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E3 2019 - Square Enix Breakdown

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    June 10, 2019 8:54 PM EDT

    Square Enix is the next/last major conference for E3, or at least the last one I'm going to be able to cover. Nintendo is running their Nintendo Direct tommorow at some point but it's at 2AM here and I can't be up at that time. I've only managed to find the IGN stream for it (hopefully will have a better one soon, just don't want commentary personally and I'm not sure if this one will have it.

    Other E3 Conferences:

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    June 10, 2019 9:00 PM EDT

    It seems like a major aspect of Square Enix's E3 Conference seems to be focused on an Avengers game. So far most of it is a bit vague, as in I think we don't have any real information on the game. There's a lot of vague ideas going around, no idea if it's going to be a sort of MCU Avengers or a more comic based one, or something completely unique. No idea on characters, whether you'll be a new recruit like some of those old X-Men games (or that DC Universe game that I've played for about 10 minutes) or actually play as Iron Man, Hulk, etc. No idea on the genre, personally hoping for an RPG-esque style game rather than something more like Spider-Man (2018) but it could be really interesting to be a completely story-focused game like that. Could also be a beat-em-up or anything else.

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    June 10, 2019 9:22 PM EDT

    Final Fantasy 7, Remake News:

    Release Date: March 3rd 2020

    • Probably FF7 Remastered...Could be something different but considering guy with big sword is on a train I think I'm right. So far I think it sorta just looks like the last teaser for the game we saw. 
    • Yeah, FF7 Remake is the first game, which is sorta great because most other conferences would just fuck about for half an hour with Commander Keen or something. 
    • Fuck, so I think it's more of a retelling rather than a pure remake. They're talking about multiple discs just to contain the game with new content which is absolutely fascinating. It's really showing why they've been taking so long to remake it (other than just the lovely graphics). Yeah, what they're saying seems to go along the lines of this nearly being a completely unique game based on the original. It's not quite, but it's been remade to the degree that it might as well be.
    • Real-Time Action, shockingly pressing [Square] is the basic attack, there's also blocking and all that. Tactical Mode is like Bullet-Time almost, sort of a combination of real time action and turn based combat. It's really fascinating based on the showcase, with some interesting things like items depleting your 'Special' bar. It seems like you mostly control a single character at a time but rotating between them really quickly. Every character seems to have a dramatically different fighting style (with Barret being more focused on long-distance fighting). 
    • Tactical Mode uses the same 'energy' as your spells, so constantly using spells or items seems to slow down how often you can enter the incredibly powerful Tac-Mode where you get special attacks that are much more powerful than even Spells. Really cool gameplay style.
    • So in a way, the combat is a bit more like Dragon Age 2, just incredibly polished. It has the real combination of real-time combat and tactical gameplay that makes it good for those who prefer the more Hack-and-Slash style, and those who prefer Tactical Combat. It's a great way to change things up from what I know. 
    • People are honestly as excited as shit about this game, the crowd is a bit like Screamguy from Bethesda, but not also acting like a bunch of assholes. 
    • Targeting seems really cool, when you use a 'Spell' (I'm not sure if they are, but it's the best term) you just select your target in the menu. Not sure how it works exactly, as far as I can tell there it does pause combat for a brief period of time but not sure how the pause works. I think it might detract from Tac-Mode if you can pause between attacks really well. Back to the original point, the "Command Menu" really seems fluid rather than something more complicated. 
    • OH, in the Command Menu you can even select your specific target on a Boss. You know,a ttacking the back leg or front arm rather than just the Boss (though you can do that too). Guess it's purely designed to make weak-points a real thing. The entire game seems to be about balancing tactical combat with real-time combat which is really fascinating and it seems to be incredibly smooth.
    • Cinematic style trailer at the moment. It does look absolutely stunning. Motorcycle riding is a thing, along with mounted combat. It's more a mix of cinematic trailer and a bit more gameplay. A little bit of Tifa combat has been shown. More importantly, everything about this game looks incredible, my gut says that this is probably going to be next-gen because it just looks a bit too good for the current consoles. 
    • March 3rd, 2020 is the release date. So I was 100% wrong.

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    June 10, 2019 9:25 PM EDT

    Life is Strange 2 News?

    • Game NewsLooks like a game with a similar art style to uh...Life is Strange. Oh wait it's just the sequel to the game from awhile back. Not entirely sure why it has a trailer going at the moment since, you know, the game was already released and they've even filled it with reactions of (what I assume are YouTubers). Right okay, I guess it's just the next Chapter to the game. Thought it had already been finished but I guess it hasn't.
    • Yeah no idea about the trailer there. Might be a new chapter, might just be the release of the game. I have no clue.
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    June 10, 2019 9:40 PM EDT

    Misc News

    • Cute little online game, ah Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for a bunch of consoles including mobile phone. It's a remaster apparently so yeah.

    • Octopath Traveller, which I guess is an old school turn-based JRPG. Not entirely up to date on the original game but I think this is a PC version coming out. Orpossibly a new game. Not entirely sure personally so if anyone else knows more then let me know in the comments.

    • The Last Remnant is another remastered game available on Switch. Seems to be a pretty basic fighting game (Street Fighter esque). Available today

    • Dragon Quest Builders 2 has now been announced. Pretty sure the main character is secretly Alternate Universe Goku. Just looking at him. Seems like a really strange game, that's almost a bit like Minecraft but with more interesting options and less focus on you know...whatever Minecraft focuses on. Also a teeny bit more commbat focused, and maybe not randomly generated? It looks like a really fun game though, might have to give it a shot personally. Harvesting including the humble wheat. Vehicles are a thing. Obviously there's multiplayer for the game (because it would be stupid if there weren't). Releases July 12th. There's a demo June 27th at the least on PS4. Not sure about Switch but it'd make sense to me. 

    • Looks like another JRPG. Which, I guess is allowed to make sense. Lots of magic and general shininess going around, and half the game is done in 3d modellin. Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition (yeah that's a title and a third). Didn't catch the release date but it's another Dragon Quest game so...if you know what they're about then you can get the concept of this one. 

    • An indie developer is next I think? They certainly have a pretty wide range of games which I wouldn't expect from a larger company. They're releasing a racing game (of some sort) in 2020. Alright, so they're releasing a sort of top-down arcade style game rather than, say a Forza style 'Realistic' racing game. It includes things like planning your pit stop strategies, and now I kinda want a game where that's all you do. Circuit Superstars is the name, coming 2020.

    • Something called Battalion 1944 which is available on Steam. Which seems like a largely normal FPS. Just, you know, basically the same as older Call of Duty games really. Very much similar to that with a very clean presentation style that isn't quite as fancy, but looks nice. Lots of weapons, claims to have good matchmaking which I suppose would define the genre as a unique element. 


    • Eh...Square Enix music? Which I think just means they've released a bunch of their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Playstation Music, etc. Really cool. 
    • Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC coming this Winter (might be Japanese Winter?)

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    June 10, 2019 9:48 PM EDT

    Final Fantasy 14 Online: Shadowbringers News:

    • It's the game's third expansion pack being released on July 2nd. 
    • Shadowbringers is being related to the size of a stand-alone game, specifically an RPG which is fascinating to think of. Two new jobs: Gunslinger (or Gunner.) and Dancer as well as Two Races that I'm not going to attempt to spell because I have no idea what they were. 
    • Launch trailer is coming. It doesn't look quite as pretty as FF7, but I suppose that makes sense if it's an MMO. Looks really good still, don't get me wrong. Some of the new creatures they've shown look kind of terrifying if I'm going to be honest. Also there's a hugely fat guy, not sure if he's the villain (but he seems like a dick) so you know.
    • It seems like looking as edgy as possible is definitely a theme of this expansion. Lots of black armour, dark powers and whatnot. Very dramatic voice-work here. Also, holy shit there are so many fantasy-words that make no sense to me as a non-player/someone not fully versed in Final Fantasy Lore.

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    June 10, 2019 9:56 PM EDT

    More Misc News

    • Mannequins parkour. My gut originally said that this is absolutely a horror game but when your outside it doesn't really seem like one. There are human enemies too. Oh it's Dying Light 2, that's really strange I think maybe, I wasn't aware that it was a Square Enix game (not directly made by them but one of the companies they own.). So yeah, it is a horror game it just doesn't fully look like it whne your outside. No actual details on it really, just a mini-trailer.
    • Some sort of choice-based JRPG with a lobster. Actually there are two fo theg ames but I didn't manage to get either of their titles because tehy were really quickly flashed on screen. SaGA Scarlett was the start to one of them I think,  Romancing SaGa3 was the other I think.

    • War of the Visions is a new Brave Exvius game. That Final Fantasy mobile game, and I think this is basically a sequel/game set in the same world. Which is apparently different from the world of the main series games? Look I've got no idea about half of this stuff, just going to be honest by you. Seems to be pretty fascinating I suppose, the world that is but I have no idea about the game itself. It's coming out eventually, no date given for once.

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    June 10, 2019 10:00 PM EDT

    Outriders News:

    • Cinematic trailer for a game by the same people who made Gears of War: Judgement and Bulletstorm. Outriders is the name of the game and it seems to be some sort of Demon fighting game? Not really sure, but it's coming out Summer of 2020. They aren't a company I'm entirely aware of and I've never played any of their games, but it looks like it has a bit of potential.
    • They're claiming that there's a story focus too the shooter rather than being more like, say, Doom. A lot of the weapons look really interesting, a bit more demonic rather than 'human' looking game. There's a co-op focus to it as well but you can play solo as well. I think that aspect is supposed to be a bit like Borderlands in that regard (being drop-in, drop-out). Might be a few RPG elements as well.

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    June 10, 2019 10:04 PM EDT

    Even More Misc. News

    • Looks like another RPG, one whre reincarnation and the undead are a huge aspect of this game. Seems a bit more hack and slash than any of the others shown with a bunch of different classes (or just weapons) being shown so far. Definitely reminds me of a mobile game, just a bit larger and more polished.The story elements they've talked about sound pretty fascinating. Oninaki is the name of the game, coming August 22, 2019.

    • Final Fantasy VIII remastered coming this year. Not in the same was as 7 as far as I can tell, I'm still not sure since the trailer seemed to have a lot of different graphics styles. 

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    June 10, 2019 10:18 PM EDT

    Avengers Game News:

    Release Date: May 15th, 2020.

    • Definitely not the movie Avengers at least. So far we get to see Iron Man, Thor, Cap, Black Widow and Hulk. Only Thor and Iron Man in flight so far. Oh wait, here we go Hulk jumps down and looks pretty great. Hard to tell what the gameplay is going to be like, they're showing off a fight scene of some sort but it's not really going into much detail yet. Now e're getting to see everyone in combat (no Hawkeye sadly) and they all seem pretty distinct. 
    • Might involve the death of Captain America. It's weird because most of the Avengers look older but Black Widow looks younger. 
    • Yeah Cap got a Superman style statue (Superman from Batman vs. Superman). That's all we've really got, but it seems like there's a vaguely Civil War style debate going around about whether the Avengers are bad or not. Bit hard to say without a bit more detail at the moment, but at the very least the idea "They Avengers didn't save us" is going around in the trailer. Mostly cinematic though.
    • Single Player and Co-Op. 
    • The starting point for the game is called A-Day, the Helicopter uses a unique technology that's barely been researched (as far as I can tell) which the Avengers are blamed for causing them to go into hiding. They haven't told us who the enemy is, but it's an unspeakable evil. Have to be honest, the two guys talking about the game seem a little flustered. It's a pretty interesting story I guess, just we don't know much about it yet. 
    • Okay, maybe Captain America didn't die. Because you can play as him, but I suppose he could still die. Really annoyed that it's only those five available. Where's my Hawkeye god damn it. 
    • It is pretty interesting to hear the cast talk about their opinions on the characters they're playing. 
    • More Story Elements. It seems like they might have known that the energy source was unstable, so it's entirely possible that Tony is at fault for the damage and death that I think was caused on A-Day. So, maybe the twist for this game is that the Avengers are sort of in the wrong. It is going to be story focused which is pretty great.
    • Okay, so regular content is going to be consistantly released. It has online co-op...actually I think they have a multiplayer mode that involves more characters than the campaign. These are going to come in updates regularly, and all come for free which is excellent. No loot boxes or pay to win which obviously is really good. So yeah, tough to say, I'm not entirely sure about the campaign thing, it might have new characters coming to it, or that could be restricted to just the Core Five while the rest are Multiplayer only. 
    • No Switch version, but you know...Stadia (and there is some sort of Playstation exclusive which is a bit shitty I guess. I mean, it is Square Enix which I guess are pretty friendly with Sony with a lot of exclusives).
    • Alright we're getting acutal gameplay now. Okay, looks like Hank Pym is a character as well, seems to be testing a shrink ray of sorts. Not sure if he's going to be a playable character or just a character in the story, but either way it's worth mentioning.
    • May 15th 2020 as the release date.

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    June 10, 2019 11:54 PM EDT

    Alright guys, all the trailers are up now. Wish I'd been a little bit faster with it, but here we are. 

    So, I actually think Square Enix did a really good job with their conference. I'm not excited about many games, only FF7, Dragon Quest Builders and Avengers but they did make me care about a new game (GQB) but I think their big game is...well massive. There's some minor stuff, but if your a fan of any of the smaller games then your in a really good place because there's a tonne of it. I think they provided, just so much detail on the two bigger games that totally outstrips most other conferences, which I think is really important.

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    June 11, 2019 4:52 AM EDT

    Honestly, I was super-excited to see FF7

    That game was the first game that I ever 'properly' go into (as opposed to just messing about with stuff like platform-jumpers on the Atari ST). To see it 'reimagined' for modern consoles is just insane, really.

    I will be buying this on release, make no mistake about that!