helmet, and a Jet Pack, painted with the Hot Rod Shark Paint job.

    Game Play:

    Ascetics: It’s important when playing as a redneck to keep in mind good ascetics. Plastic pink flamingoes are beautiful in their own way, as are stuffed animal heads. The purpose of a front yard is not beautification, it is for storage; preferably for the storage of vehicles that can be stripped for spare parts.

    Protip: Ice coolers and dumpsters make excellent storage bins for stripped parts.


    Buildings at settlements should be built in a 1*4 configuration; 2*4 if they are wealthy enough for a double-wide.


    Ass Kickin’: The character is a New World Samurai, which defaults the weapon of choice to swords. But he is also a redneck, which allows for great big fuckin guns and explosions. The combinations of weapons, and the inclusion of the option of homemade psychojet allows for a lot of options depending upon the situation.

    I found Psychojet to be especially useful in situations where a group of enemies were using both range and melee weapons. Without it, the melee enemy can block your attacks while the ranged one shreds you. Psychojet lets you out-quick the melee and dispatch him, or bypass him, and take out the ranged enemy first.

    Story: I went with a Brotherhood of Steel main story playthrough on this build, with a little bit of Settlement Building Minutemen sidestory. It just seemed to fit with the character.

    Of the DLC, I assisted ADA against the Mehcanist, and cleared the raiders out of Nuka World. For the first time in many playthroughs, I stayed out of Far Harbor. The idea of working with a synth beyond what was absolutely necessary just didn’t fit the BOC mindset.


    What I would have done differently:

    I really can’t think of anything I would have changed about this build. Having played the game since it first came out, this is the first time I have played a serious power armor build, and I finally got used to the HUD. I now want to go and try out some of the other Power Armor builds that others have made.


    So Beebopalloobopawopshamboo, and domo arigato if I got to.




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    August 17, 2017
    Ha yeah I love this build. I think the only thing I would add is crafting Dirty Wastelanders for the moonshine vibe and melee str boost. Otherwise flawless. Song and video/build go great together.
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    August 17, 2017

    Ok, this build made me lol. Awesome picture in the middle, and despite the chosen song all I can hear is Stewie Griffin "I got blisters on me fingers!"



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    August 22, 2017

    submitting this for the weekly roundup if that's cool....

  • October 4, 2017

    This build reminds me of the trailer park in my hometown before I moved. Good job, man.