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Best Mods And Mod Organizer For A Morrowind Noob?

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    October 21, 2017

    I've played Skyrim for nearly 1000 hours on PC alone and probably over 50k on my PS3 before that but now I want to play Morrowind and I'm wondering what mods I should use and how I should install them.

    I don't want any mods that change how the game plays, I'd like to play it how it was intended and then decide what I want to do with it. Most of the mods I'd want would probably have to do with graphics because I've seen videos and Morrowind looks like plastic without texture mods, so just tell me about mods that make the game look better.

    As for Mod Managers, is Mod Organizer usable on Morrowind? I've looked around with Google and read it doesn't due to problems with the data folder but that might've changed since those posts were created. If it doesn't just link it or tell me what it is and give some instructions on how to install it if the link doesn't.

    Thanks in advance.

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    October 26, 2017

    Hey hello Ebonslayer, well congrats on acquiring TES III Morrowind as I  have seen you on Steam playing it and we talked some about you got Tamriel Rebuilt mod and Morrowind Overhaul, anyway this writing is just to response so maybe could be helpful for other people too.

    So here is a short list with a short description of each mod with links of those mods I consider essential on TES III Morrowind:

    Morrowind Overhaul or MSGO 3.0 : This is a whole package overhaul comes with an automatic installation, in a way you can choose every single option of modifying Morrowind game in different aspects from small mechanic fixes to graphics and environment. The mod is more about graphics, takes the game to an entire new level even good as now day games, in other words takes the game to the present in terms of graphics, you can choose the option of Ultra high on everything but for real you must have a good end machine. This overhaul mod recopilates a lot of mods with a large list of different mod authors (the credits of the mod authors can be found on the package it self), the Ornicopter team a group of modders made the package and the automatic installation.

    Tamriel Rebuilt : This mod is also esential, that is the official site, this mod is so good, here is a short desciption of the official site of what this mod is about: "a project that aims to complete development of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind by reconstructing the world to include the province’s mainland, through the study of creation of lore, and preservation of the game’s creative vision and direction". You can download it on Downloads section. The last update was at September 27, 2017, that is the current release version 17.09, so as you can see even now days that mod is still active. This mod was created by the Tamriel Rebuilt team.

    Liztail's Animation Kit : A Morrowind animation mod fix those funny-weird walking of beast races, Argonians and Khajiits, it requires some setups and steps to follow but is easy to install. The mod was made by Liztail.

    Morrowind Combat Redefined : The mod adds more variety of combat animations. The author is TheHolyWraith

    Liztail Mods Modhistory site: Here are different animation mods by Liztail also the link contains all mods by this mod author.

    Better sounds: This mods improves the sounds of Morrowind, the author is Colobos.

    Magic Diversity: The mod improves a lot the magic effects, really recommended to get better magic effect animations. The mod author is Arkann.

    Blood & Gore 2.01: A fun mod adds some bloody comabat. The mod author is, oh lol I dont know who is the mod author on Nexus does not appear his/her name :s, strange, anyway thanks for the mod to the author, hehe.

    Graphic Herbalism: A nice mod adds the effect of taking the plant or ingredient of the environment recommended for immersion. The mod author is ManaUser and uploaded by Skrawafunda.


    Just having those mods installed any person who wants to get a really good experience playing TES III Morrowind taking the game to the present day in terms of gameplay will have a really immersive and unqiue gameplay.

    About mod managers I just use Nexus Mod Manager (NMM), I install the mods manually, I add the packages to the NMM and activate them, sometimes  I repack the mods to add the proper structure, because some mods just came with a single .esp file or a single folder, one must just have to assure to put the mod content files on a folder named Data Files what is the main folder of the game, so for example If you have a mod replaces the sounds you must put the files of the mod into: Data Files/Sound, then just repack the folder into a .rar file, be assure to make an external folder for example: Mod 1/ Data Files/ Sound, then activate that .rar package just using NMM and thats all.


    That's all, well I know you know all of this, we have already talked about, but this response could be helpful for other people interested on re-play Morrowind or play it for first time as the Gods, I meant to play Morrowind in a very immersive and amazing way, with really good graphics, more immersive, with better animations, better sounds and better effects also with some minor tweaks makes the game even better. 


    Thanks for creating this question Ebonslayer

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    November 15, 2017

    A bit late with my reply, but Medieval hit the nail on the head.

    MSGO is undoubtedly recommended. It improves Morrowind's visuals incredibly well, and is really a must-have for pretty much all players. I haven't used Tamriel Rebuilt much (Not too keen on their Telvannis interpretation, and some of their Lore, but those are just personal gripes), though it is still one of the most popular ones. I'd also recommend Wyrmhaven as a new-lands mod; a bit different to some others (In a good way), and certainly one of my favourites.

    A few more I'd like to add:

    Morrowind Comes Alive - Adds a lot more generic NPCs to settlements, making them feel more lively and packed. I think there's a couple of followers in there too, which should come in handy.

    LGNPC - Or Less Generic NPCs, aims to make Morrowind's residents seem more alive by adding more unique dialogue. Along with MCA, it'll definitely liven up your playthough.

    Live Free - A must-have to experience Dunmer culture to the fullest, Live Free allows you to buy and sell slaves from markets, for use as followers or pack-mules. It'll definitely add some more immersion to the game, since slaves won't just stay locked up in their cages for eternity.

    Let us know how it goes, Ebonslayer! Happy gaming!

  • November 30, 2017

    Even later with my reply, but I'd just like to advocate for Morrowind Watercolored over MGSO. It's really a matter of personal preference, but I find MGSO puts the game even further into that weird early-noughties graphics uncanny valley it was already in, while Watercolored's approach kind of fixes the problem by, you know, giving the game an actual art style. And since it's a month on now from your original query, if you do decide you want to install some gameplay mods, I'd definitely recommend at least BTB's Game Improvements to start with, as a mod that fixes a lot of Morrowind's gameplay issues without changing the game too much. The mod author had a list of mods he recommended to use with Game Improvements at one point, but seems to have taken it down. Also, if you somehow have't stumbled upon them, get the Unofficial Morrowind Patch and the Morrowind Code Patch - the latter in particular really does a lot more for your game than bug fixes, with a variety of entirely configurable changes.