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Character Build: The One (FO4)

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    February 6, 2016

    The allusions to AI as well as social experiments created by the Institute and the resulting Wasteland got me thinking a lot about the Matrix. Which got me thinking about our Sole Survivor and Neo and using him to set some minds free. To open their eyes to the real world. Time to take the Red Pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. You are:

    Starting Stats: 

    S – 2 P – 3 E – 4 C – 1 I – 4  A – 7 (special book) L – 7 

    End Stats: (with Bobbleheads and investments)

    S - 3 P - 4 E - 4 C -1 I - 7 A - 9 L - 8

    Backstory – You were a talented programmer for the military. Hacking in your off-time, you stumbled into glimpses and rumors of another world…but then the bombs fell. Waking up from the cryogenic chamber means two things: Find out who is behind all of this and peel back the layers to expose the truth. Free humanity and sentient synths from their captive surroundings, fear and limited mindsets.

    Concept: Using bullet time (VATS & Chems) to simulate your ability to control the environment. Move fast and lightly, taking out most targets before they can do much damage. 

    Gear – Courser Outfit, Patrolman Sunglasses
    Main Weapons – Non-Auto Pistols (10mm, Kellogg's Pistol, The Deliverer), Melee of Choice (I chose a puncturing pipe wrench because the mod is loot-able in the FEV lab / Institute early, and I used a found legendary irradiated revolutionary sword late).
    Secondary Weapons - .308 Recon Sniper Rifle, Laser Pistol/Rifle (I chose Survivor's Special with a maximized mod) for fighting the robotic types.

    Followers: Trinity aka Piper, Morpheus aka Preston
    I went with Piper, romanced her for a little boost to Charisma (since you have none) and Role-Played her as my Trinity. I dressed her in a Courser Uniform and patrolman sunglasses until snagging a slick black BoS officer's outfit, which suits her quite well...don't you think?


    Neo & Trinity share words by the Nebuchadnezzar

    Faction – Minutemen, Railroad
    Yes, you are here to liberate humans from the Institute’s evil. But the revelation that synths are reaching a high level of self-awareness means ultimately siding with the Railroad to free the minds of next-gen synths as well. The synergy here is that access to the group yields the ballistic weave mod, adding a much needed boost to your Courser Uniform’s defensive stats. Additionally, I favored The Deliverer for much of my offense. From an RP perspective, the deeper one dives into this quest line, the more it feels like you are part of the scrappy crew saving Zion. Words like cypher, codenames...even Tinker Tom is reminiscent of the tech-wise Tank (pilot of the Nebuchadnezzar) making the whole faction feel quite right for this play through. 

    Priority Skills:

    Awareness – part of being The One means recognizing the world and its weaknesses in ways others cannot. Take this early to keep an eye on opponents’ levels and weaknesses. 

    Hacker – important in RP and real play. Not just for loot, I found plenty of interesting work arounds for tricky situations due to skillful access. Hacking opens up some interesting possibilities for many quests. Plus, Trinity seems to be impressed with your computer skills! 

    Gunslinger - I used non-auto pistols for about 80% of the play through, equipping Trinity with a scoped combat rifle for some ranged support. I used a modified 10mm, Kellogg’s Pistol, and ultimately the upgraded Deliverer via Tinker Tom. 

    Toughness – Much needed boost to early defense prior to acquiring ballistic weave with the courser uniform. (I took just two levels to tide me over).

    Action Boy – All about those action points. You’ll be spending a good portion of time in VATS, so the extra recharge rate helps a lot.

    Better Criticals - Powerful boost to VATS based combat. Mix in your select VATS friendly guns and you have an extremely deadly combo.

    Big League & Blitz – perked together and a little later, they make your control over the universe seem complete. Closing the distance to take out lesser foes is as close to "hand to hand" Matrix-like kung-fu as I could bother with.

    Chem Resist – using the slow time effects of drugs often means either crafting a lot of Refreshing Beverages or perking this. I chose to craft and sell the brews, taking both perks here to completely ignore chem addiction.

    Chemist - Boosting duration and power of chems, I played around mostly with the slow time boosters - Jet, PsychoJet and BuffJet being some favorites. Use the bobblehead and two investment points to open it up.

    Secondary Skills:
    Locksmith – Neo hates getting locked out. Truthfully, I haven't noticed a significant benefit to master lock access. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong. I still like a few perks here early, but feel free to hold off on the Master level. It just doesn't seem all that useful. 

    Rifleman - One point early and a another later, I took this to boost my recon sniper for those ranged sneaky spots.

    Critical Banker – I didn’t take this until late (after level 24). Truthfully, the combo of chosen perks and pistols almost negates the need for banking criticals. Choose this perk only if you insist on playing above "Hard." 

    Grim Reaper’s Sprint – Refills AP on a death blow. Add a perk or two here and along with Kellogg’s Pistol or Deliverer plus Action Boy and you never have to worry about your AP running dry. 

    Armorer - late, to get access to higher Ballistic Weave levels. Outside of missiles and grenades, level 2 weave in the courser's outfit seems to offer plenty of protection for a normal level play through, though I ended up with level 3 and felt pretty damn tough.

                                                                     The Nebuchadnezzar at daybreak

    Basic Walkthrough
    Fairly standard play though from the start to the Minutemen and Railroad. Take Piper as your follower and outfit yourselves accordingly as soon as possible. She likes your helpful, idealistic nature and lock picking so it won't be hard to get her to a high level of affinity (for me it happened just as I officially joined the Railroad - level 18). 

    Customize a .10mm until you pick up the better options noted above. Give Piper a ranged rifle and your unneeded ammo (I went with an upgraded scoped combat rifle using .45). 

    If you want to RP being jacked in, you can visit Dr. Amari prior to the Valentine portion of the main quest and take a stroll down memory lane. Not quite like learning kung-fu with Morpheus in the Matrix, but an interesting side-note.

    Run a few errands for the Railroad to get access to Deliverer upgrades and Ballistic Weave to beef up your offense and defense, respectively. Meet with Father, (it feels an awful lot like meeting the Architect from the Matrix Reloaded, doesn't it?) and play along as much as possible, hooking Virgil up with his Serum and running missions for the Railroad, until you do what you must do. Ultimately, save Synths (via the Railroad) and Humans (via Minutemen). Take Shaun 2.0 and Piper with you to live in the Nebuchadnezzar which you've built in Sanctuary. 

    We built this world...what are you going to do about it?

    Combat Notes and Abilities:

    Most of combat with the One is mixing VATS based Gunslinging with slow time effect drugs. Boosting the duration of drug effects and occasional use of VATS Melee with blitz make you feel in total control of the Matrix...er Wasteland. Which is the point. I opted not to go for any hand to hand, as noted. I feel the brawler type of swing animation in FO4 is simply not close enough to martial arts style to bother with. That being said, the "bullet time" effect feels pretty cool, and closing great distances in VATS to bludgeon an opponent is quite satisfying, and a welcome break from pistol attacks.

    I rarely worried about my AP with this setup. Adding Grim Reaper’s Sprint late, to an already powerful combination of Kellogg’s Pistol (which can refill AP), Action Boy and the reduced cost of the Deliverer as well as a banked critical made for plenty of VATS fun. And if you get in trouble, pop some pills!

    Closing Notes:
    Special thanks to Chris Diokno for feedback in the Workshop and Asks Many Questions for putting Trinity in the officer's BoS uniform. I had a lot of fun with my first ever Fallout Build. As always, constructive comments are welcome. If I missed something obvious, I'm happy to fix it. Thanks!


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    February 7, 2016
    Glad I'm not the only stuck on the courser coat and the matrix :D
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    February 7, 2016

    Are you rocking that? I had fun with it. Pretty beefy lined with Ballistic Weave. 

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    February 7, 2016
    I stuffed old Nicky in it in one of my first characters, thinking it would be ironic... As I wandered by I kept thinking of the movies lol
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    February 7, 2016

    Dude, awesome job. You know, I have at least two upcoming builds using that sick Courser Uniform. Also, someone says it looks like...ah, who was it. Its a character from Blade Runner. Haven't seen Blade Runner in awhile

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    February 7, 2016
    Oh snap amazing film and great parallels. Replicants /synths. I assume u mean Ford's character decker?
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    February 7, 2016

    After looking it up, it seems Roy Batty has quite the similar outfit

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    February 7, 2016

    oh the antagonist of course. thumbs up bud

  • February 13, 2016

    Great take on the Matrix mate well done, Piper actually looks pretty sexy in that BOS suit, which is a pleasant change for the ugly bitch.  Great selection of perks for Neo, so... +1 from me, nice one

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    February 13, 2016

    ha! thanks!