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Where is House Tharn traces since 3E 399 (Not Jagar) - 4E 201

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    August 22, 2017


    I'm going to post this here on Lore topic, I want to track this, also seems this entry is a complex topic to talk, so that is way I have created it as a new entry (and not post on "Ask your lore questions" thread)

    I have investigated about House Tharn family, his beginnings apparently at 1E, by someone named Tharanus Ye Redde-Hand (or called) who is mentioned on the Tamrielan Tractates at that time. That is about the origins of Tharns.

    The family is known as a noble Imperial family from Chedinhall and they have held states in and around the Nibenay Basin sinc ethe early parts of the first era.

    The last traces of a Tharn is at 3E 399 with Jagar Tharn, but it seems Jagar was not a real Tharn, he seems more as a bastard at least, because are different sources implies even he seens was not an Imperial.

    Despite Jagar was a true Tharn or not, he seems was the last Tharn known or the last registers of a Tharn.

    Here is a list of all Tharns and their roles on TES lore (and in game)

    Tharanus Ye Redde-Hand (fl. 1E 200) - Cleric to the Ayleids in Fanacus, possibly related to "Tharhan the Mutilant" of the Gradual Massacre.

    Vilius Tharn (fl. 1E 242) - "Blade-Serrator and Master of the Abbatoir" to Pelinal Whitestrake.

    Fervidius Tharn (fl. 1E 1188) - Arch-Prelate of the Maruhkati Selective.

    Turpis "Volte-Face" Tharn (fl. 1E 2321) - General during the War of Righteousness who later established the Tharn estates.

    Regulus Tharn (fl. late First Era) - Reestablished the tradition of Imperial Battlemages under the Second Empire

    Excoraeus Tharn (fl. late First Era) - Minister of Punition under Emperor Kastav of the Second Empire

    Knavus Tharn (fl. early Second Era) - Great grandfather of Abnur Tharn.

    Abnur Tharn (born c. 2E 418) - Chancellor of the Elder Council during the Interregnum

    Veraxia Tharn (fl. 2E 541) - Consort to Emperor Durcorach

    Euraxia Tharn (fl. 2E 576) - Half-sister to Abnur and Queen of Rimmen following the Frostfall Coup

    Javad Tharn (fl. 2E 582) - Son of Euraxia, celebrity in the Imperial City, leader of the Imperial invasion of Reaper's March

    Clivia Tharn (fl. 2E 582) - Empress Regent of the Empire of Cyrodiil, consort to Emperors Leovic and Varen Aquilarios

    Septima Tharn (fl. 2E 582) - Magus-General of the Imperial forces based near High Rock during the Alliance War

    Magna Tharn (fl. 2E 582) - Associate of the Worm Cult

    Martialis Tharn (fl. 2E 582) - Member of the Reaper's March invasion force

    Jagar Tharn (died 3E 399) - Imperial Battlemage and Emperor during the Imperial Simulacrum

    My questions are: What could have happen to Tharn family, after 3E 399 and 4E 201, something happen on the Imperial Simulacrum (by Jagar consequences) to Tharn family?, all Tharn were killed by someone?, after 3E 399 the Tharn family name was vanished, prohibited or vulnerable to prejudges by society?

    What do you think about?, I will appreciete your thinkings and comments.

    I really would like to know, I'm creating a TES FAN story and I want to be the most lorefriendly possible

    (source UESP and lorebooks)