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Character build: The Minuteman (FO4)

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    January 8, 2016

    When I had an account from almost 3 days long of gameplay I thoughed by myself, why not build a minuteman build? So, I tried and made a build for a minutman as I think the stats would be. I find that it is pretty hard to fight with a laser musket, so respect to your preston. But hard is fun too. Since your character has fought in  a war I made a pre-story for the build, I hope you like it.

    The Minuteman

    As a soldier you were sent to protect a village and help the people living there. When you were there you learned to build things from scratch, work the lands and make some simple defences. After you returned from duty to return to your spouse, that was the happiest moment of your life. A few years later you have a baby boy, a house and a loving spouse. You finally got the life you always dreamed for, but not for long. After the bombs fell and you entered Vault 111, you saw your wife get killed and your son get kidnapped, in front of your eyes. When surfacing you return to your home and heard from Codsworth about people in Concord. Meeting a minuteman named Preston Garvey and hearing his story and the Minutemen protecting the people trying to survive, you knew you were going to help the people once more...


    The Build

    As I told already the build actualy is around fighting like a real minuteman. No tire irons, no shotguns and no Big Boy because I don't see a minuteman running around with a mini nuke launcher. Your general going to be fighting with your laser musket and the revolutionary sword. I took these two weapons because the laser musket is like the modern variant of the old musket, it's the main weapon of the Minutemen in the game and it's easy to abtain in the beginning of the game. As we speak of melee, the revolutionary sword is a bit harder to obtain, a place to obtain it is in Faneuil Hall. It's generated in it at the beginning of the game and willstay there until you pick it up.


    As for armor, I let you have a free mind about that, but at least wear the hat of the Minutemen, just for fun. The hat is also easily to find, just take it from Preston's dead buddy in front of the building you need to enter to help Preston. If you want to wear the clothes of the Minutemen but think: "My Vaultsuit is much better than these pieces of rags!", join the Railroad and do their quest until you get the ballistic weave mods for your clothes, you can upgrade them with this mod.

    You are S.P.E.C.I.A.L.!!!


    Strength: 4 I've basically taken 4 strenght just to take the Blacksmith and Armorer perks for modding your revolutionary sword and armor, but higher strenght means more damage with melee weapons. So it comes quite handy when you're fighting feral ghouls whit your sword.

    Perception: 3

    With 3 perception you can make your laser musket a pain in the ass for some raiders. You can take the Rifleman perk to boost the damage outcome of your musket to fire it some up.

    Endurance: 2

    Endurance gives you more health per level and it reduces the cost of AP to sprint. I didn't put too much points in this primary stat because of the other perks that you would want at start.

    Charisma: 6

    As wrote in the story that I made for this build, you learned to build things, farm and more. So I took charisma to 6 so that you can have more people in your settlements and have the Local Leader perk. Also as a minuteman you can inspire people to join the Minutemen.

    Intelligence: 6

    Again I mainly chose intelligence to be 6 for the Science! and Gun Nut perk. But you get a lot of other good perks to choose from. Also intelligence generates more experience the higher it is!

    Agility: 2

    I had some free points to spend  when I was making this build so I gave one to agility since it's a primary stat is needed for AP, the higher your agility, the more AP you've got.

    Luck: 5

    I choose to give luck pretty much points. It's handy for recharging the critical meter and gives a lot of nice perks like: Idiot Savant, Scrounger, ...


    Primary perks


    Like I said with the primary skill itself, I've choosen this perk because you can crank the damage of your laser musket with this perk up! If you really want to be like a minuteman and choose to only use the laser musket this perk is going to be your favorite buddy.

    Big Leagues

    I didn't mention this at the skill self but it is really handy to put some points in this perk. With this perk you can do some more damage with yout sword if you do like I did or just with your melee weapon of choice.

    Local Leader

    As a minuteman you know how to build and with this perk you can esthablish supply routes between your settlements and combined with the Medic and Cap Collector perks you can make a clinic and open shops.


    We all know fusion cells can be found on Synths, but what if you don't find Synths that much? The solution is this perk, you will find more ammunition on enemies and in crates, so if somewone has fusion cells you get more than normal and have some extra bullets to fire.

    Secondary perks


    Ofcourse we need some protection in the Wasteland so to upgrade your armor you will need to spend those points in this perk! It is also handy if you have the ballistic weave mod for normal clothes since there is a huge difference between every level of the mod, at the end you have the best armor in the game.


    To make some serious melee weapons we need this perk. If you combine this perk with the Science! perk you can have energy damage on some weapons like the revolutionary sword that I only used in this build.

    Gun Nut

    Letz blaze thoze gunz!!! Sorry... To make your laser musket better trough mods you need this perk and the Science! perk. This perk is not only for the laser musket, if you want to use some other fire weapons you need this perk to mod those weapons.


    You're gonna love this build if you hate looking for copper! With this perk you can scrap rare components from the weapons that you scrap (duh!). You can almost find copper in every pipe weapon that you find that has a mod on it, so take all those pipe weapons with you back to your settlement!


    This is the perk that you REALLY need to have. With this perk you can do some weapon mods like almost all the mods that need a perk for the laser musket need Science! even the best mod for the revolutionary sword needs this perk.


    You probably wonder why I put the gameplay on the bottom, here is why. I know I hate it when people spoil things to me so know I WARN YOU there will be spoilers in the gameplay.

    After you get out your cryo tube and got out the vault get to your old house first. In your old house under a dresser there will be a You are special! book. Take it and you get an extra point in one of the basic skills. After you got that book head to Concord. Kill all the raiders in front and enter the museum. Kill all the raiders inside and talk to Preston Garvey as you can guess... a minuteman. He will speak to you about helping the people that are with him by taking the fusion core (in the basement) and putting it a old power armor on the roof. And to make it more EPIC you need to tear a minigun off a downed vertibird. Again kill all the raiders (do they repopulate like rabbits?) and kill the deathclaw that comes out of the ground. After you dealt with these raider head back inside the museum and talk to Preston, he says that Mama Murphy saw Sanctuary Hills with the Sight and you need to take them there. When in Sanctuary Hills talk to Preston again and he asks you to join the Minutemen. After you said yes, you can take Minutemen quest from him and help other settlements. When you helped the settlements you are able to build there. So as you can guess to roleplay with this build, help settlements and build in them.

    After some quests Preston will talk about the Castle, a large fort (yeah, fort, not a castle) that you need to retake in sake for the Minutemen. I warn you from here that the Castle will be full with mirelurk eggs, mirelurks and a Mirelurk Queen. After you have dealt with them, you can build in the Castle, but you see a lot of dirt on the ground and on the walls. Search the whole place, destroy all eggs and kill every enemy. After you have done that, leave the Castle and return a while later. The dirt is gone now and you can build whatever you want on a clean fround. After some time an old minuteWOman, Ronnie Shaw, will appear in the Castle talking about the armory (the big iron door in front of a wall). Clear the ruble she talks about and enter that place. Watch out again because there is an enemy called Sarge in there, it's a Sentry Bot and he's hard to kill. If you enter trough the end you will gain acces to the armory with tons of cool stuf! If you have done this, just go on with helping settlements and building for the people and if you want finish the main story in name of the Minutemen.

    I hoped you liked this build and my story, like and reply to say some things that i can add to this build, some things that are wrong or need to be corrected. Thanks for reading! 


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    January 9, 2016
    Nice! Gonna try this one!
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    January 9, 2016
    Thx, if you know anything to add, send me a mail or put a new comment with the things you think that should be added.
  • January 10, 2016

    Good attempt mate , but with no gameplay section or perk spread to speak of I would say that you have a lot of work to do, also it is full of spelling mistakes, there are two here alone
    I've bassicly took 4 strength.  Needs a bit of work mate, I am sorry if I sound harsh, but basic requirements need to be met

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    January 10, 2016

    Better harsh the truth then soft and lying. I did my best for writing this build since English is not my native language, I just wanted to share the build with other people. I am not taking this as an offence, I thank you for telling me. Also I want the people to take the gameplay as they want, they just need to act like a minuteman: help people, build settlements, ...

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    January 10, 2016
    I wouldn't worry too much about spoiling things for people - they're hardly going to be reading a Fallout 4 build if they haven't played the game. Good take on a Minuteman by the way! +1
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    January 12, 2016
    Sweet! I was about to try a Munutemen playthrough but I could decide the SPECIAL
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    December 27, 2016

    Build pics restored! Welcome officially to Social Engine - Minuteman!