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Bestia Infinium: Exstirpatio Daedrarum et alius Abominamentum

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    September 19, 2017


    "Thou shalt not suffer a daimon to live." That thou ist reading this sanctified volume speaks of the fire thy feel in thine breast, the fury and righteousness of Stendarr that is is thy calling, and so thou knowest the truth of these words. Thou knowest too of the wanton and filthy hags who prey upon the unwary, or the were-wolves and vampyrs who prowl the dark of night and whose very existence is a blaspheme.

    I have met many a so-called Vigilant of Stendarr utter with seemingly total conviction: "May Stendarr's Mercy be upon thee for the Vigil has none to spare." I scoff at those words and the disingenuousness of those who speaketh so, for it is one thing to sayeth them but words alone without action is dead witness. So it is written by the ancients, those who bought for us with their blood aeons of freedom from the wretched spawn of evil sired by hellfires of depravity.

    "Wherever the Daedra hide, the Vigil of Stendarr will cast them into the light." That is as it should be, but are words and conviction enough? Nay, I say. Nay and thrice nay! To cleanse the filthy taint of the foulest of Oblivion's hordes, one must possess more than righteous fury, more than conviction, and far more than pretty words. One must be in possession of knowledge of thy foe, for their wretchedness and vileness knows many variation, and so to banish them back to the shrieking and reeking pits from whence they cometh, one must completely understand the wickedness beset before them.

    And above all, one must have no mercy! None! Stendarr and thus His order exist by His divine will, and it is His divine will that no mercy shall be given to daedroth, witches, and all other deplorable abominations. Do not doubt this! For doubt is the snare of the weak, the trap of the deluded. After thou readeth this tome, thy will no longer doubt. Thou wilt be sure, wilt act upon said surety at the very first instance, and wilt trust thyself and Stendarr above.

    Read on, true Vigilant, grip thy mace in thy right hand and prepare thine holy fire in thy left. Let none escape thy vigilance for the good of all. Understand thy enemy, and do not doubt thou standeth between the sinful and the innocent. Thou cannot and mustn't fail.



    "Get thee behind me, daimon!" Thou speaketh these words with belief, Stendarr's Might in thy heart and holding aloft in thine hand His divine symbol glowing with holy light. Yet to cow even the lowliest hell-blighted Churl of realms infernal, one must back up speech with action. These savage beasts we classify as Dremora, each made in a twisted mockery of man and mer's image, are possesed of cunning; a depraved intellect that must not be underestimated. They will taunt thee, words of pure filth and venom drip from their grotesque mouths, spoken hate meant to frighten and intimidate. Do not listen to the utterances of any pit-spawned wretch, and come armed with magicks most powerful.

    For each damned Dremora has a natural resistance to magic, a slick skin of Oblivion's taint that coats them like grease. Traditionally, only magicks of storm and shock can penetrate their filthy hides with the greatest efficacy, so arm thyself with spells of lightning and enchant thy mace with thunder. Wear thy faith as armour and stand fast in the face of foulness, for thou mayest encounter archers and warriors from all the castes.

    Know that thou art Stendarr's fury, and will banish the Caitiff and Valkynaz allike, smiting them back to the very bowels of Oblivion. If thou knowest not a Caitiff from a Kynreeve, refer you must to Sister Antiona Ysabella de Daggerfall's volume, Pseudomonarchia et Pseudosocietas Daedrarum in which tome the devout Antonia details the hierarchy of these monsters.

    But 'ware, for they have magicks of their own and so thy holy ward thus need be as strong as thine faith. An' if thou art skilled in the banishing of daimons, ready those magicks for these vile beasts of Oblivion art wily, and wilt summon more of their kind to aid their evil mission. Scamps, clanfears, and even the mighty thundernach were historically not beyond the means of these devils.

    Documemts of the fiends encountered in this era indicate the casters prefer direct damage, mainly spells of fire, an affinity with flames likely intrinsic to their hellish natures and their association with that age old enemy of man, Mehrunes Dagon. Thus we see many Dunmer in the ranks of the Vigilants, for they are suited to resisiting these magicks. Fortify thyself against heat, either through spell or potion, before joining battle with such evil.

    'An after thou art victorious, pluck out their black hearts. These are rare and prized among alchemists and healers for their qualities in the restoring of health in potions, and for poisons of the damaging of vigour's regeneration, the damging of magicka, and for causing fear. Disregard these dreadful uses, instead taketh the infernal organs to the burnished and blessed braziers of thy temples, casteth the unholy flesh into the flames and watch the smoke rise, black and noisesome, to the rafters above. Incant these words so that Stendarr and all the Divines shall knoweth of thy goodness and deeds: 

    "Come to me, oh Stendarr, for without you, I might be deaf to the manswarm murmurings of thy people, and forgetting their need for comfort and wisdom, I might indulge myself in vain scribbling."

    Scribble not in vain, writeth words of unbiased fact like those collected here. Be not deaf to the tide of evil rising.

    An' be ever Vigilant and walk always in the light, for thou standeth between the just and the despicable.

  • September 19, 2017

    I love it!

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    September 19, 2017

    Thanks Gwen :D It was fun, if nasty stuff - thanks for collaborating on this little project. Reminds me, you may want to double check the title and tags on your article so that they conform to Tein's rules and can be found more easily :)

  • September 19, 2017

    Alright and you are welcome.

  • November 12, 2017

    This is pretty great, Phil. Though I am not into ES I have enjoyed this.