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WIP: Event Profile - Wolf of Stendarr

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    February 14, 2017

    Howdy! Tenebrous said I need to post what we've got here in the Workshop so far, so here I am doing that thingy. I'm currently plucking away at the background of the character, but the gist (for our records) is that our boy Ralvild was a member of the Order of Stendarr who, after the Hall of the Vigil was burned into a husk with his friends and allies inside, began to walk a dark path of revenge, complete with a new shape. After all, what better hunter is there than a wolf, and what better way could there be to hunt monsters than using the strength of one for yourself?

    Image by Zaing on Deviantart


    Character Name: Ralvild
    Aliases/Nicknames: Preacher (nickname from the Companions), Hooknose (old, childhood nickname), Longtooth (from the Dawnguard, whose hard lives often end well before age thirty)
    Sex: Male
    Race: Nord
    Age: 33
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 230lbs
    Features: Close-cropped, dark brown hair and an equally short beard; a slightly oversized, hawkish nose; long scar across the middle of his face from a vampire's claws; 'intense' gaze since his change; often smells like a wet dog when it rains; was rather hairy before his change, and thus was affected little in that regard.
    Eye Color: Light brown
    Physique: Broad in the shoulder and back, muscular from years of training with a mace, arms slightly long for his frame, making him look a touch short-legged.
    Apparel: Order of Stendarr robes, an amulet of Stendarr always on his neck, Dawnguard's heady boots and gauntlets.
    Weapons: Stout, unenchanted steel mace, its spikes bent slight in order to tear when pulled from a struck spot. Its handle ends in a sharp stabbing point.
    Magic: Ralvild is adept in the use of Alteration magics, and has a working knowledge of Restoration spells. His limited limited pool of magicka, however, prevents him from being able to rely heavily on his spellcraft for constant healing or spell wards. He vastly prefers to utilize Alteration spells to give himself an edge in a fight and leave just enough of his reserves left for a quick burst of recovery in the event of an emergency.


    Character Information

    Place of Birth: Ivarstead
    Religion: Devoted publically to the worship of Stendarr; secretly and somewhat guiltily prays to Hircine.
    Profession: Vampire/Daedra Hunter
    Social Class: Commoner
    Organizations/Factions: Member of the Companions, Member of the Dawnguard, formerly part of the Order of Stendarr.
    Education: Martial, religious, and faith-based magics. Little in the way of higher education beyond what would have been taught in the Order.
    Favorite Food & Drink: Mead, rare venison.
    Backstory: Born in Ivarstead, Ralvild was raised by his grandmother on their family farm. (( Much more work needed here ))
    Personality: Ralvild is devoted, both to his faith in the god of mercy and his need to wipe out those who would threaten Nirn with dark influences. He believes he and Hircine have an understanding in which the Prince delights in his hunts and kills, but otherwise leaves him to his own devices. He is also horribly aware, however, of the changes made to him as a result of this bargain. As much as he wishes to remain an agent of light and goodness, and even to blame his darker impulses on his wolf side, the truth is that the loss of his Order has left him hurt, angry, and rudderless. He performs good deeds because he believes in performing his duty to Stendarr, but when he hunts and slays daedra worshippers and vampires? The dark satisfaction of feeling his fangs wet or the collapse of bone under his mace is as much a part of him now as the wolf.
    Flaws: Ralvild's growing acceptance of his darker side is bringing him increasingly at odds with his own personal faith, and on occasion this inner conflict can lead him to hesitate at times when doing so could be dangerous. Ralvild's control over his lycanthropic form is not yet perfect, and he has to be extremely careful where and when he transforms, or he could end up harming innocents and noncombatants. Ralvild, like many lycanthropes, feels strong compulsion to change on nights leading up to the full moon, and this can lead to a lack of control on his part. Ralvild's magicka pool is not very large, and thus cannot cast many of his modest repertoire of spells for long, or very often, without some manner of restoring his magicka.
    Spoken Languages: Common only.
    Relationships: Grandmother and parents (Deceased), Companions (Member in good standing of the Circle), the Dawnguard (Professional).


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    February 14, 2017

    Ralvild has a lot to deal with but makes for a compelling motivation. Really cool concept here, the Vigil would hate him now. How that must hurt.

  • February 19, 2017

    Sorry I haven't dropped in before now guys, but this is looking like a really good start. Ralvild definitely seems like an interesting character and I really love that base idea of him being a Werewolf and how that might effect his relationship with the Vigilants.

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    February 20, 2017

    The conflict in this character is brilliant, guys. While it doesn't hit you in the face, the subtle overtones of an angry wolf spirit trapped in a man's body is fantastic.

    I'm just wondering how the relationship between him and Hircine will develop. As we all know, the Daedra are, and especially deals with them, are never straight forward. Is Hircine going to start demanding more of Ralvild in the future, what will prompt this, how will this effect his already strenuous relationship with his faith, will he seek help or silently continue down this dark path? etc etc.