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MW: Quick Guide to an Effective Melee Character

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    June 20, 2015

    Prisoner asked me to repost my Morrowind video guide from the old Classics group, so here it is. In this video I cover how to make a melee character with the highest possible starting hit chance of 90%!

    Also works with Marksman weapons if you play a Wood Elf instead of a Redguard.

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    January 3, 2016

    Always hated that first dungeon, always had a lot of problems getting through there.  In fact I don't believe I ever made it beyond Balmora in this game.

  • February 12, 2017

    I might have to keep this in mind TBH. I love playing Melee in the Elder Scrolls games, but Morrowind's whole hit chance thing kinda turned me off from this game. I'll need to try this. Maybe it'll make me into a fan.