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Power Armor and Regular Armor

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    April 8, 2017 11:07 AM EDT

    If you are wearing PA, I still show I am wearing my regular armor.  But I can't change gear while in PA.

    So question is: Do you still gain the bonuses and abilities of regular armor if wearing that while in Power Armor?

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    April 8, 2017 11:26 AM EDT

    As far as I know, yes. You're even still resistant to radiation. The modular pieces provide extra protection.

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    April 8, 2017 5:12 PM EDT
    I don't believe you do.
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    April 8, 2017 6:02 PM EDT

    Ooh, conflict.  LOL

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    April 8, 2017 6:46 PM EDT

    It's my understanding was that once you're in PA the other gear is negated...let's find out!

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    April 8, 2017 6:48 PM EDT

    I believe this is correct:

    You can check by looking at special stat bonuses. Like wear a military cap +1 PER and then get in PA and watch it dissapear. 

    It's actually one of the reasons I tend to run less PA than other types of builds

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    April 9, 2017 4:42 PM EDT

    I agree with Motty and Amornar. Even though you can still visibly see a head piece with an unequipped PA helmet, it offers no benefit to stats or special value. Which I believe is fair since PA is already ridiculously protective but it is a bummer that you don't retain any SPECIAL bonuses