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The Dragonborn Emperor: Martin Septim.

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    April 18, 2016

    "I do what I must do. I cannot stay to rebuild Tamriel, that task falls to others. Farewell. You've been a good friend, in the short time I've known you. But now I must go. The dragon waits" (The last speech of Martin Septim in TES IV: Oblivion)


    Priest of Akatosh by The Minttu


    Martin is a brave,  young Imperial, of the Septim bloodline. He was dragonborn like all of his bloodline and is able to wear the Amulet of Kings. He is humble to the point of being insecure, despite his abilities with magic and weapons. He is determined to achieve his goal at any cost. He slowly gathers more resolve over the crisis, but still doubts himself at many points.

    Childhood and The Cult.

    Brought up believing that his father was a farmer and his mother died in childbirth, and was raised by said farmer. In reality, he was a son of Uriel Septim VII and an unknown mother (although Caius Cosades suspects it was someone called Gemile). He was left in a basket on the farmer's doorstep by the Grandmaster of the Blades, Jauffre. He din't meet his father during his childhood, but his father still received information about him.

    Interestingly, he joined the cult of the daedric prince Sanguine. He was snared by the daedric magic and was even granted the Sanguine Rose. This ended badly with his friends' death and he was converted to the nine divines by a priest. He became a priest of Akatosh at his chapel in Kvatch.

    Martin Septim by Michalesa

    The last of the Septims.

    His father and brothers were murdered by The Mythic Dawn, a cult dedicated to Mehrunes Dagon Daedric Prince of Destruction, in an attempt to make sure no one lights the dragonfires. The dragon fires are wards against Oblivion, that that were created by Akatosh in a pact with Allesia. Only heirs of Alessia can light them. With the fires out, Mehrunes Dagon could enter Nirn. The CoC, who was present when Uriel Septim was murdered, found his illegitimate son (Martin Septim). Martin Septim, who had been in the dark prior to this, agreed to attempt to stop Dagon.  

    Defeat of Mankar Camoran.

    After the theft of the Amulet of Kings and a failed attempt to recover it by the CoC,  the Mysterium Xarxes is translated by Martin. A member of the Nine divine's blood, a Great Sigil Stone, a Great Welkynd stone and a Deadric artifact are needed to open a portal to Mankar Camoran's Paradise. All but the Sigil Stone are obtained by the CoC. The last is obtained near Bruma, by having Dagon's cult open a Great Gate. Bruma is defended by a force under Martin Septim. even though he had never fought a battle prior to this. This, in itself, shows a hard resolve and bravery. The CoC enters Paradise and returns the amulet to Martin, by defeating Camoran. After this, Martin is accepted as Emperor by the Elder Council.

    Everlasting by Uninvitedchaos


    Before he is announced Emperor, the Imperial City is invaded by Daedra. Martin Septim, last of the Dragonborn emperors, rushes to light the dragonfires. But it is too late and a distraught Emperor is asked by the CoC "What about the Amulet of Kings?". The CoC accompanies the Emperor to the temple and Martin Septim says goodbye to the Champion of Cyrodil before smashing the Amulet and becoming the the Avatar of Akatosh. He then defeats the Daedric Prince of Destruction, ends the Oblivion Crisis, and turns into a statue. Then with the Septims all deceased, the prophecy of Alduin begins.


    The Elder Scrolls Wiki which I used for much of the information.

    Asks many questions,Gregonav Acquiane, Golden Fool and Phil for making the Legendary Figures: Ulfric Stormcloak which I used the format of.

    The artists who created the pictures I used: Minttu, Michalesa and Uninvitedchaos.

    If there is anything incorrect or left out please let me know.




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    April 20, 2016

    Martin is a brave,  young Imperial, descended form Tiber Septim.

    GAH! No he isn't. The Septim bloodline died out with Cassynder Septim in 3E 202. The only Septim Emperor directly descended from Tiber Septim was his grandson, Pelagius I.

    The dragon fires are wards against Oblivion that go out whenever an emperor of the Septim bloodline dies, that were created by Akatosh with his hearts blood.

    Incorrect. Saint Alessia made the pact with Akatosh to light the dragonfires, and it is the heirs of Alessia who can light them. Alessia's minotaur children did it, Reman and his heirs did it, Septim and his heirs did it. None of these dynasties were related by blood.

    It requires the dragonblood, which is almost certainly granted by the Amulet of Kings. The Amulet of Kings is no more, and thus are the dragonblood emperors gone.

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    April 20, 2016

    Very, very nice especially the little bit of monkey truth in there too   I remember when I read that Cosades' Visit to Uriel's Tomb it raised a profound question. I wish I could remember what that was right now. Thank you for contributing, I will add this to the Historical Figures section of the Archives. Mora will be pleased!

    The thing that I find most interesting about the end of TES Oblivion and Martin's shattering of the AoK is that it is commonly accepted that he became the avatar of Akatosh. Yet, as the Chim-el Adabal holds the souls of every Dragonborn Emperor right back to Al-Esh, I prefer to think that the Dragon who fights Dagon is a collective of souls big enough to be a dragon.

    Thematically, I like to view this as similar to the Dragon Aspect shout we see in TES Skyrim. The Dovahkiin is like a walking soul gem, going around collecting souls and becoming more powerful the more souls he has.

    Even though the Dragonborn is technically a dragon, by unleashing Dragon Aspect he/she is taking on the physical form of one to a degree. So I like to think that which we saw with Martin was just a bigger version of that dynamic. He both merged with and was the Dragon -  for if all dragons souls are just pieces of time and therefore pieces of Akatosh, the more pieces there are in one place the more of Akatosh there is.

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    April 20, 2016

     Lol Tom, he said he took from the wiki. We just need to encourage the reading of original sources over someone else's interpretations on those sources. That Crabby had the sack to post this is commendable, no?

    To get up to speed with what Tom of MATTOMPHI is saying, have a read of A Brief History of the Empire and see the gaps in the bloodline for yourself.

    As for Tom's last assertion, that is definitely a good discussion point. In ESO Varen Aquilarios wanted to find the AoK after Manimarco told him that with a bit of hocus pocus he could trick the Time Dragon into bestowing upon him the Dragonblood.

    So whether the Dragonborn blessing is granted by the Dragon God of Time or the AoK is open to how you interpret the sources

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    April 20, 2016

     Lol Tom, he said he took from the wiki

    Ack. There's the problem. He should be using UESP and Imperial Library.

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    April 22, 2016

    OK, It has been corrected. Thank you for pointing out my mistake. I will use UESP and Imperial Libary in future